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Happy Mothers Day!  Spring has sprung!  We are offering a "Spring Cleaning" of sale items for the month of May Buy one get one half off of marked items.  Great for Mothers Day Gifts.!

We will also have Mothers Day Teas, which is another great gift for Mom!
Just a reminder; The newest thing is Custom CBD Oil Formula's.  

Come in, experience our wonderful organic hemp,1,000,000 mg & 2,000,000 mg and we will create a formula Customed JUST FOR YOU!   We will keep a record of your formula for the next time you need it refilled.


We have great new stone rings, that are great for Mom too, or just for yourself! New items!

Thank  you until next month,
The Editor

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May-2022 Birthday
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Red Rose

Also known as- Rosa spp (centifolia, gallica, and damascena are the most common varieties), Provence Rose, French Rose, Cabbage Rose, Red Rose, and Pink Rose.
The rose has been valued for its beauty and its perfume for thousands of years. Because rose oil deteriorates rapidly with exposure to sun and wind, the content is highest on the first morning when the flower opens. Rose petals picked for distillation are picked manually, day by day, at or just before sunrise.
Parts Used: Petals, Buds, and the true essential oil/attar.
Typical Preparations: Rose oil, rose water, ointments, and potpourri. Uses are very numerous and can be administered as a tea, poultice, bath herb, pillow mix, body spray, etc.
The American Botanical Council reports that rose petals have sedative, antiseptic, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory, laxative, cholesterol-lowering, and heart-supportive properties. An ointment called "Rosalin" was tested against several microorganisms with positive results, particularly the treatment of acute radiodermatitis and radionecrosis.

Benefits of Rose Buds:
*Relieve Menstrual Cramps
*Skin and Hair Benefits
*Boost the Immune System
*Improves Digestion and *Relieves Constipation
*Reduces Stress and             Anxiety
*Relieves Symptoms of *Urinary Tract Infection
*Promotes Weight Loss
*Relieves a Sore Throat

Hibiscus Heaven Tea Org.

Hibiscus Heaven Tea Organic

This full-bodied herbal tea is refreshingly floral and slightly tart with notes of citrus. The hibiscus gives it a vibrant crimson color, and it is particularly enjoyable when served chilled or sweetened. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic hibiscus flower, organic rosehips, organic orange peel, organic lemongrass, organic lemon peel, and organic lemon oil.

Allergen: Hibiscus may be intercropped with peanuts. May contain peanuts or shell fragments.

Daily serving size: Pour 8-12 oz of boiling water (212* F) over 1 tsp. of tea. Steep 3-4 minutes.

Essential Oil of the Month

 Rose Wild-crafted 2 dram

Love, Peace, Friendship, Empathy, Sex, Beauty, Confidence
Excellent Bridge (Mid-to-Base, Mid-to-Top). 
Use with Rose Quartz for Love, Peace, Happiness.

  • Queen of All Oils: Brings joy to the heart, warms and refreshes the soul, enhances inner beauty, increases confidence, banishes self-doubt and anxiety.
  • Balances Hormones: Eases nervous disposition, menstrual regulator, PMS, menopause, frigidity and depression. This oil has also been found to be helpful for autism.
  • Antispasmodic: Relieves heart palpitations, muscle spasms, insomnia and headaches (migraines). Add 2 drops Rose oil to bath water for depression, grief, insomnia.
  • Cleansing & Stimulating, Antiviral Mental Tonic, Blood Tonic, Kidney Tonic, Digestive Stimulant; increases bile production.
  • Gargle for respiratory system, sore throat, and mouth ulcers.
  • Mothers/Babies can use Rosewater Hydrosol with a drop of Sandalwood for physical and spiritual cleansing and protection
Blessing for the Body

To convert the senses. This blessing gives the body more connection with the spirit. It may also help with your readiness to channel.

Items Needed:

Large white candle
Sandalwood, Basalm, and Pine
Bowl of Water
Time and Place:
To be done at night in the moon's view.
Light a large white candle.
Burn sandalwood and basalm and pine.

Prepare a bowl of water sprinkled with salt.
Put the bowl before you. Dip your finger in the water and touch it to each part of your body.

Touch between your eyes and say:
Bless my eyes that I might have clarity of vision.

Touch your mouth and say:
Bless my mouth that I may speak the truth.

Touch your ears and say:
Bless my ears that I may hear all that is spoken and all that is not.

Touch your heart and say:
Bless my heart that I may be filled with love.

Touch your uterus and say:
Bless my womb that I may be in touch with my creative energy that stems from the universe.

To your feet, say:
Bless my feet that I may find and walk my own true path.
Visualize filling yourself with understanding and love.
Extinguish the candle when done (can be used for other purposes).

Lady Body
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Monthly horoscope title-May22

Aries: The stars are foreseeing serious changes in the life of Aries. As they predict, in May 2022, hungry news Aries will get bored with the current career path and may not only want to change jobs but want to retrain. Learners will seriously think about abandoning their studies or starting new, more interesting ones.


Taurus: May 2022 will focus Taurus*s attention on family matters. Relations with loved ones will be most important for you and rightly so because you'll find that there is real power in the family that draws the worst from the worst. Activity and care will be very important for Taurus.


Gemini: Up to half way through May # Gemini will be dominated by professional issues. The zodiac should strive to reach a compromise, but nature will continue Gemini to act independently. This can cause many problems and misunderstandings.


Cancer: In May 2022, psychological problems may arise for Cancer. Overburdening problems will be overwhelming, and the vision of a nervous breakdown will be very real. The relationship with your family will cause you the most annoyance, so in May it is worth focusing on the relationship with your loved ones and improving the atmosphere at home.

Leo:  Destiny Leo in May 2022 largely depends on Jupiter's movements. After the 3rd of May, you change your priorities and focus on built friendships. The time will come to verify who supports you and continues with you selflessly, and who pays for it. Only real friendships will survive this test.

Virgo: In May 2022 note Virgo should be focused on work because it is the best time to present yourself well to the boss and fight for that promotion and raise. The success of these activities depends not only on the quality of your work but also on your diplomatic skills and tact. In May, generally, success Virgo will ensure the ability to cooperate with other people.


Libra: In May 2022 note Virgo should be focused on work because it is the best time to present yourself well to the boss and fight for that promotion and raise. The success of these activities depends not only on the quality of your work but also on your diplomatic skills and tact. In May, generally, success Virgo will ensure the ability to cooperate with other people.


Scorpio: In May 2022 moon will be very influential in Scorpio , and it's not the best approach. It will bring to life many variables, challenges which are difficult to reconcile. The astrological Scorpio will have to be very flexible. Your decisions will have an impact on others. Do not allow yourself to criticize the lives of others openly; you may get into trouble.


Sagittarius: In May 2022, work will not be a chore for the zodiac, but a challenge. You will walk through it with a smile on your face, motivated to act and full of energy. Successes at work will give you strength to resolve conflicts in your family. You will conclude that since you have managed to organise your professional matters, private ones will eventually come together.


Capricorn: In May 2022 Capricorn will focus mainly on family and social matters. To handle problems, Capricorn must control their emotions and pay attention to the feelings of others. The path to success is patience, so do not miss it through hasty action, as it will only inflame already ongoing conflicts.


Aquarius: In May 2022, Aquarius should remember that thanks to entrepreneurship they can achieve success. Cunning and creative thinking will help you demonstrate your work and keep a good atmosphere at home. In May, Aquarius should listen carefully to the advice of others because they will provide great solutions.


Pisces: For those born under the sign Pisces , it will be a light and pleasant month. Family and social meetings, spending time together will be a priority. This will give much happiness and peace, which will give strength in action. At work, there will be calmness and stability, and the boss will appreciate your achievements so far and will not burden you with your duties.

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