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February!  The month of Romance!  Isn't love grand?  Knowing that this is the month of engagement/marriage, we have chosen some beautiful couples rings, at an affordable prices.

We are also offering for Valentines day 1/2 off marriages, and Handfastenings in the store, and we have two ministers now.   You supply your witnesses.  

Please call to reserve you spot! We are limited to time and space.

We now have Roze in the store, some of you may know her,  she is offering for a small extra fee to bless your candles.  

Happy Valentines Day!
Until next time,
The Editor

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February 21 Birthdays
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herbal info title
Jasmine or Jasminum Officinale and also known as Poet's Jasmine, originated in China. Fragrant plant known for its beauty which symbolizes motherhood. Referred to as the "King of Oils" because of its wonderful scent. In magic practices it divination, love, attract a soul mate, wealth, money, and is great for charging quartz crystals. Flower form to be stored in an airtight container in a dark place
Benefits of Jasmine:
Digestive Health
Gastrointestinal Health
Reproductive Health
Typical Use
Jasmine Flowers Herbal Tea
Jasmine Essential Oil

Organic Serendipitea Tea
A sweet and spicy mix of tasty herbs and spices, giving this tea a fruity, floral, and spicy flavor, with a fragrant aroma. Caffeine-Free.

Ingredients: Organic licorice, organic spearmint, organic orange peel, organic cinnamon, organic red rose buds and petals, organic raspberry leaf, and organic lemon verbena.

Daily serving size: Pour 8-12 oz of boiling water (212* F) over 1 tsp. of tea. Steep 3-4 minutes.

Wishing For Love Spell


    Pink candle

    Coriander oil

Painting or drawing of your ideal partner (you can cut out magazine clippings - remember this is a "representation" of the kind of person you want - example: a honey jar if you want him to be sweet, money sign if you want him to be rich, etc)

On a Friday evening start this spell by placing all of the ingredients on your "love altar" that you have/will create specifically for the purposes of working love spells. This spell is purely a visualization spell where you and your beloved will be united by the power of the Gods/Goddess for the good of both of you - but you are not binding anyone specifically to you - you are encouraging the fates to bring you love today and are simply specifying what you want in this mate.
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Monthly horoscope title-Feb-21
Aries:  The sun is in individualistic Aquarius as February begins, which is an energy that encourages you to be exactly who you are, quirks and all. If someone doesn't like all of your little idiosyncrasies, then they don't have to hang out with you. Period!

Taurus:  The sun is already partnered with outgoing Aquarius when your ruler Venus partners with the Water Bearer on February 1. Is it time to set aside your conservative, traditional ways and have more eccentric experiences? Get out of your comfort zone and have some fun, Taurus! When it comes to love and money, it’s time to change up the game.

Gemini: The sun is in fellow air sign Aquarius, putting some very interesting ideas into your head. There aren't too many things you won't consider now, and you love to spend your downtime experimenting and coming up with innovative new products and concepts. You get along best with other air signs who are willing to play the "what if" game with you.

Cancer:  When Venus pairs up with friendly Aquarius right away on February 1, there can be a lot of mixed emotions swirling around friendships. Have you been thinking about taking a platonic relationship in another direction? This experimental energy encourages you to try new things.

Leo:  Your ruler sun is partnered with wise and witty Aquarius to start the month, so your ideas and opinions will be highly valued and sought after now. This is a great time to start or join important discussions on how to make the world a better place.

Virgo:  The combination of money-oriented Venus and innovative Aquarius starting on February 1 gives you the freedom to make some bold financial decisions. You're typically a lot more prudent with your money, but when you see a good opportunity in the next couple weeks, you'll want to jump on it. Risks are rewarded now.

Libra:  Your home planet Venus moves out of ambitious Capricorn and into offbeat Aquarius on February 1, giving the start of your month an interesting vibe. As a fellow air sign, you definitely are feeling the urge to make connections with others, but you might choose to do it in an odd way now. If there's something that hasn't been done before, you're first in line to try it.

Scorpio: Can the quirky partnership of Venus and Aquarius starting on February 1 do anything to improve your love life or your money situation? Yes, it actually can, Scorpio, if you're willing to keep an open mind. As a fixed sign, you tend to want to do things your own way, but the smart bet now is to listen to new and different (and yes, even weird) perspectives.

Sagittarius: The sun is in technologically gifted Aquarius to start the month, which can help you in a lot of different areas, Sag. Download trendy apps, play just-released video games, try a startup streaming service, or upgrade your home computer. The more willing you are to embrace innovation, the more you are rewarded.

Capricorn:  Money-focused Venus conjoins your ambitious ruler Saturn on February 6, putting you in a perfect position to seriously kick some butt. You naturally tend to look toward long-term investments more than get-rich-quick schemes, but right now you should jump on any ideas that have promise. You should see your wealth increase at a rate that equals your effort.

Aquarius:  The sun is in your airy sign to start the month, giving you the freedom that you crave. Even if you have to check in with someone from time to time "like a boss, parent, or partner" you still appreciate the feeling that you're the only one steering the boat and making major decisions.

Pisces:  When Venus enters Aquarius on February 1, she encourages you to embrace your individuality, especially when it comes to money and matters of the heart. You don't always have a ton of confidence in these areas, but when you let your unique personality shine, you'll be surprised by how capable you actually are.

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