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As we move into the second half of this year, I am reminded that we have managed to come out of a year riddled with a pandemic that is morphing into many other types of a virus.

We carry many herbs that help with congestion, sinus's , allergies, kidneys, heart, constipation, headaches, anxiety and many more.

We have a tea that "works" very will for Covid, congestion, bronchitis and pneumonia, that comes with complete instructions how to make it and use it.

Caer and Dee's are committed to this community to be here when you need us, and to supply the things you need.

To all the  July Birthdays, Happy Birthday!

Until next time,
The Editor                                                                                                                                            


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July 21 Birthdays
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Saw Palmetto

Also known as- Serenoa repens, Sabal serrulata
Introduction:  A miniature palm growing 2 to 4 feet (60 to 130 cm) high, the saw palmetto occupies sandy flatlands of the US from South Carolina to South Texas. 

Constituents: Beta-sitosterol, capric acid, ferulic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid.

Parts Used: Berries, dried and cut or powdered.

Typical Preparations: Teas, tinctures, encapsulations.

Saw palmetto extracts help heal benign prostate enlargement and prostatitis by stopping the converstion of 5-dehydrotestosterone into testosterone, but the whole berries have a gentler effect on the hormone producing effects which help preserve male potency, while offering a wider range of effects to treat the conditions.  In cases of prostate infection, the berries gently stimulate urination, causing the infectious microorganisms to be "flushed out" with urine.

---Medicinal Action and Uses---
Diuretic, sedative, tonic.  It is milder and less stimulant than cubeb or copaiba, or even oil of sandalwood.  Like these, it has the power of affecting the respiratory mucous membrane, and is used for many complaints which are accompanied by chronic catarrh.  It has been claimed that sabal is capable of increasing the nutrition of the testicles and mammae in functional atony of these organs.  It probably acts by reducing catarrhal irritation and a relaxed condition of bladder and urethra.  It is a tissue builder.
Benefits of Saw Palmetto & its Extract Hair Care Treats Impotence Increases Libido Reduces Kidney Disorders Reduces Prostate Enlargement Increases Muscle Mass Boosts Immunity

Precautions: Precautions for the use of saw palmetto extract do not apply to the use of saw palmetto berries.  Even tinctures of saw palmetto berries do not contain large doses of the testosterone-modifying chemicals that can be a problem in using most products.

Herbal Tea Title
Serendipitea Tea

A sweet and spicy mix of tasty herbs and spices, giving this tea a fruity, floral, and spicy flavor, with a fragrant aroma. Caffeine-Free.

Organic licorice, organic spearmint, organic orange peel, organic cinnamon, organic red rose buds and petals, organic raspberry leaf, and organic lemon verbena.

Daily serving size:
Pour 8-12 oz of boiling water (212* F) over 1 tsp. of tea. Steep 3-4 minutes.

Herbal Tea
Monthly Ritual Title
Spoken as needed when you have lost something:

"Bound and Binding
Binding, Bound
See the sight
Hear the sound
What was lost
Now is found
Bound and Binding
Binding, Bound"

Then think of what the object looks like and how it sounds.
Sad-lost things
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Monthly horoscope title-July-21
Aries: Married people should take care to avoid all conflicts for a happy life. Health will be wonderful with no serious health problems. Business people will have a prosperous time. Professional will face some hardships in their careers. The family environment will be problematic.

Taurus: Conjugal harmony can be expected during the second half of the month. Children will do well in their activities, and family relationships will be delightful. Finances will be zooming, while career prospects are not encouraging. Health will not pose any problems.

Gemini: In the first week of the month, love relationships are bothered by financial and professional challenges. Health will be wonderful, but the family environment fails to be congenial. Finances and professional life should expect a number of hurdles.

Cancer:   Marital bliss will be enjoyable, provided you shed your seriousness. Single persons should go by their sixth sense in selecting love partners. The family atmosphere will be full of conflicts. Health problems may affect your activities. Travel activities are beneficial money wise.

Leo:  Love life will be exceptional and marital life will be very much romantic with scope for pregnancy. Health prospects are excellent. Family atmosphere will be quite harmonious. Career professionals can expect to have fabulous growth. Business people will be minting money.

Virgo:  Married life will be full of social engagements and love will be something distinctive. Health will not create any problems. Family affairs require some serious attention. Professions will prosper in their careers, Business people will have a profitable time.

Libra:  The love life of married people will be highly innovative and exciting. It will be love at first sight for single persons. No serious illnesses are likely on the health front. Business people can safely put money into new ventures. Students will excel in their academic careers.

Scorpio: Scorpio people should not spoil their love lives by indulging in too many social activities. Single persons will attract love with their charisma. Health and family relationships present a delightful picture. Professionals can expect good career growth.

Sagittarius: Married life can be made harmonious with good communication. Single persons should keep aside their suspicions while forming love relationships. Health will be problematic, while family affairs will be cordial. Career prospects are advantageous for professional growth.

Capricorn: Married life will face hurdles and can be made cordial through compromises. Single persons will find love in social gatherings. Health prospects are fabulous, but family affairs are disturbing. Businessmen and professionals will have to toil it out. Students will do well in their studies.

Aquarius: Married life will be harmonious in spite of your cranky ways and with some patience. The academic progress of children will be satisfactory. Health prospects are encouraging. Career growth will be hindered by astral influences. Educational prospects are very much beneficial.

Pisces: Marital bliss can be achieved by engaging in social activities. Health prospects are encouraging, while family affairs present a few problems. Students can expect to progress in their academic pursuits. Finances and career advancement will face obstructions.
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