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Happy New Year! We made it to 2023, and with that we will be having a big store wide sale.  Marked items will be from 25-75% off throughout the entire store.

I hope you holidays we great and that your family is well.  Thank you for your support for our store. We appreciate you.

Come in and say hello, and browse the store!  You'll find great bargains.
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Keep your family healthy, buy natural

Until next month,
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Herbal information thyme title
Also known as- Thymus vulgaris
Creeping Thyme, French Thyme, Garden Thyme, Common Thyme, Mountain Thyme. Botanists refer to the species of the herb used in cooking as garden thyme and to another plant as "thyme."

An aromatic herb in the mint family, thyme grows to a height of fifteen inches (about 40 cm), with small rounded leaves and pink flowers on woody stems. This herb is not the same species as mother of thyme of wild thyme. Experts in language tell us that thyme*s name was derived form the Greek word thymus, or courage. In Medieval times, knights wore sprigs of thyme on their armor as a sign of courage. The scent of thyme was thought to give them strength in the midst of battle, as well as relief form pain.  Wild Thyme Tea, either drunk by itself or mixed with other plants such as rosemary, etc., is an excellent remedy for headache and other nervous affections. Formerly several preparations of this plant were kept in shops, and a distilled spirit and water, which were both very fragrant.

Health Benefits of Thyme:  Anti-fungal Ability, Reduces the Risk of Respiratory Ailments, Antioxidant Capacity, Improves Circulation, Protects Heart, Eye Care
Boosts Immunity, 

No one should take thyme oil internally. Women who are pregnant should not drink thyme tea, although small amounts of thyme used in cooking do not cause side effects. Do not take thyme as a medicine if you have a duodenal ulcer or if you have thyroid disease.

DIY Herbal Tea
Herbal tea cup



What you will need:

A handful of earth taken from each of the following places and gathered in a paper bag. (If you can't get to any of these places, then three handfuls of earth from your own or a friend's garden will also work.)

  • A crossroads
  • A forest, woods, or park
  • Beside a river, stream, or lake
  • You will also need the following:
  • 3 cupcakes
  • A tiny cup of sea salt
  • 2 white candles

The Spell:

Place the bag of earth in the corner of your altar to invoke the power of Diana's abundance. Then place the three cupcakes in front of the bag, and lastly the tiny cup of salt at the front.

Now light the two candles to invoke your deities, and as you place them on either side of your offering, say or whisper the following:

"Diana, Janus, hear my prayer and bless this sacred altar.

For all year long 

let earth's riches empower me.

Let abundance bring me happiness.

Let your wholeness bring me prosperity."

Say this three times, and then thank your deities.

"Thank you, Diana for your help.

Thank you, Janus, for your direction."

Now leave the candles burning for a few minutes while you gaze at your altar and calm your mind.


Finishing Up

When you feel the spell is complete, leave the cup cakes at a crossroads or cemetery. If those places are not available or accessible to you, put them out for the birds. Empty the bag of earth somewhere outside where you feel really happy to be. As you sprinkle the earth on the ground, Janus and Diana will start to work the magick of prosperous living into your life.


This spell can be done at any time during the year when you are wanting to make a fresh start, or if you are heading out in a new direction.

Monthly horoscope title-Jan-23

Aries:  In January there will be no time to relax and rocking in the clouds. You have to start working hard from the beginning of the month. Start more realistically assess what is happening in your immediate environment and draw conclusions that will be a recipe for the future - especially in professional matters. Do not act too hastily, let your steps be carefully thought out


Taurus In January await you with exceptionally nice festivities, especially that some of them will be extremely romantic. It can be a wedding, wedding anniversary or other such a big event. It is also quite probable that it is for you that church bells will be killed or for a person who is very close to your heart. You will have a lot of changes in every sphere of life.


Gemini:  In January, a dormant desire to travel, explore, widen horizons and take life what is the most precious will come to the fore. To feel better, decide for a short, several-day trip, but at the beginning of the month. You will see that it will do you good. You will breathe from everyday life, get a good distance from the world and people and load batteries for the coming weeks.


Cancer: You will spend a significant part of your free time on matters related to the new, very important project that you are going to take care of. Do not pay attention to people who will try their best to do everything to thwart your plans. A good streak will accompany you in cash lotteries, so play - only then will you have the chance to win a large sum of money.

Leo:  Changes regarding your professional life are waiting for you. You will be surprised, because your career will start to gain momentum. It would not have happened if it was not for the help of a high-ranking, influential person or one of the parents. January - the ambition is your characteristic. You will direct all the forces you have in one direction - to achieve your goal.

Virgo:   January will be a month for you that confirms that work and effort pays off. You will be convinced that what you have done so far has not been in vain. Daily duties, sometimes getting into routine, will make your life stable. In this way, you will build strong foundations that will bring good prospects


Libra: January will be a month for you that confirms that work and effort pays off. You will be convinced that what you have done so far has not been in vain. Daily duties, sometimes getting into routine, will make your life stable. In this way, you will build strong foundations that will bring good prospects


Scorpio:   There will be a good streak for professional matters. This month brings many possibilities. Many ideas that have so far been circulating in your head now have a chance to turn into reality. But be careful - do not make promises and commitments without coverage. If you feel that you can not do something, just say it openly. Some older person will give you some tips.


Sagittarius:  In matters related to investments, finances, applying for promotion or an increase, it is recommended to slow down the pace. In January, pay more attention to your family, because it should be the most important thing for you, especially when it's not going well. Your intuition will be good to tell you. You will be able to find yourself in a good place and good time.


Capricorn: In January there will be an opportunity for you to increase your personal property. In addition, you will start to plan your renovation and improve your material security. But remember that your action would not be hasty.You have to wait for the results, nothing comes right away. In addition, it will be an excellent opportunity to wait for success in secret, in hiding.


Aquarius:  Make sure that January is a month spent with your family. Get rid of anger and negative feelings. Provide both yourself and your loved ones with a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, so that all who are in Your company feel comfortable and at ease.In the first days of the month, get ready for trips. You will spend a lot of time studying train schedules, flights and adjusting .


Pisces:  January will be a period of many changes for you. You will feel that there are no things that you can not overcome. Freedom will add you wings. More willingly than usual, you will meet people, talk to friends, and make plans for the development of your emotional life. Whenever you find yourself in need, your neighbors and relatives will come to your rescue immediately

Happy New Year


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