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June-22-Letter from the Editor Title
Happy Fathers Day, it's June!  Six months of 2022 already, where has time gone?

New things in we got in a nice shipment of Septarian Palm stones, also known as Dragon Stones.  There is a picture on the last page in this issue.

We have Florida water in, and some gemstone rings as well.

Drop in and say hello, and look around.  Have a wonderful Summer!

Thank  you until next month,
The Editor

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June-2022 Birthday
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Herbal Information Title

St. Johns Wort

St. Johns Wort

Also known as- Hypericum perforatum, Perforated bush, Hypericum, and Klamath weed.
Who doesn't know all about St. John's wort? This lanky herbaceous plant with yellow flowers filled with 50 to 60 stamens is the best selling medicinal herb in the United States and much of the rest of the world. The original uses of this versatile plant, however, were treating bedwetting, rheumatism, and gout. A St. John's wort oil made with the blossoms and olive, sunflower, or, preferably, wheat germ oil has been used for centuries for treating wounds and burns.
Constituents: Hypericin and related compounds, rutin, bitters, and tannins.
Parts Used: The dried flowering tops and leaf.
Typical Preparations : Traditionally used as a tea, sometimes available in tea bags; also used to make a red St. John's oil for use in liniments and lotions, but only from fresh material. May also be administered as a capsule or extract for convenience.
Summary: St. John's wort treats depression"so how can the successful use of the much milder traditional teas of St. John's wort to treat depression be explained?
St. John's wort as a whole herb gives the body "just enough medicine" to overcome the physical aches and pains and mild viral infections that keep the brain from recovering from depression.
Health Benefits of St. John's Wort
*Anti-depressant Qualities
*Relieves Anxiety
*Reduces Mood Swings
*Eases Withdrawal Symptoms
*Antiviral Agent
Restores Hormonal Balance
*Anti-inflammatory Agent
*Skin Care
Precautions: St. John's wort extracts may increase sensitivity to sunlight and risk of sunburn, but this is extremely rare when the whole herb is used. Not to be used with a MAO or Protease inhibitor.

Gun Powder Tea.

Gun Powder Tea Organic

A hearty, strong, Chinese Green Tea that is rolled into the shape of small pinhead pellets and was awarded its title because of its resemblance to the pellets used for gunpowder ammunition during the 17th century. Originally rolled tightly to preserve freshness and maintain moisture during long voyages overseas. Because of its tightly rolled leaf, it has a great shelf life. It is a classic, bold and unforgettable tea with a striking taste and crisp, clear flavor.

Contains Caffeine

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea*. *Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA.

Daily serving size: Pour 8-12 oz of simmering water (180° F preferred) over 1 tsp. of tea. Steep 2-3 minutes.

Essential Oil of the Month

  Rosemary, Tunisian, Wild

Rosemary, Fidelity, Longevity, Conscious Mind, Memory Best Brain and Nerve Strengthener
Use with Quartz Crystal for Positive Changes.
Improves Mental Functioning, Attention and Memory. This oil has also been found to be helpful for autism.
Mid-Note, Stimulating for Aphrodisiac Blends: Increases circulation, blood flow to an area. Refreshing, warming anti-depressant. Relieves mental and physical tiredness.
Rosemary with Montana savory and Tea Tree helps fight resistant staph (MRSA).
Antispasmodic Cardiac and Nerve Tonic: Strengthens and regenerates all systems. Balances the endocrine system. For asthma, use air diffuser. Rub oil onto chest, solar plexus, forehead, sinus, and put fresh Rosemary in sleep pillows.
Analgesic, Diuretic: Eases pain of arthritis and rheumatism.
Powerful remedy for stomach, liver and spleen disorders. Promotes sweating and bile flow.

Clear Away the Old
with Crystals

A Spell to Banish Addictions and Bad Habits
There are many aspects of our lives which we would like to improve, but we just can't muster up the willpower. In your time of need, a crystal can come to your aid. You can program a crystal to help you lose weight, stop smoking, or overcome any negative attitudes about yourself. For example, you want to stop eating chocolate but just can't. You know you should stop for health reasons but you don't have the will power. Try programming a crystal by telling it something like, "I have completely lost any desire for chocolate."

Wear the crystal around your neck or keep it in a pocket. Whenever you want chocolate, touch your crystal and feel the urge dissipate. To get the most out of your crystal, you need to get the right crystal in the first place.

Pick a crystal by attraction, by being drawn to touch it, and then hold it loosely in your left hand. Notice the impressions, colors, sounds, and feelings you pick up. No two crystals are the same. Each crystal has its own unique vibration, and each will resonate differently. It should feel alive in your hand, vibrate, or radiate. In other words, it should feel good.

Before you use your crystal, cleanse it. The easiest way to cleanse your crystal is to hold it in the bright sunlight and order it to be completely cleansed. Then program it with your desired goal. Now you're ready to enjoy your crystal!

Monthly horoscope title-Jun 22

Aries: This month Aries will have a very advantageous professional streak. The tasks important to the company will be entrusted to them. Proper preparation, brilliant answers, and charisma will give the Aries a good chance of being promoted. Thanks to the support of the planets, you will easily convince others of your ideas and opinions.


Taurus: June 2022 Taurus is devoted to relatives. This time will be full of family gatherings. You will take care of the needs of loved people, and the smiles on their faces will bring you happiness. The family will argue with you in your professional plans.


Gemini: By the end of last month, most of the planets had shifted for the Gemini from South to North. It means serious changes in priorities in June 2022. The career plan will come to the fore. Your ambitions and professional matters will outshine what is going on in your family.


Cancer:June 2022 will end Cancer under the family sign. Private matters will dominate the career this month. Issues related to work will be in the background, subordinate to what will happen in your home. The joy of Cancer will be related to the satisfaction of his relatives.

Leo:   In June, each Leo will have to fight for balance in professional and family life. Balance must be maintained, but it is not always successful. Leo should remember that everything is in his hands. It's up to you whether you can keep it or let it go. In professional matters, June will be a time of progress.

Virgo: In June 2022, family will be the #story in the first instance. You will lead the life of a householder, surrounded by loved ones who are dear to your heart. Career will move to the background. You will not push your ideas and convince your superiors. You will show flexibility that will be appreciated.


Libra: June 2022 will end for Libra under the sign of a family that will take precedence over professional matters. Libra will focus on loved ones. It will be the perfect time for him to beautify the home, garden, renovation, modernization. Libra does not lack determination and creative ideas on how to do it. 


Scorpio: Investing in your own development will finally bring effects. In June 2022, Scorpio can count on promotion, a raise and elevation of social status. As a result, family matters will move to the background, and everyone will focus on your success. In the pursuit of the goal, you will be able to cooperate in a group, give flexibility in action and innovative thinking.


Sagittarius: June 2022 will be a very uncertain time for Sagittarius. Work, family, and emotions will each be at the forefront once. If you want everything to run smoothly, do not underestimate any of these spheres of your life and take care of both your professional development and your family. Prepare yourself that success can only be achieved by reaching compromises.


Capricorn:Work will settle in the background, but you have to be careful that its quality will not deteriorate because it will cause you trouble. There will also be an unusually strong need for closeness, which will reach the zenith by the end of the month. Throughout the month, the Capricorn will be very bright and joyful, which will win people over.


Aquarius: In June 2022, Aquarius will focus on their career. They will seek to support others in achieving their goals. Cooperation and help will be crucial. Aquarius will start implementing previously arranged plans. Much time and energy will be spent on these plans. In the subsequent month, people who are looking for a job will be successful.


Pisces: In June 2022 you have the chance to realise a great venture. Everything will work, and it will go your way, but it will also affect you and change some important aspects of your life. Not only finances but also the spiritual part of your life will be significant for you. Changes in the life of a zodiac will not affect the plans and way of life of the astrological Pisces


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