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What is a Synergy Blend and why is it so important in aromatherapy?

The word synergy is taking to it’s roots – “Syn” meaning together and “ergon” means work. A simple definition for “synergy” as used in aromatherapy is the working together of two essential oils that result in an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects.

More powerful therapeutic results are often obtained when essential oils are blended together than when used individually. This blending of two or more essential oils results in completely new compounds being formed.

Synergy blends have been created in order to promote specific benefits such as for relaxing, sensual, alertness, respiratory or applications for use in pain. Or maybe for seasons or holidays or other special scents such as floral, minty or citrus. The list is endless as to the combinations you can create.

When you blend essential oils together the chemical constituents in individual oil can have a mutually enhancing effect on the others.

Our synergistic Oils blends are made up of pure essential oils.  Our oils are made for health related issues; here you will find our best sellers.

Some of our oils are in small bottles most of them have anywhere from 60 -75 drops.  Other Synergy blends are in Salves and creams.  I know you will find our products to work extremely well for you, unless you have had so much damage that you require very high doses of meds. For that we are very sorry. 

Caerlion, our Aroma Therapist, for a small fee, will take your information, and will mix a special blend, and find the right recipe for you.  You can email or call her with your request, she will ask you some questions and she will mix it for you.  You will find the number to phone her on the" Contact Us" page as well as a form to email her.

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Breathing Oil 5/8 dram

Made specifically for Asthmatics and people with lung distress.

Use when nothing is working for relief for hours.  May apply on a small piece of paper towel, kleenex, or just smell from the bottle

Made from Therapeutic quality oils

Depression and Guilt 5/8 dram

Made with depression in mind, brought on by guilt.  This is an up lifting synergy blend designed to pick you up, and let you find some light.

Made from only therapeutic oils


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 Migraine Headache 5/8 dram

This synergistic blend of oils is designed to stop the pain of migraine headaches quickly!

This bottle has between 60 & 75 drops od oils and should last you using it everyday for the  season.

Apply to face to both temples, and to the base of the head, then apply where the pain is jabbing on your head. 

Within minutes you will find relief!

Sinusitis Oil 5/8 dram


This synergistic blend of oils is designed to open up the sinus's as well as help with itchy eys, swollen sinus pockets  and an over all relief from the congestion, stuffiness and sinus headache.

This bottle has between 60 & 75 drops od oils and should last you using it everyday for the  season.

Apply to face on either side of nose, tap on each temple and in the center of forehead. Enjoy the instant relief of pressure and breath deeply.


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 Stop Smoking 2  5/8 Dram

Stop Smoking 2

This synergistic blend of oils is designed to help the smoker stop smoking. 

It is placed on the flap of skin between the thumb and forefinger, then touch your tongue to the drop of oil.

 You will experience a nice minty taste, however when you light a cigarette, it will NOT have a nice taste at all.


In order to stop smoking,  You must make a choice and decision that you no longer smoke.  This is important when using any aide to help you quit.

 Toothache Plus 5/8 Dram

A Synergistic blend of oils that not only takes the pain away, but will reduce swelling and help the infection to heal.

Apply around tooth to the gums where the infection is.  You will find this works wonders when it comes to the pain in your mouth.

Best results when used with Golden Seal for the infection. © All Rights Reserved