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August Herb of the Month
herb for Aug- Echinacea
Medicinal Uses: * Candida/yeast * Colds * Ear * Immune * Insect/flea Bites * Sinus * Sore Throat*

Properties: * Anti-inflammatory * Antibacterial * AntiViral * Depurative * emetic * Immunostimulant

Parts Used: Most often roots, stems and flowers are also used but are weaker
Constituents: essential oil (including humulene and caryophylene), glycoside, polysaccharide, polyacetylenes, isobutylalklamines, resin, betaine, inulin, sesquiterpene.

How to Use Echinacea:
Herbalists do not agree on which species is best, E.purpurea,, E. pallida, or E.angustifolia, but all variants have phytochemicals that improve the immune system. There are dozens of dozens of biochemical compounds that act in therapeutic synergy in this complex plant that support disease resistance in several ways. However, taking echinacea when a cold or infection has already become serious may be fighting a losing battle. Echinacea is most effect when taken at the first onset of cold, sinus, gum inflammation or other infection symptoms.
Echinacea has a numbing sensation that relieves the pain of cold sores, and also offers some protection against herpes simplex viruses. 

Echinacea acts against Candida albicans, the microorganism that causes most yeast infection. Echinacea is a mild antiseptic on its own, but when fighting an established virus, combining echinacea with antiseptic herbs such as goldenseal or Oregon grape enhances the effectiveness of the treatment.
A few drops of echinacea tincture or a skin wash made from fresh flowers in a quick and effective way to reduce itching and take the sting out of insect bites and hives.

Preparation Methods & Dosage : Dosage is key. You need to take enough echinacea, and take it frequently enough, to do any good. Capsules are convenient, but not as efficient, and quite often not as potent as tinctures. Echinacea is by no means a good tasting herb for tea, but echinacea tea can be used in compresses and poultices for external applications.
Echinacea Remedies.

Echinacea Side Effects: Use with caution if you are allergic to ragweed. If you have an autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, or a chronic infection such as HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis, you should not use echinacea.

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 We are now into our "Back to School" Time of year, this means we only have 146 Christmas shopping days or 21 weeks.

We are putting together many nice gift baskets, tea samplers, and bath/beauty ideas that are great for gift ideas, bringing in the natural side of merchandise.  We hope you will be as anxious as we are to enjoy the new and old products that we offer.
August marks the time of year that our children return to school putting their lives as well as yours smack into the flu/virus season.

This month we are starting you out with a great anti-virus and anti-bacterial herbal supplement,  This is the time to start your children on it, to get their immune systems up, so they can resist all the ich that will be going around.

This herb, in tincture, tea and capsules will be a main stay in your home. 

I have made it a feature this month, as I will continue to bring to you the different herbs you can use to keep you and your family free of flue, colds, fever, and pnuemonia/bronchitis, laryngitis etc this year.

Love and Light, The Editor

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The health benefits of echinacea include its ability to boost the immune system, prevent cancer, cure upper respiratory issues, eliminate bacterial and viral infections, reduce inflammation, treat skin conditions,  speed healing and recovery, regulate blood sugar levels, treat anxiety, boost oral health, as well as eliminate ear infections and prevent their re occurrence.

What is Echinacea?
Echinacea includes a group of herbaceous, flowering perennial plants in the daisy family, prized for its medicinal properties. The Echinacea genus has nine main species, which are commonly called coneflowers such as the Pale Purple Coneflower or the Tennessee Coneflower. The flowers are beautiful, and some varieties can grow up to 4 feet in height. Their colorful heads are easy to distinguish, and you can commonly find them in eastern and central North America, the regions they are native to.

Echinacea is commonly classified as an herb, although many think of it as a flower. Different parts of the plants, including its flowers, leaves, stem, and root, have a variety of phenolic compounds that are beneficial to health. This includes compounds like cichoric acid, caftaric acid, echinacoside, and various other polysaccharides and alkylamides. The Plains Indians used echinacea for hundreds of years in their herbal remedies, and even in the 19th and 20th centuries, it was turned to as an herbal option to boost immunity and fight infections. It has long been known as one of the best ways to prevent colds.

However, echinacea can cease to have an effect and can actually impact your T-cells in a negative way if used in large doses consistently. It should not be overused, but when you need it, nothing works better!

Health Benefits of Echinacea
Let's explore some of the many health benefits that this herb can provide!

Boosted Immune System
Perhaps the most common usage of echinacea relates to its impact on the immune system.  This is because the chemical constituents within echinacea can directly affect the chemical processes of the immune system. Regular intake of echinacea can reduce your chances of catching a cold by 50% and if you are already ill or have the flu, taking echinacea can help reduce the duration of your cold. For this reason, echinacea is used by millions of people every year when they are trying to eliminate the annoying symptoms of the common cold, cough, and flu.

Relieves Upper Respiratory Issues
The anti-inflammatory capacity of echinacea extends to the respiratory tracts. So, for those patients who regularly suffer from conditions like bronchitis, echinacea can help to reduce the irritation and mucus deposition in those tracts.  It also helps to cure diphtheria, asthma, tuberculosis, whooping cough, croup, acute sinusitis, and strep throat; thereby helping you to heal faster
Reduced Infections
Echinacea is used to treat recurring infections such as genital herpes, malaria, syphilis, urinary tract infections, vaginal yeast infection, gum diseases, bloodstream infections, typhoid, and ear infections.  It allows for various immune-boosting compounds to build up and remain in the body, tacitly altering the structure and reactivity of our immune system. Studies have shown a reduction in ear infections when echinacea is consistently consumed as a way to build up resistance to further infections.

Pain Relief
Echinacea can be taken orally or applied topically to combat pain. The paste of this dried herb can be directly rubbed on the affected area. It can be taken orally or applied topically to combat pain. The paste of this dried herb can be directly applied to the affected area.

Cancer Prevention
Echinacea has been connected to preventing cancer because it stimulates the body*s immune system to eliminate cancerous cells. Although echinacea is not necessarily considered an antioxidant, it can certainly help eliminate free radicals by stimulating the proper immune system cells, like T-cells, thereby helping to prevent the development of cancer.

Increased WBC count
Echinacea does more than stimulating T-cells, it also increases the production of white blood cells in the body, which are the main soldiers in the battle against illness going on in our bodies every day. Furthermore, echinacea contains a compound called echinacein, which actually inhibits bacteria and viruses from penetrating healthy cells, thereby greatly reducing the chances of contracting any type of infection while consuming echinacea in either supplemental or natural form.

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Echinacea recipe Title
Echinacea flower
Homemade Echinacea Tea:


  •     1/2 cup Fresh or dried leaves, roots, flower      (1/4 cup if using dried)
  •     8 oz of water
  •     1-2 teaspoons of raw honey


  1.    Simmer 8 oz of water in a small pot over  medium heat.
  2.     Add the fresh or dried Echinacea
  3.     Cover and simmer for 15 minutes.
  4.     Strain tea into a mug and add honey!

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Echinacea Tinture Title
Making Echinacea tincture

Making a concentrated liquid form of an herb (a tincture) is a great way to take advantage of the health benefits of that herb. Echinacea tincture is easy to make and easy to take. The tincture has a very long shelf life, and is ready to use when needed. Tinctures preserve and concentrate the properties of the herb, making them more effective and longer lasting.
All you will need to make your Echinacea tincture is:

  •  A clean glass jar (pint size) and lid
  •  A consumable alcohol (80 proof vodka, apple cider vinegar, or food grade vegetable glycerine)
  •  Your Echinacea herb (use the root, flower, and leaf)
  • Be sure you rinse all the dirt off your plant roots, and make sure no bugs are hiding under the petals or leaves. You can find the specific instructions of making your tincture here.

  1. Fill the jar 1/3 to 1/2 full with dried herbs. Filling half full will make a stronger tincture. Do not pack down.
  2. Pour boiling water to just dampen all of the herbs. (This step is optional but helps to draw out the beneficial properties of the herbs)
  3. Fill the rest of the jar (or the entire jar if not using hot water too) with alcohol and stir with a clean spoon.
  4. Put the lid on the jar. Store the jar in a cool/dry place, shaking daily, for at least three weeks and up to six months. (I usually leave herbs for six weeks)
  5. Strain through cheesecloth and compost the herbs. Store the tincture in colored dropper bottles or clean glass jars.
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People who have old souls are some of the most understanding individuals of all time. They are able to go through life taking all of what they have experienced, learned, endured and turning it into something that almost all of us are able to relate too.

They view the world for exactly what it is, looking deeper into profound insights that they have gained throughout the years, and are able to demonstrate just how grateful they are to be apart of the earth.

Old souls express things that most of us are too scared to admit too, however, they somehow make it easier on the rest of us because of how wise and understanding they are.

These five qualities to an old soul demonstrate what it means to be in tune with the world around you and what it means to feel something more than what everyone else is able too.

1. Only Have Select Close Friends
Old souls have a hard time being friends with literally everyone in their life. They are only able to continue friendships with a handful of select people that have made a very huge impact on their life.
They would rather much spend their energy on people who are able to understand their complex ideas as well as their intense demeanor.
It's nothing personal when an old soul doesn*t want to be too close of a friend to you and it*s mostly because they do not want to make others feel insignificant in anyway.

2. Critical Thinkers
Old souls tend to be some of the most intense critical thinkers out of all of their friends.
They are constantly processing every single little bit of knowledge they have been given throughout the day, their experiences, their emotions, there is always something on their mind no matter what.
This leads to old souls being some of the hungriest for knowledge as well since they are relentlessly seeking answers to questions they form in their head.

3. Forge Their Own Destiny
Old souls do not believe that they must follow a specific way or a specific trend in order to function in society.
In fact, they know all too well what makes them happy and will do everything in their power to get it. This means forging a path that is specifically designed for them and this is what it's going to take in order to achieve what they are looking for in life.
They will inspire many in their wake and love to demonstrate what it means by taking control of your life.

4. Tireless Learners
Everyday has something new for an old soul to learn from. They are tirelessly learning even when they think they aren't. Again, old souls are some of the most critical thinkers, so giving them a challenge is like giving them a present on their birthday.
Knowledge is power to an old soul and they utilize the information that they've gathered well.
Telling others about the wisdom they have gained is a treasured opportunity that they hold close to their heart simply because they want others to know exactly what they have experienced.

5. Able To Adapt To New Places
Most old souls are able to adapt to their surroundings without any trouble, however, they will feel as if they are an outcast compared to the rest of everyone else.
Old souls are able to get along everyone who comes their way, but can also have a hard time carrying on conversations with others who do not have the same mental capacity as they do.
They will begin to show when they are getting bored or tired of the current situation and well immediately seek a resolution to the problem.
Old souls are some of the best company to have around especially if you plan on traveling the world or want to learn something new that you've never experienced before. Are you or any of your friends old souls?

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