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I am totally in shock that we are already into November and a full blown holiday shopping season!

I am not even sure where this year has gone. I can tell you that we have taken a lot of care to have nice items for gifts and stocking stuffers,  We have worked diligently to have items that are affordable as well as nice.

Again, this year we will be having our annual "Grab Bag"  for $5.00.  We will be giving them away with the purchase of $30.00 or more. When you spend 60 you get 2 and so on. These bags will carry items that total up to $12.00.

We will be having our Tea Samplers, a nice gift, and more of our spice samplers too.

Sadly we have discontinued the " Build your Gift Basket" it hasn't been that popular the last couple of years, However it doesn't mean you can't buy nice gifts here and give the gift of natural to your friends and family.

Have a Blessed Month,
Until next time,
The Editor



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November Birthdays
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Herb for November Title
Known as Verbascum densiflorum, felon herb, common wormwood, Great mullein,
Common, Witch's Taper, Velvet Dock, Candlestick, Jupiter's Staff, Felt Wort.and Flannel Mullein.
Mullein is towering biennial plant with a single stalk up to 6-1/2 feet (2 meters) bearing whorls of leaves and topped with a spike of 5-part yellow flowers.  The flowers coat the mouth with a honey-like scent and a sweet taste.  The name mullein itself is derived from the Latin word "mollis" which means soft.  It has its origins in the Mediterranean, but has been naturalized in North America.  The flowering stem was dried by the Greeks and Romans and dipped in tallow, and then used as a lamp wick or as a torch.  These torches were said to ward off evil spirits and witches, although it was certainly not uncommon in a witches herbal garden.  Frazier writes in the Golden Bough that mullein was added to the bonfire on Midsummer's eve to ward away evil from the celebration.  Some ancient magical grimoires have been found to list powdered mullein leaf as a substitute for graveyard dust when that was unavailable.
flavonoids, Iridoids, sterols, and sugars.
Parts Used

Dried flower as an oil, and dried leaf as a tea.
Typical Preparations
Traditionally used as a tea, and is frequently combined with other herbs in mixtures for treating cough.  May be taken as an extract if fresh material is used, and is very rarely found in capsule form.  The fresh or dried flowers have traditionally been used to make an oil infusion for external use.

The soothing mucilages of mullein coat sore throats and make coughing more productive.  The German E Commission relates that mullein is good for catarrhs of the respiratory tract and as an expectorant.
Medicinal Action and Uses---The Mullein has very markedly demulcent, emollient and astringent properties, which render it useful in pectoral complaints and bleeding of the lungs and bowels. The whole plant seems to possess slightly sedative and narcotic properties.
It is considered of much value in phthisis and other wasting diseases, palliating the cough and staying expectoration, consumptives appearing to benefit greatly by its use, being given in the form of an infusion, 1 OZ. of dried, or the corresponding quantity of fresh leaves being boiled for 10 minutes in a pint of milk, and when strained, given warm, thrice daily, with or without sugar. The taste of the decoction is bland, mucilaginous and cordial, and forms a pleasant emollient and nutritious medicine for allaying a cough, or removing the pain and irritation of haemorrhoids. A plain infusion of 1 OZ. to a pint of boiling water can also be employed, taken in wineglassful doses frequently.
The dried leaves are sometimes smoked in an ordinary tobacco pipe to relieve the irritation of the respiratory mucus membranes, and will completely control, it is said, the hacking cough of consumption. They can be employed with equal benefit when made into cigarettes, for asthma and spasmodic coughs in general.
Fomentations and poultices of the leaves have been found serviceable in haemorrhoidal complaints.
Mullein is said to be of much value in diarrhoea, from its combination of demulcent with astringent properties, by this combination strengthening the bowels at the same time. In diarrhcea the ordinary infusion is generally given, but when any bleeding of the bowels is present, the decoction prepared with milk is recommended.
Benefits of Mullein
  •     Respiratory Conditions
  •     Antiseptic
  •     Antiviral
  •     Heart Health
  •     Hair Health


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Monthly horoscope title-November2020
Aries:  Are you lookin-g forward to improved communication and fewer technological glitches as Mercury goes direct in airy Libra on November 3. If this backwards transit has negatively affected one or more of the relationships in your life in the last few weeks, you can look forward to them getting back on track soon.
Taurus: Talkative Mercury is in Venus-ruled Libra when it squares ambitious Saturn in fellow earth sign Capricorn on November 6, bringing potential rigid thinking that could cloud your judgment. Put off making any major decisions, especially surrounding love and/or finances, until all the details are a little clearer.
Gemini:  Chatty Mercury, your leader, finally comes out of its retrograde cycle while in Libra on November 3. You've felt like you've had a gag on lately, and you can't wait to take it off and start communicating again. Its so nice to finally say everything that's been on your mind!
Cancer:  Can travel, technology, and communication finally get back to normal when Mercury leaves its dreaded retrograde cycle on November 3? That's the hope, Cancer. And because it's paired with relationship-focused Libra now, you can expect all those romantic misunderstandings to start to fade with the shift in momentum.
Leo:   You're looking forward to Mercury coming out of its retrograde cycle on November 3 just like everyone else, aren't you, Leo! Although it might take a while for communication to get fully back on track, you can make the best of this Libra-influenced energy to immediately start repairing a personal relationship that's gone off the rails these last few weeks. If it's your turn to apologize, do it sincerely.
Virgo:   As communication guru Mercury, your leader, turns direct while in lovely Libra on November 3, you can look forward to your life heading in a more positive direction. Whatever has gone wrong these last three weeks-missed connections, canceled travel plans, and technology glitches-will finally start to get back on track with Mercury- forward motion.
Libra:  As communication guru Mercury, your leader, turns direct while in lovely Libra on November 3, you can look forward to your life heading in a more positive direction. Whatever has gone wrong these last three weeks*missed connections, canceled travel plans, and technology glitches-ill finally start to get back on track with Mercury's forward motion.
Scorpio:  Mercury goes direct while in Libra on November 3, but it reenters your determined sign a week later. When you want to get to the bottom of something, you can't be stopped, and right now you've got your sights on a fascinating topic or person that you can't quit obsessing about. Your gaze is intense as you stare into the unknown.
Sagittarius:   As expansive Jupiter, your leader, conjoins transformative Pluto for the last time this year on November 12, it's an indication that you're on the verge of accomplishing great things. You have luck on your side, but you probably don't need it. The efforts you've been making to become a better person in all areas of your life are obvious to everyone, and the rewards should soon be yours
Capricorn:  Talkative Mercury is in gentle Libra as it squares serious Saturn in your sensible sign on November 6. You're all business when it comes to stating your opinions and beliefs, and you have little patience for anyone who wants to challenge you. There will be times this month when you're open to what others have to say, but this isn't one of those times.
Aquarius:  As Mercury goes direct in optimistic Libra on November 3, your world starts to make sense again. It's been some time since communication issues have been on track, and the ending of this retrograde cycle is a time of relief. With Mercury in fellow friendly air sign Libra, you can make new friends easily now.
Pisces:  You open up more easily when Mercury goes direct in balanced Libra on November 3. You can sense that there's less of a chance of being misunderstood now, which is one of your biggest fears. Try to make up for your lack of communication for the last few weeks now that talkative Mercury is working for-not against-you.

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