As of January 2023 Caer and Dee's Apothecary has had ownership change, making it Caer's Eclectic Apothecary.  We are the same store, with the same merchandise, as well as the same management.  The only change is the name and ownership.  Our Partnership has dissolved, and I have taken over owning the store privately. Roze still remains in the store as well.

January 27, 2023  New Sign went up over the door 

Door Sign- Animated-1
Door Sign- Animated-2
Door Sign- Animated-3
Door Sign- Animated-4
Door Sign- Animated-5
Door Sign- Animated-6
Door Sign- Animated-7
Door Sign- Animated-8

Some of our New Additions


Store Changes for 2022

Our purple door
Herbs & Teas
sage area
Specialty Tea Blends
buddha showcase
tinctures, oils and Creams
Jewelry and showcase
Supplement Shelf
CBD and Hemp Gummies
Incense area
esoteric items
chime & locally made candles
taper  candles
July 7, 2022 Roswell Daily Record

Store Changes for 2019


We have added and put a nice finished on the Self Empowerment Room
empowerment room-books
More Magikal kits and Magikal blends
50 hr Candles, Charcoal, Magickal blends & more
Candles and herbs, Tarot
Candles, Magikcal herbs, Tarot, Sea Salt
Natural Health and Beauty, and Cleaning
More Health and beauty and sale items
Sale items, and gemstones

January 2019

In January of 2019 we flipped the store!  The Herbs and Teas and tinctures and Encapsulations are now in the front of the store, and the Empowerment center is in the back room where the herbs were.  Here is a gallery of the changes.

Checkout Counter

Supplements & yogi teas

Supplements and Yogi Teas

New Organic Tea Bag Center
New Organic Teabag Center
Left side of Herb Center

Left side of Herb Center

Free literature area

FreeLiterature Center

Left Corner of Herb Center

Left Corner of Herb Center

Center of Herb Center

Center of the Herb Center

Right side to Herb Center

Right Side of Herb Center

November 2017

November 2017 the building gained central A/C and Heat.  With this change the individual booths became store fronts, and air ducts were put in. This is the new look for our store.  If you look at the pictures below, you will see the major difference. 
new door
new ceiling
new window
new wall with windows
September 1, 2017
We have made some changes in the store, opening the side door.  it gives us a little more room in the store, and also allow's people to view the store in a better light.  here are some pictures of these changes.
Bagged Herbs together
Oils, charcoal and teas
moved showase
Blk showcase moved
alter cloths
sage tree
New doorway
now closed off
September 25, 2016
On September 25, 2016 a lot of changes began to happen here in the market place.  Our building owner decided to rather largly enlarge her store, taking up the entire east wing, knocking one of the other vendor's out of his space.  When they came and ask us if we would be willing to let them rent our new space, which would cause us to move back completely into our original space, We said of course, since we knew he wouldn't be able to find another space in prime property.  Here is a collage of the changes that have taken place since that time.  We sincerely hope this will encourage you to visit our new upgraded store.
Pictures of main part of store with wall in
Wall is now closed off
Doorway into the store
Showcase in Space 4
front of store
aisle to herb room
front of the side room Booth 5
Booth 5
After we got everything moved in and arranged,we then decided to spiff it up and add some new glamor color!
Herb room spiffed up
Herb room 2
Herb room 3
Booth 5 spiffed up
And then they decided to paint the inside of the building, so we now have had a total facelift! A new Sign too!
New Store Sign
Front of Booth 5 update
The great thing is, the entire Bldg has had a facelift, and everyone is going to have new signs,  I think it's great! and our store feels really wonderful now.
Updated hall
Opposite side, Vendor space updated
New Tammys left
New Tammys Middle
New Tammys right
----->>> Here is a larger picture, of how big she went.  The space where the door on the left is where the vendor had his store.
Full View of Tammys

October 1, 2015


On October 1, 2015 Caer and Dee's place is expanding adding in another space.  We will be

bringing in over time more items, such as ceremonial items, health and beauty, more

metaphysical books, more kinds of jewelry and a lot more stones.  We hope our expansion will

enable you to have a more conclusive shopping experience with us .  Thank you,,

The Management


Store Map1
before store

 After Expansion

store 2015
Store Front with 3 booths

 Other Rooms

showcase room
book room
New Booth
Eco Votives
jar candles
taper solid candles


Sunday,  September 28th, 2014 we were surprisingly gifted from the Universe!  A wonderful friend that works for our local newspaper has offered up a beautiful article on our store.  We are please to share it with you since it is a lovely distinct description to what we offer and do in our services for the community. Enjoy

newspaper article
Store 2010
2 rooms now!
new shelving
new shelves view2
new cases herb room
Store 2009
Herb room
herb room-2
herb room -3
new showcase
Store 2007
Old Store 2007-1
main room-2
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