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Our Newsletter is a monthly endeavor to keep our customers abreast of the changes we are making in our store, and to educate you on the different herbs available, how to use them, and what they are for.  Each month we put a new newsletter out, offering information that not only informs you but also alerts you to the new items we have in the store and sales that are being offered each month. 

Sometimes we offer new information about what is happening in our Universe, and why you maybe feeling the way you do, other times we offer information about what is going on in the community. 

Please check back often to keep abreast of these changes, activities and information.  Thank you, The Editor

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Now you can see the Monthly Newsletter you may have missed, or check back to review something.  Just click on this link and you will find the newsletter Archive, Beginning with July 2015
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Letter for the editor October


Wow!  What a year so far! 

The good thing is we are just  coming out of a New Moon, that is on September 30, this too has the energy of the Solar Eclipse we had in September on the 1st and the lunar Eclipse on the 16th,  The two eclipses are pushing us forward bringing in the Good energy of a new start, and great finishes.

With Mercury Retrograde behind us, we now can get our communications straight and can moving in the holidays with zest!

Out summer was a hot one, and with this year creating weather that has been unprecedented and with the incidents that have taken place, let us all work toward a unity that will bring about peace.

We have brought in some new teas, we hope you will enjoy them,  Matcha, in the Cut/sifted herb, and Dandelion in the tea bag.

We, Caer and Dee's are looking forward to working wiht you during the holiday season, and wish each of you a fall and winter full of love, joy, peace and prosperity!

Thank you for being our customers, and for sending your friends and family to us.

The Editor

Happy Labor Day


Herb of the month Lovage

Common Name

Standardized: lovage , Other: American lovage, Osha Root
Botanical Name
Levisticum officinale W. Koch Plant Family: Apiaceae


Lovage is a flowering plant in the same family as carrots, parsley, and dill. Its dark green leaves resemble cilantro, while the stalks resemble celery. The herb is sweeter but stronger than celery. Brought from Europe as both a food and as a medicinal, it now grows wild in the United States in New England, the Great Lakes states, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. For centuries, it has been thought of as a good ingredient to add to love potions. During the 1800's a cordial made from lovage, tansy, and yarrow was widely available as a folk remedy for an upset stomach. Charlemagne was said to have liked the sight of lovage so much so that he had the grounds of his estate populated with it.


Quercetin. The root also contains 1,8-cineole, camphor, coumarins, eugenol, limonene, and methol.

Parts Used
The entire plant is medicinal, but typically the roots and the leaves are used in herbal medicine.

Typical Preparations

Teas, tinctures, encapsulations. Also eaten fresh as a vegetable. The dried leaf may be sprinkled on food or added to soup stock.

Medicinal Action and Uses---Formerly Lovage was used for a variety of culinary purposes, but now its use is restricted almost wholly to confectionery, the young stems being treated like those of Angelica, to which, however, it is inferior, as its stems are not so stout nor so succulent.
A herbal tea is made of the leaves, when previously dried, the decoction having a very agreeable odour.
The roots and fruit are aromatic and stimulant, and have diuretic and carminative action.
 In herbal medicine they are used in disorders of the stomach and feverish attacks, especially for cases of colic and flatulence in children, its qualities being similar to those of Angelica in expelling flatulence, exciting perspiration and opening obstructions.  The leaves eaten as salad, or infused dry as a tea, used to be accounted a good emmenagogue. An infusion of the root was recommended by old writers for gravel, jaundice and urinary troubles, and the cordial, sudorific nature of the roots and seeds caused their use to be extolled in 'pestilential disorders.'


Specific: Not for use in pregnancy except under the supervision of a qualified healthcare practitioner.
General: We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

Fall and Winter hours sign

 Thurs. - Sun. 10 Am.-4:30 Pm.

Mon. & Tues. 10 Am-4:00 Pm


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Recipe Corner Sept. title
lovage sypup  title
Cough syrup

Ingredients:  Serving 4

  •     1/2 oz honey
  •     1/4 oz lovage
  •     1/4 oz sage
  •     2/3 oz fennel

    2 cups wine


  1. Place the honey and herbs in the wine.
    Shake and let them steep for 1 or 2 days, until the wine has absorbed their taste.
  2.  Strain the wine and heat a small glassful to drink after meals.

Infused Wine
lovage Vegetable soup Title
Lovage Vegatable Soup


  • 20 gr butter

  • 1 onion, finely diced

  • a few young lovage stalks, chopped

  • 1 head Kos lettuce

  • 1/2 cucumber diced small or a small cucumber

  • 1 sprig thyme, stripped of its leaves

  • salt to taste and freshly ground black pepper

  • 700 fl oz chicken stock

  • 100 gr peas (shelled weight)

  • small handful of young lovage leaves, shredded finely
  • natural yogurt to serve


  1. Warm the butter and add the onion, thyme, a pinch of salt and fry until soft and translucent.

  2. Add the lovage stalks and fry for a further 2-3 minutes.

  3. Add the stock and simmer for 10 minutes. (Add a glass of white wine if you like and adjust the amount of stock you use.)

  4. Now add the rest of the vegetables, shred the lettuce, but reserve some shredded lovage leaves for garnish.

  5. Simmer for 5-10 minutes then remove from the heat.

  6. Serve in bowls with a swirl of natural yoghurt in each.

  7. Serve with crusty fresh bread or garlic bread.

This has Taste and is a Treat.

veggie soup
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rainbow crow
rainbow crow title

Rainbow Crow, Lenni Lenape Tribe
retold by; S. E. Schlosser

It was so cold. Snow fell constantly, and ice formed over all the waters. The animals had never seen snow before. At first, it was a novelty, something to play in. But the cold increased tenfold, and they began to worry. The little animals were being buried in the snow drifts and the larger animals could hardly walk because the snow was so deep. Soon, all would perish if something were not done.

*We must send a messenger to Kijiamuh Ka*ong, the Creator Who Creates By Thinking What Will Be,* said Wise Owl. *We must ask him to think the world warm again so that Spirit Snow will leave us in peace.*

The animals were pleased with this plan. They began to debate among themselves, trying to decide who to send up to the Creator. Wise Owl could not see well during the daylight, so he could not go. Coyote was easily distracted and like playing tricks, so he could not be trusted. Turtle was steady and stable, but he crawled too slowly. Finally, Rainbow Crow, the most beautiful of all the birds with shimmering feathers of rainbow hues and an enchanting singing voice, was chosen to go to Kijiamuh Ka*ong.

It was an arduous journey, three days up and up into the heavens, passed the trees and clouds, beyond the sun and the moon, and even above all the stars. He was buffeted by winds and had no place to rest, but he carried bravely on until he reached Heaven. When Rainbow Crow reached the Holy Place, he called out to the Creator, but received no answer. The Creator was too busy thinking up what would be to notice even the most beautiful of birds. So Rainbow Crow began to sing his most beautiful song.

The Creator was drawn from his thoughts by the lovely sound, and came to see which bird was making it. He greeted Rainbow Crow kindly and asked what gift he could give the noble bird in exchange for his song. Rainbow Crow asked the Creator to un-think the snow, so that the animals of Earth would not be buried and freeze to death. But the Creator told Rainbow Crow that the snow and the ice had spirits of their own and could not be destroyed.

*What shall we do then?* asked the Rainbow Crow. *We will all freeze or smother under the snow.*

*You will not freeze,* the Creator reassured him, *For I will think of Fire, something that will warm all creatures during the cold times.*

The Creator stuck a stick into the blazing hot sun. The end blazed with a bright, glowing fire which burned brightly and gave off heat. *This is Fire,* he told Rainbow Crow, handing him the cool end of the stick. *You must hurry to Earth as fast as you can fly before the stick burns up.*

Rainbow Crow nodded his thanks to the Creator and flew as fast as he could go. It was a three-day trip to Heaven, and he was worried that the Fire would burn out before he reached the Earth. The stick was large and heavy, but the fire kept Rainbow Crow warm as he descended from Heaven down to the bright path of the stars. Then the Fire grew hot as it came closer to Rainbow Crows feathers. As he flew passed the Sun, his tail caught on fire, turning the shimmering beautiful feathers black. By the time he flew passed the Moon, his whole body was black with soot from the hot Fire. When he plunged into the Sky and flew through the clouds, the smoke got into his throat, strangling his beautiful singing voice.

By the time Rainbow Crow landed among the freezing-cold animals of Earth, he was black as tar and could only Caw instead of sing. He delivered the fire to the animals, and they melted the snow and warmed themselves, rescuing the littlest animals from the snow drifts where they lay buried.

It was a time of rejoicing, for Tindeh * Fire * had come to Earth. But Rainbow Crow sat apart, saddened by his dull, ugly feathers and his rasping voice. Then he felt the touch of wind on his face. He looked up and saw the Creator Who Creates By Thinking What Will Be walking toward him.

*Do not be sad, Rainbow Crow,* the Creator said. *All animals will honor you for the sacrifice you made for them. And when the people come, they will not hunt you, for I have made your flesh taste of smoke so that it is no good to eat and your black feathers and hoarse voice will prevent man from putting you into a cage to sing for him. You will be free.*

Then the Creator pointed to Rainbow Crow*s black feathers. Before his eyes, Rainbow Crow saw the dull feathers become shiny and inside each one, he could see all the colors of the rainbow. *This will remind everyone who sees you of the service you have been to your people,* he said, *and the sacrifice you made that saved them all.*

And so shall it ever be.

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Light Workers Meeting
Light Workers Title

Meeting Every 2nd Saturday each Month

Please Call for Location

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New and Sale item
Dandelion Tea
Gets the juices flowing, gently stimulates the liver and supports healthy digestion. 

7.99 ea
Matcha Tea
Genmaicha Matcha

Tea Cut and Sifted
Traditional genmaicha has a mellow,
toasty flavor that goes well with any meal                       
                           1oz.   4.34

American Ginseng teabags
20 tea bags $7.99

American Wisconsin Ginseng Root Tea
has been carefully selected, processed
and packaged in the U.S.A. It is made from
100% pure American Wisconsin ginseng roots, with no sugar or preservatives added, and packaged in individual alum-inum foil bags

Services Offered
Reflexology and Acupressure:
Appointments available with Dee-

Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy: Take charge of your life, understand your purpose, why you: are here. Eliminate your Addictions and Emotional distress. 

Reiki- Great to relieve Stress, Anger, Grief, and many other things.  

Cell Memory Release:  Find the cause of pain you can't get rid of.

Call for Appointment- 575-562-0186

House Clearings & Blessings

 Auric Cleanse

Wellness Therapy

 Private Life Advisory, 

20 minutes (at store)

30 Minutes

1 hour

 Connection to the other side

 Custom Weddings

 Basic Ceremony

If we supply witness's it will be  

per hour









Private Sessions available by Appointment

Call for More Information 575-562-0186
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Maxine for halloween
smoke blend banner
These Blends of herbs are designed to help those who have many physical issues, such as Pain, Anxiety, Sexual Dysfunction. Smoking, lung distress etc.  They are 100% legal Herbs

Here is a list of our Smoke Blends:

Vision Quest: A combination of herbs to mellow the spirit and body*     
Rachel's Divine Smoke Blend: Helps with Pain and relaxing.
4 Winds Herbal Smoke: A Visionary Blend. Makes you mello*      
Smokers Aide: Designed to help one stop smoking.   

European Smoke Blend: An earthy blend of herbs for relaxation.
British Smoke Blend: Helps with coughing and relaxation

Relief Herbal Blends: Helps with lung discomfort.   

All  Blends may have 1 Tbl. of  other herbs added for $1.00

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 May your trick be the trickiest and your treat be the sweetest! Happy Trick or Treating!
Happy Halloween
Pain Cream Banner
Our pain creams are in 2 oz jars

Acute Pain Relief: 
Used for Arthritis, muscle strain, sprain , back pain

Neuralgia Comfort:
Nerve Damage

Neuropathy Assistance: 
Nerve Damage with numbness

Fibromyalgia Ease:

For relief of Fibromyalgoa pain

MS Comfort: 
For pain cause by neurological disorders

Chronic Pain Relief: 
For the person that is in chronic and severe pain.
It is a combination of  2 creams Comfort I and Comfort II
All creams are available in 4 oz jar size.  
Please order this size 2 days before pick up.
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  The Everyday Naturopath

Sandra NMD

Meet the Everyday Naturopath

Sandra (Sandi) Graff is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and practices traditional naturopathy. She is NOT a medical doctor (and doesn't want to be) so she cannot perform surgery, prescribe drugs, or diagnose and treat illness.

 Sandi CAN:

  • Perform non-invasive procedures (energy medicine, Reiki, etc.)
  • Provide education on herbs, foods, and other natural therapies
  • Teach benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • Consult on holistic nutrition, historical remedies, and lifestyle modifications

Sandi also holds a diploma in practical nursing, has a BS degree in holistic childcare, and is a certified Montessori early elementary teacher. Other training and certifications include:

  • Certified Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Certified Meditation Facilitator
  • Certified Chakra Therapist
  • Certified Iridologist
  • Certified Ethical Intuitive Counselor
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Dr Gillis Ad
Late Summer
Dharma Therapeutic Massage


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dog grooming

1700 E Second St

Roswell, NM 88203


Open Tues-Fri.

By Appointment


groom dog


 906 W. McGaffy

Roswell, NM 88203

Open M-Sat 9-6



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Other Places Title


Epi Gallegos 


Pumpkyn & Pye's Artisan Soap's & Beauty Products 

This is a brand new business, and it completely all natural,  A Mother/Daughter endeavor making soaps and the most awesome whipped cream body butters that are to "die" for!

Pumpkyn & Pye's Artisan Soap's & Beauty Products   

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Doreen Virtue

Weekly Card Readings

I am a graduate of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I invite you to check out the school's link for a complete list of modalities, but among my studies were Swedish Massage, Polarity Therapy, Cranial Sacral, Shiatsu, and Reflexology. Additionally, I provide Reiki treatments.

I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist, nationally certified by the NCBTMB. I am a licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and New Mexico.

My treatments integrate the modalities listed above as well as others, providing you with a customized treatment, tailored to meet your needs as presented during your intake process in the privacy of my home office. Please contact me with any questions or to schedule your first visit.

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Living Reiki 

An Eclectic source of candles and  Matrix Necklaces, and candles charged and ready to use, for your source of enchantment, or ritual.  Enjoy browsing this Etsy Store.

Jay Burrel

 Jay Burrel Owner

Texas Gem Tree Metaphysical,

Healing,  Bead & Rock Shop

Elizabeth Owner

Gift Shop-Jewelry Store-Arts & Crafts
Supply Store

225 N Thompson St, Conroe, Texas 77301


Hours open:
Monday - Saturday 10 am til 5:30 pm
Sunday 12 pm til 4 pm
Call for appointments if you want ME to be there to assist you.
My Number: 281-250-4176 (Beth) CCM store phone number 
936-756-1910 but they rarely answer the phone.

Thank you for understanding.

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Eileen Grimes Astrologer

Happy 2016 everyone! Its hard to believe that 2015 is over - frankly, I couldn’t wait until it was over.  There was difficulty, elation, fun and a lot of growth this last year.  There was, as most of you know, a health scare that could have made a huge impact on my life - but everything turned out for the best!  Because of the positive outcome of that situation, I have been going ahead with some fabulous plans for the future!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to continue my business into the 26th year; its been the best of all possible worlds, and I truly love what I do! 

jupiter rising show
The website -  www.jupiterrisingshow.comis still be up for the time being.  Any new announcements will be announced there too, and the archives of the show will remain, so that you can re-listen to any of the shows you choose!
morhwes day roses


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