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Jan 22-Letter from the Editor Title


Happy New Year!  We are beginning a new.  This is a great time to cleanse your home, we carry many different types of smudge sticks (sage)

We are having our new year sale, with many slashed prices, it’s a great time to buy gifts for the year,  We  carry unique gifts; Tea samples, herb samples,  organic tea bags, many types of natural stone jewelry,  lots of trinkets,, (buddhas) Statues, Runes,  gemstones, etc.

Come in say hello and find your nitche.

Thank you until next month,

The Editor 



Jan- Birthday
Inside look
herbal info title

Also known as- Thymus vulgaris, Creeping Thyme, French Thyme, Garden Thyme, Common Thyme, Mountain Thyme.
Botanists refer to the species of the herb used in cooking as garden thyme and to another plant as "thyme."

Parts Used: The dried leaf.

Typical Preparations: Teas, tinc-tures, baths, gargles, toothpaste.

--Medicinal Action and Uses---In medicine, Wild Thyme or Serpolet has the same properties as Common Thyme, but to an inferior degree. It is aromatic, antiseptic, stimulant, antispasmodic, diuretic and emmenagogue.

The infusion is used for chest maladies and for weak digestion, being a good remedy for flatulence, and favourable results have been obtained in convulsive coughs, especially in whooping cough, catarrh and sore throat. The infusion, prepared with 1 OZ. of the dried herb to a pint of boiling water, is usually sweetened with sugar or honey and made demulcent by linseed or acacia. It is given in doses of 1 or more tablespoonfuls several times daily.

The infusion is also useful in cases of drunkenness, and Culpepper recommends it as a certain remedy taken on going to bed for 'that troublesome complaint the nightmare,' and says: 'if you make a vinegar of the herb as vinegar of roses is made and annoint the head with it, it presently stops the pains thereof. It is very good to be given either in phrenzy or lethargy.'

Wild Thyme Tea, either drunk by itself or mixed with other plants such as rosemary, etc., is an excellent remedy for headache and other nervous affections.

Formerly several preparations of this plant were kept in shops, and a distilled spirit and water, which were both very fragrant.


Herbal Tea Title
Winters Remedy Organic
Winters Remedy
Tea Organic

A mild-bodied warming tea blend with sweet notes from the licorice root and lemon peel, balanced out by the earthiness of marshmallow root. It’s the perfect tea to drink on a cold winter day to help support health and well-being. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic marshmallow, organic ginger, organic licorice root, organic wild cherry and organic lemon peel.

Daily serving size: Pour 8-12 oz of boiling water (212° F) over 1 tsp. of tea. Steep 3-4 minutes.



Migraine Headache

Migraine Headache 5/8 dram

This synergistic blend of oils is designed to stop the pain of migraine headaches quickly!

This bottle has between 60 & 75 drops od oils and should last you using it everyday for the  season.


Monthly Ritual Title

Anti-anxiety Spell/Chant

Whenever you are feeling anxious, take several deep breaths and repeat the following until you have calmed down.

Nervous anxiety, you are dead.
Lord and lady, soothe my head.
Bring me to your calming peace
as I will, so mote it be.


Anxiety Tea

Add two teaspoons of valerian root to one cup of boiling water. As it seeps, chant:

Nervous anxiety, you are dead.
Roots and water, soothe my head.
Bring to me your calming peace.
As I will, so mote it be

Note: To cut the taste you might want to strongly sweeten it with honey.

from the book Everyday Magic
by Dorothy Morrison


Calming Technique

Sit comfortably and use your projective hand (usually right if your right handed or vice versa) to send out negative energies and your receptive hand to bring in positive energies. After a few minutes you will be much more relaxed and calm, and the good thing is you can do it any time.


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Monthly horoscope title-Jan-22
Aries:   In January 2022, Aries will be very capricious and complain about everything. Such attitude will give them a lot of trouble, especially in relations with family and friends. Contrary to appearances, stubbornness, and selfishness this time will be a hindrance in achieving goals, so if you want to succeed, you must be humbler and learn to reach compromises. 

Taurus:   In January 2022 Taurus will be busy with both professional and home matters. One will affect the other. At home, you will be facing major renovations and considerable changes at work. You will have enough energy for everything, and your relatives and associates will appreciate your commitment. Right now, they will pay off at the beginning of 2022.

Gemini:   In this January, Gemini will be focused on themselves and their self-development. They will set new career goals. It is possible that they will start additional courses, plan to sign up for other studies, start learning a foreign language or set up their own business. Family problems that will occur along the way but can be solved immediately.

Cancer:   January 2022 will pass Cancer very quickly, probably because it will be very pleasant and rich in exciting events. It will be a very happy time for you, rich in successes. Learning new skills will come with great ease. You will have a lot of vigour, energy, and your positive attitude will prove to be the key to success.

Leo:  January 2022 will bring a system of planets which favours setting new priorities. If you want to change something in your life, now is the time to set new goals and objectives. Their implementation, however, will require patience and persistence. Only hard work will bring success, and personal charm will be little help this time, and may even become a hindrance.

Virgo:   In January 2022 Virgo will have to focus on cooperation and working in a group. Initially, it can cause problems, because the zodiac wants to act alone, but they will quickly find out that many benefits come from cooperation. Many things, such as your promotion, depend on how you can work in a group.

Libra:   In a month 2022, Libra will have to bet on their own. Expressing yourself and your views, as well as opinions, will prove crucial to maintaining your professional position. Do not be afraid to decide and make things clear because only bigger problems will arise from misunderstandings. There may be many variables in life, and it will be difficult to keep up with them.

Scorpio:    Jupiter and Saturn will influence in the January 2022 Scorpio devoted to professional matters. Family and friends may feel neglected in this regard, so every Scorpio must organise a job in such a way as to have the time with his family because no work is worth destroying relationships with the family.

Sagittarius:  The most important thing in January 2022 for Sagittarius will be feelings and emotions. A mood swing will make it difficult for you to make decisions, so remember not to be afraid to ask your friends for advice. January will also be a crazy time for Sagittarius , filled with work and surprises.

Capricorn:  Family matters will be the Capricorn’s most important in January 2022. The atmosphere in the home will strongly affect the general well-being of the zodiac and determine their actions in other areas of life. Taking care of family relationships will allow you to gain the conviction that there is a strength in the family that can provide great support in life.

Aquarius:  January 2022 is a time of constant changes for Aquarius. There will be a lot going on, which will affect all spheres of your life. Fortunately, the majority will have a very positive impact. Unfortunately, you will not have time for many things, so you have to focus on planning and organization.

 Pisces: In January 2022 Pisces will turn their attention to other people and will be very empathic. This is a very good return for a situation that will help to strengthen relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. Unfortunately, the consequences of decisions taken months ago will also get you, and there will be an internal conflict.

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