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Welcome September!  We are now in the last month of the third quarter of the year.  We will soon be entering our holiday season.  

Right now we're cleaning up yards, putting away all the summer items, and getting ready for winter, Brrr, this is supposed to be a colder winter then last year, so they say, here in Roswell, we will wait and see.

For Caer's Eclectic Apothecary we are scurrying to get in all the items you will need for the Flu/Cold and snot season, We will do our best to make sure you keep you health in peak.  We have on the shelves our elderberry elixir, if you start with it now, once a day your immune system will build and keep you healthy.

Have a great month!

The Editor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
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Monthly herbal title, Rosehips

The reason that rose hips are so popular is because they are extremely effective in treating a wide variety of health conditions. How? The vitamins, minerals, organic compounds, and other essential nutrients in rose hips pack a very powerful punch! Some of these beneficial components include vitamin C, A, E, and vitamin B-complex, as well as minerals like calcium, iron, selenium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur, silicon, and zinc.  

Lower Cholesterol: The organic compounds and antioxidant components in rose hips also reduce the LDL cholesterol in your body, thereby reducing strain on your cardiovascular system and also lowering your chances of suffering a stroke or a heart attack. 

Boost Immunity: Rose hips have an impressive amount of vitamin C, which is one of the best components to boost the immune system. Vitamin C stimulates white blood cells and is also essential for the prevention of asthma and the general health of the respiratory system. This can be seen in the reduction of respiratory conditions such as cold and flu through the intake of rose hips and its high levels of vitamin C.

Control Diabetes: Rose hips have been shown to strictly regulate the blood sugar level of the body, which is very important for people with diabetes. By keeping the balance of insulin and glucose in the body, they can prevent sudden plunges or spikes in blood sugar that can be deadly.

Aid in Digestion:The various acids within rose hips, as well as pectin, are known to induce urination and excretion. As a diuretic, they can help eliminate toxins from the body, as well as excess salts, liquids, and even fat. By stimulating bowel movements, rose hips can help a person avoid a number of unfortunate health conditions and discomforts. 

Skin Care: People all over the world want their skin to look more beautiful, blemish-free, and youthful. There are hundreds of products and potential treatments for tightening and toning the skin and rose hips are one of the best options. The astringent quality of rose hips keeps the skin elastic, so it doesn*t develop wrinkles. It eliminates the flaws easily, heals the burns and scars, and makes the skin look younger and vibrant. 

Improve Circulation: These have a significant amount of iron, which is an essential component in the creation of red blood cells. Therefore, having an adequate amount of rose hips in your diet can prevent anemia and also keep your essential organs well-oxygenated, thus increasing metabolic activity and optimizing the functionality of various organ system

Enhance Bone Health: One of the most important roles of vitamin C is its essential role in producing collagen. Collagen, along with the other important minerals found in rose hips, can help prevent osteoporosis by maintaining bone mineral density well into your old age, keeping you strong, flexible, and able to live an active life! 

Word of Caution: There are no known issues with using rose hip whenever you want, although there are reports of nausea, vomiting, headaches, heartburn, and an inability to sleep. Much of this could be due to slight food allergies. A, E, and Nutritional Value of Rose Hips

Monthly ritual- Aug

A simple jar spell for abundance in the Corn Moon. September's Full Moon represents the grain, symbol of fertility, life and prosperity.


  • Glass jar with lid.
  • Grain (rice, corn kernels, barley, wheat)
  • 7 coins (of your local currency)
  • 1 green candle
  • Salt (optional)

corn moon spell jar


Find a nice, clean glass jar and place it on your altar or work table.

Light the green candle on your altar.

Watch the candle flame and relax. When you're ready, say:

Great Goddess of Harvest and Grain

Wealth and abundance is your domain

with a humbble ritual of you Iask

Join my ritual and bless my jar

Place the coins one by one in the jar. These represent your hard work and finances.

Fill the rest of the container with the grain. Grain represents the abundance of the earth and the wealth of this harvest season.

Optionally, you can add salt for protection or other prosperity herbs (such as basil, rosemary, rue, thyme).

Seal the jar and meditate while the candle burns. Focus on your intention and visualize how success and fortune are going to manifest in your life. Everything that prevented the flow of money is starting to dissolve as the roads to prosperity open.

Say: *This is my Will. So mote it be!* and blow out the candle.

Place the jar outside where the Full Moon will bathe it. Collect it early in the morning and put it in a safe place. Leave it there until the next Full Moon.

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Monthly horoscope title-Sept23

Aries:  In September, you'll start to pay attention to what you have to say, what you look like and what you have to say. So take care of all the details, professional matters and contacts that may be useful, for example, in professional matters. It's a great time to start building foundations for your successful future..


Taurus:  In September you will be accompanied by dilemmas related to a different gender, which, fortunately, you should be able to solve. In this area, however, it will be necessary to resolutely attempt to understand the other's needs and honesty. Your inclination to analyze will come to the fore, hence you will often consider pros and cons of every decision you make.


Gemini:  When it comes to personal matters, it promises to be very interesting. From now on, relationships with others will be crucial for you. In dealing with other people, you can regain agreement and harmony. However, much depends on you, show more kindness and understanding, and you will see that how much you will come back to.


Cancer: You will make a good impression on other people. September will be a great month conducive to the development of feelings, earning money and gaining recognition, hence you will be able to implement all the activities planned for a long time.  If you are in need - especially financial - you can easily ask for a trusted person. 

Leo:   You will make many new, interesting acquaintances. You will stay in new places so far and will take part in new events. In everyday, a bit monotonous life, you will introduce a breath of freshness, a novelty that will make routine go to the background. As for the love sphere, September will be very hot.

Virgo: It will be much better for you if you do not undertake risky ventures, therefore follow the adopted plan. It will be a perfect time to organize all your affairs, which you have seriously neglected recently.You will also improve your relationship in a social circle, call friends you have not had contact with for a long time


Libra: Saturn will turn into a sign of Libra, it will affect your previous home life. In September you will not leave humor and an optimistic attitude towards life. Nothing will be able to spoil this. The Sagittarius and Gemini will play a special role for you this month.  Unfortunately, problems and misunderstandings await you in the emotional sphere.


Scorpio: You will clearly feel the surge of new energy. You will feel that you are prone to love, that's why it will not be difficult to fall in love. There are many changes ahead of you, including long journeys.Every evening, a significant portion of their time will be consumed by long conversations with a person of a different gender, which may eventually result in romance


Sagittarius: Good news related to the new venture you are about to start is coming fast. Place more emphasis on matters related to connectivity - with letters, telephony. The beginning of the month will abound for you in many nice and romantic moments, long conversations with your partner or time spent together, so it is worth giving everything to improve your relationship


Capricorn: September will be the perfect time to introduce a few changes and strong resolutions into your life. Listen to the voice of intuition, which has always guided you well. Now it will be the same. Zodiacal Capricorn will have a head full of ideas and ways to put them all into practice.


Aquarius:  In the near future you will feel a deep need to cut yourself off from everyday life and think about your life. It is possible that you will discover dormant talents. In September you can unconditionally trust your innate intuition that will lead you to the pinnacle of success.You can devote your free time to work and develop your own skills.


Pisces:  In September, take care of your private sphere of life with greater care. As soon as time permits you, spend it with people who are unique to you. It is with them in the main role plan the future and boldly, without any fear talk about your feelings and desires. All dreams that until now only lived in your imagination, now have a chance to come true.

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