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Here we are beginning the last month of the first quarter of 2023.  We are looking forward to a great month, we have so many new items in the store, and great items that make good gifts for a loved one. 

We are still offering our Hemp therapy, that we formulate just for you, Unique to you, and a card with the recipe is kept with your name on it so when your ready for a refill, it will be the same. We can formulate for problems like Pain, Anxiety, Nerve Damage, Fibromyalgia,  Cervical damage, PTSD, Sleep/insomnia, migraines, and more, Our hemp is organic and a strength of 12,000,000mg. 

Candles are back in, and we have many new Saint Candles as well as pre-dressed candles,  Florida Water is back in; We also have our vintage spoons as well.

Lots of new items coming in soon, Keep watching for them, they will make great Easter Gifts!

Have a Great Easter!
Until next time,
The Editor

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Herbal information-Irish Moss title

Botanical Name: Chondus crispus

Common Names: Irish Moss, Carrageen, Hebridean Moss, Pearl Moss, Irlandisches Moos (German)

Introduction: Irish Moss is a member of the division Rhodophyta (the red seaweeds), and is commonly found on rocky shorelines below and just above the low tide mark. Found on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, it can be commonly found and harvested all year round. It is rarely found out of the water except at the spring low tides. It is extremely variable in appearance: branches are broad, flat, narrow, or twisted and brown, yellow, red or white. 

Constituents: a trio of polysaccharides collectively called *carragheenin*, up to 80% mucilage, mineral salts & vitamins A and B Isoflavones

Parts Used:  Dried Thallus (young shoots)

Typical Preparations: Added to soups and stocks, taken as tablets, as an extract, or drunk as a tea 2-3 times a day.

Health Benefits: Demulcent *Irish Moss is soothing & cooling to all mucous membranes of the body. It is very effective in counterbalancing irritation, dryness or infection in the lungs, respiratory passages, bladder and urinary system, and the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. It can be used to treat GIT conditions like diarrhea, duodenal and peptic ulcers Its high polysaccharide content make it an effective prebiotic for healthy gut bacteria Emollient; It is also very soothing to the surfaces of the body and can be used to treat conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dry and chapped skin, rashes, dermatitis, sunburn. A decoction of the dried seaweed makes a good base for ointments, creams & gels. Nutritive: Irish Moss is said to strongly increase Kapha through nourishing & increasing the blood, fluids and tissues of the body This is a remedy for the individual with chronic weakness leading to systemic dryness. e.g. hemorrhage, dehydration, childbirth, insufficient breast milk, TB or other chronic diseases A useful tonic for long term convalescence and rest: Anti-coagulant: Carrageen has an anti-coagulant action, and can lower blood pressure & cholesterol if used over a long period of time. Thyroid: The iodine content of this seaweed have led to its use in treating goiter and other thyroid issues

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Monthly horoscope title-Feb-22

Aries:  Finally, there will be a period of fulfillment for you, especially when it comes to cardiac matters. This will take place in March. In your life a completely new era will begin, with a distance you will look at the reality that surrounds you, the problems that arise in it and difficult dilemmas without a solution.


TaurusIt's a good day to plan your vacation or business trip. You will catch a breath and a respite, because finally you will find time to catch up arisen in matters that are related to routine duties.It is not worth postpone small matters for later. Over time, they will accumulate so much that you will not be able to deal with them so quickly.


Gemini:  All the ideas that have accompanied you in the last month will now bring the expected results. An elderly person from your immediate environment has been following all your steps and actions for a while. If you need advice or financial support, you can go without it and will certainly help you. You just have to show that you are trustworthy and responsible.


Cancer:  Love affairs will prove to be number one for you. It is possible that you will start seriously considering some obligations towards the other person. In the professional sphere it will be much more beneficial for you if you take a risk and take a step forward. Try to take on more responsible ventures and you will see that you will be appreciated for that.

Leo:  April will be the month when you want to think about deleting yourself. This does not mean, however, that you are about to stagnate. Act, but away from human sight. Pay more attention to home matters. Professional matters are important, but not the most important, the more that recently you neglected your family. You will become a diplomat in every inch. 

Virgo:  Get ready for some turbulence in your life. There will be a lot of stressful situations that will result from misunderstandings and misunderstandings. A certain person who previously seemed to you to be friendly and cordial will have many things to complain about and emphasize it in a proper way. You, however, defend yourself from this! 


Libra: In April, relief will bring you the end to many things that have been hanging in the air for a long time and have been waiting for a successful turnover. You will stop making misunderstandings, misunderstandings, and thoroughly analyze your state of health. You will find out who your true friend is, who you can rely on and who would drown you in a bucket of water.


Scorpio: In April, the time has come to improve your relationships with your loved ones. A person who is quite close to your heart is waiting for more attention from you and needs your support, so you must devote your free time to it and you will feel that you have needed someone. Analyze your financial situation and think about your own budget. The time has come for savings


Sagittarius:  Auspicious period in which everything will go your way. Unrealistic matters will begin to materialize. You will gain the interest of a person of a different sex who will clearly want to get to know you better. Open yourself to the world and people, and prepare for changes. Soon you will make a big step forward.A certain person born under the sign of Gemini, Sagittarius or Virgo will be an inspiration for you to creative, mind-stimulating activities.


Capricorn: In April, you have the best chance for a long and lasting relationship. All unmarried people who are thinking about marriage, right now should take appropriate steps to build their future. An important role for you will be played by people with the sign of Cancer or Capricorn.  In the second week of the month, affective matters will be raging.


Aquarius:  April will be a great month to plan a few-day holiday trip. You have the best chance of a good rest between the 3rd and the 12th of the month, so do not miss this opportunity, because the second one will not happen again. Especially that you will need a chance to charge the battery.On a common journey, bring a person close to you - the two of you will be more brisk, 


Pisces:  Do not get too hasty for all new activities. Before you start doing anything, think about it beforehand. The coming month will not be good for decisions made hastily.If you are going to take a new direction in your personal career, teaching or in the emotional sphere - put aside your plans for a while and watch closely what is happening in your surroundings.

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