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Welcome to the 6th month of 2021.  We have finally found a wonderful CBD to replace our dear Ananda Apothecary.  Joy Organics is equal to Ananda,it comes in a 30ml bottle, and it has a nice wonderful potency.

We have 2mg, we can order in lower mgs 15 and 30 but most people that come in for CBD are after something stronger for pain.

Joy Organics is USDA Certified Organic and Full Spectrum
  •     Melt away the stresses of the day.
  •     Find calm, rest, and a good night's sleep.
  •     *Best tasting* flavor and it's vegan!
  •     Regain balance for overall wellness.

We also have gummies, that are for Stress, they too are all natural, and for your Pets, that's all animals, we have Broad Spectrum for them. 

Wishing you a wonderful Month!

To all the  June Birthdays, Happy Birthday!

Until next time,
The Editor


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June 21 Birthdays
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Meadow Sweet

Also known as:
Filipendula ulmaria, Dropwort, Bridewort, Queen of the Meadow, Trumpet weed, Rios Cuchulainn, Meadow wort, Drop wort, Pride of the Meadow.

Introduction: Sometimes referred to nature's aspirin, meadowsweet is one of the most common herbs, growing wild throughout Europe and Asia, and naturalized to grow throughout North America's Eastern coast.  It was one of the three sacred herbs renowned by Druids, along with vervain and water-mint.  
Typical Preparations: In tea infusions, as a capsule or extract and sometimes included in food.  The flowers are used as a natural sweetener for teas, foods and other beverages.

Summary Meadowsweet has a long tradition of use in folk medicine as a treatment for coughs and colds.  Its astringent and demulcent properties have been borne out by research. and the German government recognizes meadowsweet tea as a treatment for colds and coughs.  Meadowsweet contains salicylic acid, the main constituent in aspirin, and has its analgesic and fever-reducing properties.  Meadowsweet is also traditionally used to relieve pain associated with rheumatism, menstrual cramps, headache, arthritis and low grade fever.  It also seems to be effective against bacteria that causes diarrhea and may inhibit blood clotting.

Benefits of Meadowsweet
Pain Relief digestive problems Reduces acidity.
Calms upset stomach Quells nausea

Precautions Since meadowsweet contains small amounts of salicilate, it should not be used by people with a sensitivity to aspirin or similar products.  For the same reason, it should not be used by children under the age of sixteen with high fevers, particularly if the cause may be viral, because of the rare but very

Herbal Tea Title
Gun Powder Tea Organic

A hearty, strong, Chinese Green Tea that is rolled into the shape of small pinhead pellets and was awarded its title because of its resemblance to the pellets used for gunpowder ammunitions during the 17th century.
Originally rolled tightly to preserve freshness and maintain moisture during long voyages overseas. Because of its tightly rolled leaf, it has a great shelf life. It is a classic, bold and unforgettable tea with a striking taste and crisp, clear flavor.

Daily serving size: Pour 8-12 oz of simmering water (180* F preferred) over 1 tsp. of tea. Steep 2-3 minutes.

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Monthly Ritual Title
Luck Spell for Business or Job

Items Needed:

A green 13-inch silk cord or ribbon

Chant this while tying knots in the cord/ribbon:

  1. By knot of one, my spell's begun
  2. By knot of two, plenty fruitful work to do
  3. By knot of three, money comes to me
  4. By knot of four, opportunity knocks at my door
  5. By knot of five, my business (or career) thrives
  6. By knot of six, this spell is fixed
  7. By knot of seven, success is given
  8. By knot of eight, increase is great
  9. By knot of nine, these things are mine!

By Chleo - View Chleo' Spells

Monthly horoscope title-June-21
Aries: Married people should take care to avoid all conflicts for a happy life. Health will be wonderful with no serious health problems. Business people will have a prosperous time. Professional will face some hardships in their careers. The family environment will be problematic.

Taurus: Conjugal harmony can be expected during the second half of the month. Children will do well in their activities, and family relationships will be delightful. Finances will be zooming, while career prospects are not encouraging. Health will not pose any problems.

Gemini: In the first week of the month, love relationships are bothered by financial and professional challenges. Health will be wonderful, but the family environment fails to be congenial. Finances and professional life should expect a number of hurdles.

Cancer:   Marital bliss will be enjoyable, provided you shed your seriousness. Single persons should go by their sixth sense in selecting love partners. The family atmosphere will be full of conflicts. Health problems may affect your activities. Travel activities are beneficial money wise.

Leo:  Love life will be exceptional and marital life will be very much romantic with scope for pregnancy. Health prospects are excellent. Family atmosphere will be quite harmonious. Career professionals can expect to have fabulous growth. Business people will be minting money.

Virgo:  Married life will be full of social engagements and love will be something distinctive. Health will not create any problems. Family affairs require some serious attention. Professions will prosper in their careers, Business people will have a profitable time.

Libra:  The love life of married people will be highly innovative and exciting. It will be love at first sight for single persons. No serious illnesses are likely on the health front. Business people can safely put money into new ventures. Students will excel in their academic careers.

Scorpio: Scorpio people should not spoil their love lives by indulging in too many social activities. Single persons will attract love with their charisma. Health and family relationships present a delightful picture. Professionals can expect good career growth.

Sagittarius: Married life can be made harmonious with good communication. Single persons should keep aside their suspicions while forming love relationships. Health will be problematic, while family affairs will be cordial. Career prospects are advantageous for professional growth.

Capricorn: Married life will face hurdles and can be made cordial through compromises. Single persons will find love in social gatherings. Health prospects are fabulous, but family affairs are disturbing. Businessmen and professionals will have to toil it out. Students will do well in their studies.

Aquarius: Married life will be harmonious in spite of your cranky ways and with some patience. The academic progress of children will be satisfactory. Health prospects are encouraging. Career growth will be hindered by astral influences. Educational prospects are very much beneficial.

Pisces: Marital bliss can be achieved by engaging in social activities. Health prospects are encouraging, while family affairs present a few problems. Students can expect to progress in their academic pursuits. Finances and career advancement will face obstructions.
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