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What are Tinctures?


A tincture is a liquid extract made by soaking herbs in alcohol to extract the active ingredients from the

herbs. Alcohol is considered an excellent solvent because it is food grade and can extract herbal

constituents, such as resins and alkaloids, that are poorly soluble in water. After a number of weeks, the

herbs are then strained and removed, leaving behind the liquid. A tincture can be made of a single herb

or a combination of herbs.

Herbal tinctures are used because of their fast absorption and because of their long-shelf life. If the

alcohol content of a tincture is a concern, glycerin extracts, capsules, or tablets may be used instead.

 Herbal tinctures are sold in health-food stores, some drug and grocery stores, and online.

Some tinctures, such as arnica and compound tincture of benzoin, should only be used externally.

Our Tinctures/Herbal Extracts are all organic. If you can't find the tincture your looking for, please

contact us, to see if we have it.  We get new tinctures in all the time, and it may not have been posted  to

the website yet.



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Grindelia Tincture  $15.99 1 oz

Native Americans boiled the fresh or dried leaves for colds, coughs, sore throat, catarrh, asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, congestion due to allergies, laryngitis, fever, stomach aches, vomiting, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, kidney conditions, and rheumatism. Externally, Native Americans used the fresh or dried leaves as a poultice for broken or unbroken skin, fatigued limbs, insect bites, sprains, bruises, swellings, sores, poison ivy or poison oak rashes.

Dandelion Tincture $12.99 1 oz

Dandelion root is a mild chloretic, that is, an agent for stimulating the release of bile from the liver into the gallbladder. The herb is used to support treatment of a variety of liver and gallbladder disorders, especially the incomplete digestion of fats. The release of bile is laxative, and accelerates the breakdown of various steroid hormones, causing an indirect, favorable effect on eczema and other skin conditions.
Dandelion root also is one of the best herbal diuretics. It stimulates urination but also replaces the potassium lost to the increased volume of urine.

Calendula $12.99 1 oz

Calendula Tincture

Herbal Actions

Antispasmodic, astringent, cholagogue, diaphorhetic, vulnerary lymphatic, emmenagogue, cholagogue, hepatic

Cascara Sagrada $12.99 1 oz

Cascara Segrada tincture
Cascara Sagrada is recommended by conventionally oriented physicians often to patients suffering constipation after surgery for hemorrhoids. The 1,8-dihydroxy-anthracenes in cascara sagrada act on the nerves in the intestinal tract, numbing the nerves that hold back stool and stimulating the nerves that propel stool downward. If you experience cramping, you've used too much.

Cats Claw Tincture 12.00 1oz

Cats Claw Tincture

The traditional application of cat's claw has been to treat rheumatoid arthritis. The herb is also used for stomach ulcers, gastritis, eczema, "break-bone fever," and liver diseases. Recent clinical studies find that the herb is useful for relieving knee pain.

Since the 1980's, cat's claw most common use in modern herbal medicine is an immune stimulant. The oxindole alkaloids in catÍs claw strengthen the immune system and also improve circulation by lowering blood pressure. The master rain forest herbalist Leslie Taylor has used cat's claw tinctures and teas to treat cancer and HIV with remarkable success.

Devils Claw Tincture 12.00 1oz

Devils Claw Tincture

Devil's claw offers slow but sure relief of joint pain caused by both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, and it can also relieve muscle pain and enhance mobility for people with either arthritis or muscle injuries. Scientists donÍt know exactly how devil's claw works, other than that it is not a COX-2 inhibitor like Celebrex or Vioxx, and therefore is not potentially injurious to the heart. People who take devil's claw for Arthritis, usually find that they can taper off other pain remedies.

Eyebright Tincture  $12.99 1oz

Eyebright Tincture

Herbalists use eyebright as a poultice with or with concurrent administration of a tea for the redness, swelling, and visual disturbances caused by blepharitis and conjunctivitis. The herb is also used for eyestrain, and to relieve inflammation caused by colds, coughs, sinus infections, and sore throat.  Eyebright can change energy of ones attitude, memory aid, gain visionary

Feverfew Tincture $15.00 1oz

Feverfew Tincture
According to traditional use, taking feverfew can help prevent migraine headaches, but the effects are usually not noticed for several weeks and vary among individual migraine sufferers. The herb has shown to be helpful for migraine sufferers who also have allergies or asthma.
Feverfew has gained a good reputation as a medicinal herb and extensive research since 1970 has proved it to be of special benefit in the treatment of certain types of migraine headaches and rheumatism.

 Ginkgo Tincture $8.99 1oz

 Ginkgo Tincture
A substance that is chemically obtained from ginkgo leaves is called ginkgolide, and is used in the treatment of certain vascular diseases – atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, to improve cerebral and peripheral circulation. Ginkgo biloba for memory and concentration is the most popular reason people use it, to correct microcirculation of blood in tissues and organs.
Ginkgo biloba leaves have a complex chemical composition that determines its basic healing properties. The leaves contain so-called flavone glycosides: quercetin, kaempferol, isorhamnetin, contain ginkgolides and bilobalides, calcium, phosphorus, potassium salts – in total more than 40 useful components.

Hawthorn Leaf Tincture  $12.99 1 oz

Hawthorn Leaf Tincture

In modern times, this ancient medicinal herb, which is widely available in many forms as a dietary supplement, is still popular for its effects on heart health, primarily:

  • Angina, chest discomfort or pain that results when the heart doesn't get enough oxygen
  • Atherosclerosis, a chronic, progressive disease caused the build-up of plaque in the arteries
  • Congestive heart failure, a progressive condition that affects the pumping power of the heart muscle
  • High blood pressure, when the force of your blood pushing against the walls of your blood vessels is consistently too high

Marshmallow Leaf Tincture $12.99 1oz

Marshmallow Leaf Tincture

Marshmallow root has long been used as a food, particularly during times of famine when it is more abundant than other vegetables. Medicinally, it has been approved by the German Commission E in supporting inflammation of the gastric mucosa, and for irritation of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa. When combined with other herbs, it is additionally used for mild respiratory symptoms, including cough. The root is traditionally used to support a healthy digestive system, but this application has not been clinically studied.

Saw Palmetto Tincture $9.99 1oz

Saw Palmetto Tincture
Saw palmetto extracts help heal benign prostate enlargement and prostatitis by stopping the conversion of 5-dehydrotestosterone into testosterone, but the whole berries have a gentler effect on the hormone producing effects which help preserve male potency, while offering a wider range of effects to treat the conditions. In cases of prostate infection, the berries gently stimulate urination, causing the infectious microorganisms to be "flushed out" with urine.

Scullcap Tincture $14.99 1oz

Scullcap Tincture

Skullcap is an herbaceous perennial mint with ridged leaves and tiny blue flowers, growing 1 to 4 feet (25 cm to 1 m) high. Various species of skullcap are important in Traditional Chinese Medicine as herbs that clear heat and dry dampness. The use of herb dates back at least two thousand years.
Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that skullcap is most useful for "draining fire" from the "upper burner," for patterns of symptoms including high fever, irritability, thick mucus, or hot sores and swelling. The herb is used to "dry dampness" from the stomach or intestines, treating any kind of digestive upset that stifling the urge to drink fluids or causes inflammation of the urinary tract. Skullcap also treats the symptoms of emotional excess "rising" in the body to cause blushing, flushing, irritability, or headache.

Valerian Tincture $12.00 1oz

Valerian Tincture

Valerian is a calmative and tranquilizer. It has been used at least since the time of Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.E.) for treating headaches, insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, menstrual problems, nervous stomach, and hysteria.
Clinical trials have confirmed the use of valerian for treating insomnia, especially the insomnia that accompanies menopause. The advantage of valerian over tranquilizers such as Valium and Xanax is that it reduces sleep latency, the time required to fall asleep, without a period of bedtime drowsiness and without creating a "hangover" or grogginess the next morning.
Valerian has greatest effect in treating chronic insomnia, rather than short-term sleeplessness. It also soothes the digestive system and may prevent cramping caused by irritable bowel syndrome.

Wild Yam Tincture  $12.00 1oz

Wild Yam Tincture

Traditional Chinese Medicine has used wild yam for at least 2,000 years, since the time of the writing of the Divine Husbandman's Classic of the Materia Medica. Wild yam "separates the pure from the turbid." It is used to treat conditions manifesting themselves as cloudy urine or vaginal discharge. It relievers lower back pain, numbness or stiffness in the legs and feet, and muscle aches, and it clears "damp heat" from the skin at sites of eczema, boils, or eczema.
Mountain yam is used to treat stomach upset accompanied by fatigue, heavy sweating, and loss of appetite. It also relieves chronic cough and wheezing and "binds" the kidneys to stop premature ejaculation, frequent urination, or vaginal discharge. Mountain yam is also used to stop severe thirst accompanying diabetes.

Echinacea and Goldenseal $15.00 1oz

Echinacea and Goldenseal Tincture
With the dependable combination of Echinacea and Goldenseal to support the response to seasonal conditions and mobilizes stagnant fluids. 

Liquid Multi Vitamin  $11.99 1oz

Liquid Multi Vitamin
The tincture contains a higher concentration of some vitamins and minerals from the herbs, and is more concentrated. A person only needs a tiny amount of this tincture to get a good dose of vitamins/minerals, making it useful during illness or when it is hard to keep food down (early pregnancy, etc).

This tincture is basically an herbal tincture made with certain high-nutrient herbs to create a liquid multi-vitamin. It can easily be customized and can be for children or adults.

The specific herbs are high nutrient and make an excellent vitamin.  Organic Alfalfa, Organic Red Raspberry Leaf, Organic Dandelion Organic Leaf Stevia. 

Regularity Extract 12.99 1 oz

Regularity Extract

A blend of organic herbal extracts designed to promote regularity.

Directions: Add 10 to 20 drops to water or juice, several times each day, as needed. Shake well before using.

Ingredients: Organic rhubarb root, organic ginger root, organic fennel seed, cascara sagrada bark, organic raspberry leaf, organic cayenne, organic goldenseal root, barberry bark, lobelia leaf, water & organic alcohol (30%).

Warning: Not to be used during pregnancy. This product contains Rhubarb Root (Rheum palmatum) and Cascara Sagrada Bark (Rhamnus purshiana). Read and follow directions carefully. Do not use if you have or develop diarrhea, loose stools, or abdominal pain because Rhubarb Root and Cascara Sagrada Bark may worsen these conditions and be harmful to your health. Consult your physician if you have frequent diarrhea

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