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6 reasons Why Even Skeptics Should Prepare

For every prepper out there, there are dozens more who are skeptics.  Some of these people raise an eyebrow when they hear about storing food or packing Bug Out Bags, while others are loud in their ridicule.

We have brought this section to you to help you plan for your future, should we find ourselves in an emergency situation without electricity, or gas, heat, and not way to get supplies. 

This section is to help your prepare for the time that seems to be closer then we realize, and have the supplies you need to care for your family.

It is recommended that you print these pages off, and store them in a notebook for your guide in preparation as well as how to make the things you will continue to need, such as Water, and how to sterilize it, cleaning supplies, first aide kit, just to name a few.  The last page will be all the other things no one thinks of, like bedding, (thermal) and where to find and so on.

Good luck with your preparation, and I'm sure we have only touch the surface, and will be adding more in here as long as we have electricity.  :-)

A Special Contribution by Lisa Bedford,

Here are 6 irrefutable reasons

1. Unemployment can happen to anyone.  Incredibly, the weekly number of new applications for unemployment hasn’t dipped below 400,000 in months.  Anyone with a pair of eyes can look around and see restaurants and businesses that have closed down, and you can check your own state’s unemployment rate here. Now, the average length of time a person will be out of work is more than nine months.   Very few people are completely immune to long-term unemployment and the economic devastation it brings.  It just makes sense to have a few week’s worth of groceries and some extra supplies on hand.

2. More and more financial experts are predicting an unavoidable economic Armageddon. Okay, so Gerald Celente can sound a little bit hysterical at times, but the chorus of doomsayers is getting louder and harder to ignore.  Regardless of what you may think of Timothy Geithner, when the Secretary of the Treasury says of our future, “It’s going to feel very hard, harder than anything they’ve experienced in their lifetime now, for a long time to come,” that’s hard to ignore.  Why not take a few hundred dollars, if you have them, and buy silver coins?  Why not do everything you can to get out of debt and making saving money a priority?  The healthier you are, financially, the less of a hit you’ll take if all these experts prove to be true.

3. The number and size of natural disasters seems to be increasing.  At first, I thought it was my imagination, but the number of natural disasters has been increasing.  It’s crazy to not assess your own vulnerability and take some precautions, just in case.

4. Think about your loved ones and those who depend on you.  Okay, so maybe you’re embarrassed at the thought of neighbors seeing boxes of freeze-dried food arriving at your house.  But unless you’re an orphaned, never-married virgin hermit, there are people who love you and, likely, some who depend on you to make smart decisions that will keep them safe and cared for.

5. You’re not sixteen anymore.  There was a time when living by the seat of your pants was the only way to live.  You could always find enough spare change under the seats of your ’72 Mustang to pay for a burger and fries or a few gallons of gas.  Life has changed, and it’s time to take a hard look at the future, your future.  If you’re counting on Social Security to see you through your ‘golden years’, you’re already screwed.  Inflation has arrived here in America, prices of food are rising each month.  If you’re ignoring the signs around you, well, maybe you still have the judgment of a sixteen year-old.  Sad, really.

6. Don’t worry.  You won’t look stupid.  Today’s preparedness is nothing like the crazy days of Y2K.  Today’s preppers take a longer view of the future.  We could experience a long slide downward, one day realizing, “I don’t live in a first-world country anymore,” or a collapse could come suddenly and violently, days or years from now.  If you’re prepared for those scenarios, and others, you’ll look like a genius when you pull out that bag of pre-1965 dimes and quarters and your family has a year’s worth of food stored, along with a thriving garden in the backyard.

We at Caer and Dee's are committed to help our readers and customers prepare for the uncertainty that awaits us in the future.   Our goal is to post as much information as possible in a series of pages that will help you prepare for you and your families should we find ourselves in an emergency situation.

We will be posting with the premise of No Electricity, No gasoline and finding ourselves in a situation of total back woods survival.

I hope you will find this very helpful and informative.

Thank you, Caer © All Rights Reserved