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We have so much going on for this month, New products, we are revamping the gemstone area, and a lot more things that will be coming soon.

The first thing you should know is we now have Tuna Flavored CBD for your kitty,  Those kitty's that are old and have arthritis, can now live a more quality life with our organic CBD.

Another thing we have now is our new Guardian Candle. Used to guard your home and family.

We have Chrysoprase, Green Calcite, Blue Apatite, Lepidolite, & Girasol Opal and much much more.

We wish for you and your family a wonderful 4th of July.   Stay Safe, Wear a mask.

We look forward to seeing you soon,.

Until next time,
The Editor

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Common Name: Standardized: turmeric
Other: commonNames: turmeric, Indian saffron, yellow ginger
Botanical Name: Curcuma longa L.
Plant Family: Zingiberaceae
Overview:  Turmeric is a tropical perennial plant in the same family as ginger, native to India, and cultivated throughout the tropics around the world. Growing to a height of about three feet (one meter), it bears pairs of lance-shaped leaves on alternate sides of the stem. At the base of the stem, there is a knobby rhizome somewhat resembling ginger.
Many of the benefits of turmeric have been attributed to curcumin, a group of antioxidant compounds found in the rhizome. Although curcumin is available as a standardized extract, the whole herb may be more beneficial for you than the curcumin extract: Only very small amounts of curcumin are absorbed into the bloodstream. Turmeric as a whole herb stays in the digestive tract longer than curcumin, releasing antioxidant curcumin along with other beneficial substances. Turmeric supports healthy joint mobility.*
Uses And Preparations:  Teas, tinctures, and poultices.
Summary: Turmeric root powder is a popular ingredient is South Asian cooking and adds a distinct flavor to many savory dishes, including stocks, sauces and curries. The root has a brilliant orange color and becomes very hard when dried. It is distinct and fragrant, with a scent that is mildly hot and gingery, but certainly unique to itself. The dried powder is most commonly used in the kitchen, and is a common ingredient in commercially available curry powders. Because of its vivid hue, it is also used to color food products ranging from popcorn to cheese to yogurt.
---Medicinal Action and Uses---
Tumeric is a mild aromatic stimulant seldom used in medicine except as a colouring. It was once a cure for jaundice. Its chief use is in the manufacture of curry powders. It is also used as an adulterant of mustard and a substitute for it and forms one of the ingredients of many cattle condiments. Tincture of Turmeric is used as a colouring agent, but the odour is fugitive. It dyes a rich yellow. Turmeric paper is prepared by soaking unglazed white paper in the tincture and then drying. Used as a test for alkaloids and boric acid.
Health Benefits of Tumeric
Skin Care
Rich in Antioxidants.
Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome
Promotes Liver Health
s Brain Function
Prevents Blood Clots
Improves Heart Health
Anti-cancer Properties
Prevents Alzheimer*s
Prevents Alzheimer*s
Treats Depression
Delays Aging
May Help Prevent Diabetes
Treats Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
Treats Gastrointestinal Issues
Treats Menstrual Issues
Treats Cystic Fibrosis
Uses: This herb has both culinary as well as traditional cosmetic uses.
Specific: No known precautions.
General: We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications

herb of the month- Tumeric
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Monthly horoscope title-June-2020
Aries: Month of Jul 2020: If you've got plans (virtual or otherwise) on July 4, the intense full moon and lunar eclipse in responsible Capricorn might dampen your celebration a bit. As much as you*d love to be living in the moment, your mind is on the future and all the accomplishments you have yet to achieve.
Taurus:  A full moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn brings a mellowness to your world on July 4. Despite the steady earth sign involvement, this lunation brings an uncertainty that makes it difficult to predict what might happen next. Stick with the basics in order to avoid making life-changing mistakes.
Gemini:  The full moon and lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 4 can cast an unwelcome shadow on your mood. You want to be out having a good time, but the current world situation is holding you back. Maybe once you take care of your nagging responsibilities, you*ll be able to find a way to have some fun.
Cancer:   A Capricorn full moon and lunar eclipse arrive on July 4, just in time to kill your festive vibe. It's not that you can'*t still have a good time, but the energy now is more about getting serious about the future.
Leo: The moon is full in responsible Capricorn on July 4, and the corresponding lunar eclipse is an indication not to schedule things too far in advance right now. This is a time when endings are inevitable, and there's no telling where you'll be a month from now. It's best to accept the things you can't change and hold steady despite your desire to move ahead.
Virgo:    You have a somewhat reserved holiday on July 4 thanks to the full moon and lunar eclipse in fellow earth sign Capricorn, but you still feel the intensity and pressure that come with looking toward the future. There might not be a lot you can do now to change things in the long term, but thinking about it puts you in a good position.
Libra:  There's a full moon and lunar eclipse in ambitious Capricorn on July 4 that make you want to run before you can walk. Take some time to rethink the past 30 days and plan for where you'd like to go in the future. This lunation is best for thinking ahead rather than acting spontaneously.
Scorpio: There's a full moon and lunar eclipse in conservative earth sign Capricorn on July 4, so you might not be in a very celebratory mood. When your mind is on the future, it's hard to live in the moment. Relax, Scorpio. There isn't a lot you can do now to change things.
Sagittarius:   There's a full moon and lunar eclipse in conservative earth sign Capricorn on July 4, so you might not be in a very celebratory mood. When your mind is on the future, it's hard to live in the moment. Relax, Scorpio. There isn't a lot you can do now to change things.

Capricorn You’re the responsible one during the full moon and lunar eclipse in your sign on July 4. While everyone else is getting a little crazy, you’re worried about the little details and all the things that can go wrong. When this lunation is over, there’s a valuable lesson in it for you somewhere.
Aquarius:  Are you ready to celebrate some of your recent accomplishments? The full moon and lunar eclipse in ambitious Capricorn on July 4 encourage you to think about what you’ve been able to complete lately. It also reminds you not to get too comfortable, because there’s plenty more for you to do in the next lunation cycle!
Pisces: Will the full moon and lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 4 help you come to some important conclusions? They should. The practical energy of this earthy lunation grounds you and helps you make the decision you've been hesitant to make in the past few weeks.

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