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May 23-Letter from the Editor Title

May flowers are here again and with them many new items in the store.  We have highlighted a few in this newsletter, but it will be up to you to come in and see the rest of the beautiful things we have brought in for you.  Many will make a nice gift for "Mom".

We have been working feverously to get back in the many herbs we are out of,  We have a few of them in, and are still working to get the rest in as well.  If you require them, there are many places we may be able to order them for you.  Please let us know

As you can see, we have new Evil Eye Bracelets, very nice for a mothers day gift, We also offer for those unaware, an organic hemp that we can formulate for your health issues.

We also have in new incense burners. and Sun Catchers.

Until next time,
The Editor

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Thought for today- May 23
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Herbal information-sweet woodrufftitle

OVERVIEW Sweet woodruff is an herb, Commonly known as Cleavers,.  The parts that grow above the ground are used to make medicine, though medicinal use has tapered off in many countries around the world.

People take sweet woodruff for preventing and treating lung, stomach, liver, gallbladder, and urinary disorders.  They also use it for heart problems, *blood purification,* *weak veins,* and other circulation problems.

Other uses include treating restlessness, agitation, hysteria, and trouble sleeping (insomnia).  Sweet woodruff is sometimes used to relieve nerve pain (neuralgia) and migraine; cause sweating; loosen chest congestion; and increase the flow of urine to relieve water retention.

Some people apply sweet woodruff directly to the affected areas for skin diseases, wounds, vein problems, hemorrhoids, and swelling.

In foods and beverages, sweet woodruff is used as a flavoring.

In manufacturing, the extracts of sweet woodruff are used as fragrance in perfumes.

How does it work?

Sweet woodruff contains ingredients that can help decrease swelling (inflammation) and kill germs.

Lung disorders. Stomach problems,Liver and gallbladder ailments,Urinary tract disorders, Heart problems,Nervousness.

Hemorrhoids. ,Sleeplessness, Migraines, Water retention, Skin problems., Other conditions.

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The following magickal rhyme is a powerful witch's incantation that can be used for any potion you brew-up.

Recite it while visualizing your intent within your mind's eye.

You may repeat it several times out loud or to yourself.

Herbal potion, cauldron brew,

now be charged with magick true.

With intent, I speak this charm,

all be blessed and none be harmed.

Ever minding the law of three,

This is my will, so mote it be.

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Monthly horoscope title-May-23

Aries:   You will be optimistic, it will make you take a very big step forward, the result of which will be your personal development.May will pass you on a lot of vigorous moves, travels, social meetings and passionate love relationships. It will be a month in which everything will go your way!A certain person from your family will go on a journey for days and invite you.


Taurus:  All you need now, the most you want, is to turn yourself off from everyday life and loneliness. You need time for reflection, reflection, to reflect on the sense of your existence and the goal you are aiming for in life. Trust your innate intuition and listen to your heart rather than entrust to what others say. You know best what you need and what is best for you.


Gemini:  The wind will blow you in the sails, it will be noticeable not only for you, but also for people who know you. Your emotional life will also flourish - this applies to both lonely people and those in relationships. In your free time, think about your rest. Maybe you will go with the other half for a long-delayed trip?  Everyone, even the smallest step, think carefully.


Cancer:  The first two weeks will be spent at high speed. There will be numerous changes and shifts in your private life as well as your professional life. As a result, misunderstandings in dealing with loved ones - be it with family or friends - will be very easy. Therefore, to avoid this, try to express your own views and opinions in a clear, understandable and communicative way.

Leo:  You will be focused on matters regarding your own health and appearance. The diet that you have started recently or gymnastics will finally give first results. Thanks to self-discipline, you can overcome all weaknesses and thanks to that there will be no problem that you will not be able to achieve. In May it is worth devoting more attention to entertainment life and love

Virgo:  Certainly May will be a month for you in which you will analyze all your previous achievements, verify your views and beliefs, and make decisions on which your future will depend.Prepare yourself that there will be a person on your way who will give you many different opinions, which, however, will have little relation to reali


Libra: Opportunities for new acquaintances and new loves will multiply day by day. All thanks to your personal charm, grace and tact that will attract many people of the opposite sex. The most important people will be Zodiacal Lions and Aquarius. It is quite possible that one of the relationships with time will turn into something more serious - even in a marriage.


Scorpio:  Through the influence of Jupiter, you will feel the irresistible need for love. In May, get ready for many meetings with friends. The constant rhythm of the day will include trips, joint partying or cinema screenings. And although entertainment will not be lacking, it will be more important for you to spend evenings alone with your beloved person


Sagittarius: You are clearly stopping, you will slow down the turnover you have been working on for some time and now you will be more willing to do all this at home. A certain person from your immediate family feels lonely. You must show her more of her attention and also devote her time to her. The turbulent and tense love relationship will finally settle down and settle down.


Capricorn: There will be some unexpected turn of events in your life arranged so far. Obligations will prove to be a challenge, but you can manage everything if you really want to.It is quite possible that you will have to give up something pleasant that you really liked because of your work. Despite everything will be worth it - you'll find out about it in the near future.


Aquarius:  May is a waiting period for change for many people. You should show more interest and care for your home and family matters - the more so that you need so little to be happy.In the middle of the month you will put on your own in an important matter related to the management of money, international travel and international contacts


Pisces:  Certainly, May will be one of the most successful and successful months of the year. It will bring numerous changes in both emotional life. You will be full of fantasy as well as idealism. You will look at many mundane matters differently than usual, especially with greater distance. You will see how your relations with your partner were arranged.

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