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February Herb of the Month
Rose Hips Profile

Also known as-
Rosa canina, Hip Berry, Rose Haws, Rose Heps, Wild Boar Fruit, Wild Rose and Dog Rose

Introduction- Rose hips develop on wild roses as the flowers drop off. The rose hip, also called the rose haw, is actually the fruit of the rose. They are one of the most concentrated sources of vitamin C available, which has led to rose hips being included in many common cold preventives and remedies. While the efficacy of vitamin C in preventing the common cold has been questioned, there*s no doubt about the beneficial effects of vitamin C. In addition to C, rose hips also contain A, D and E, as well as antioxidant flavonoids that may reduce the effects of aging and help prevent cancer.
All this is wrapped up in the tart-sweet taste of the miniature fruits. They can be used to make jelly, jam, soup or oil. During World War II, the British government used collected rose hips to make rose hip syrup as a source of vitamin C to replace citrus fruits that were impossible to get.

Constituents- Vitamins A, C, D, E, flavonoids, lycopene, iron

Parts Used- Fruit either shelled or powdered

Typical Preparations- Most commonly found in tea and liquors. Seldom found in capsule or extract form.

Summary- Rose hips have a long history of use in traditional medicine. The iron in rose hips make them an excellent supplement for menstruating women, and rose hip tea is a rich source of vitamin C, carrying all the benefits of that vitamin. In addition, the various flavonoids in rose hips have potent antioxidant action, helping to protect the body from the effects of stress, aging and the environment.

Precautions- None known.

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We are now into another month of 2018, and it is the month of Romance.  I have chosen Rosehips as the herb of the month, rather then rosebuds since February is also a month for colds and flu, as well as sinus issues.  Rosehips is an immune builder full of Vitamin C, which is a very important vitamin needed in order to get and, or, Stay well.  Wellness is an important part of "romance" too.
This month we will be offering for our first week special

Until next month,
The Editor
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6 Amazing Benefits of Rose Hips

The health benefits of rose hips include their ability to reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, relieve respiratory conditions, prevent cancer, lower cholesterol, manage diabetes, increase urination, regulate digestion, boost the immune system, increase circulation, and help in building stronger bones.

What are Rose Hips?
Rose hips, also known as rose hep and rose haw, are the fruits of the rose plant. They usually form in late summer and autumn after the flowers have been pollinated. Once the rosebud falls off, many people forget about roses, but the fruit of the plant is yet to come! The color is typically red, but it can also be orange, purple, or black. They are some of the most nutritionally packed fruits of any plant, which is why they have become such a desirable and sought-after product in markets around the world. Historically, they have been used for hundreds of years by the Americans as well as Europeans.
They were cultivated for a number of reasons, even as decoration due to their shape and color. Recently, the complete medicinal value was discovered. They were even used as pet food for animals because it was noticed that animals were particularly attracted to the scent and taste of these small fruit pods. When people began eating the components of rose hips, a great deal of attention shifted towards the potential it had for their health.
The most common forms of rose hips include jams, jellies, soups, tisanes, bread, wine, pies, and even marmalade. They are an extremely versatile ingredient enjoyed by people all around the globe, either due to the delicious flavor or for the nutritional benefits!Rose hips.

1. Nutritional Value of Rose Hips
The reason that rose hips are so popular is because they are extremely effective in treating a wide variety of health conditions. How? The vitamins, minerals, organic compounds, and other essential nutrients in rose hips pack a very powerful punch!
The organic compounds and antioxidant components in rose hips also reduce the LDL cholesterol in your body, thereby reducing strain on your cardiovascular system and also lowering your chances of suffering a stroke or a heart attack.
Boost Immunity Rose hips have an impressive amount of vitamin C, which is one of the best components to boost the immune system. Vitamin C stimulates white blood cells and is also essential for the prevention of asthma and general health of the respiratory system. This can be seen in the reduction of respiratory conditions such as cold and flu through the intake of rose hips and its high levels of vitamin C.

2. Control Diabetes Rose hips have been shown to strictly regulate the blood sugar level of the body, which is very important for people suffering from diabetes. By keeping the balance of insulin and glucose in the body, they can prevent the sudden plunges or spikes in blood sugar that can be deadly.

3. Aids in Digestion
The various acids within rose hips, as well as pectin, are known to induce urination and excretion. As a diuretic rose hips can help eliminate toxins from the body, as well as excess salts, liquids, and even fat. By stimulating bowel movements, rose hips can help a person avoid a number of unfortunate health conditions and discomforts.

4. Skin Care
People all over the world want their skin to look more beautiful, blemish-free, and youthful. There are hundreds of products and potential treatments for tightening and toning the skin and rose hips are one of the best options. The astringent quality of rose hips keeps the skin elastic, so it doesn*t develop wrinkles. It eliminates the flaws easily, heals the burns and scars, and makes the skin look younger and vibrant.

5. Improve Circulation Rose hips have a significant amount of iron, which is an essential component in the creation of red blood cells. Therefore, having an adequate amount of rose hips in your diet can prevent anemia and also keep your essential organs well-oxygenated, thus increasing metabolic activity and optimizing the functionality of various organ systems.

6. Enhance Bone Health
One of the most important roles of vitamin C is its essential role in producing collagen. Collagen, along with the other important minerals found in rose hips, can help prevent osteoporosis by maintaining bone mineral density well into your old age, keeping you strong, flexible, and able to live an active life!
border vine
Ingredients     Servings: 2

  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 2 tablespoons dried rose hips
  • sugar (or honey for sweetening, optional)


  1. To steep my rose hips tea I use my small 16 oz. Mason jar with my handy dandy re-cap
  2. It makes it easy to pour and the jar keeps the tea pretty hot.  I do advise you to cap your jar right away after you pour the boiling water before it gets too hot. 
  3. When you pour the steeped tea make sure you hold it pretty close to the top to avoid getting burned.  Warning: HOT TEA & JAR!
Immune-Boosting Elderberry and
Rose Hips Tonic


  •    1/4  cup organic dried elderberries
  •    1/4cup organic dried rose hips
  •    1 quart filtered water


  1. Bring 1 quart of filtered water to a boil in a saucepan.
  2. Add your dried berries, reduce heat to low, and cover with a lid.
  3. Simmer on low for 20-30 minutes and then remove from the heat. You can strain off the tonic now, or you can let it sit covered until it cools. I often let it sit for several hours as I get busy working on other things.
  4. Once the tonic cools, strain off the berries and store in a glass jar in the fridge for up to a week.
  5. Try to drink a little each day. You could even mix it with other teas, smoothies, or beverages if you don't like the taste of the tonic on its own.

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Kimpira (Burdock root & Carrot)

This is a classic dish you'll find on Japanese tables at home. You can also use lotus root or skin from Japanese white radish.
Ingredients                                2 servings
    100-150 g Burdock root
    1/3 medium Carrot
    1/2 tsp Hot chili pepper
    1 Tbsp Sesame oil
    2 Tbsp Sake * (If no sake, substitute white wine)
    1 1/2 Tbsp Sugar *
    1 Tbsp Soy sauce *
    1 Tbsp Mirin * (If you have)

Method  10 mins
  •     Scrub the burdock root with a brush (no need to peel) and cut into thin shreds. (Soak them in water to remove the strong taste)
  •     Peel carrot skin and cut into thin sticks. Drain the burdock root in a strainer.
  •     Heat the oil in a pan over medium heat, then put the burdock root, carrot, and chili pepper. Saute them until wilted.
  •     Add sake and stir 30 seconds, then put in the ingredients , and saute until the liquid is almost gone

Burdock Tea

  •   8-10 burdock root strips or 1-2 T. of organic cut/sifted
  •   2 cups of water (filtered)
  •   1 teaspoon of organic honey or sugar, if desired

Step 1 * Place the burdock root strips in a teapot.
Step 2 * Bring the water up to a boil in a stainless steel pot.
Step 3 * Remove from heat for 2-3 minutes and then pour into the teapot.
Step 4 * Allow the mixture to steep for 5-10 minutes.
Step 5 * Pour the tea, add any natural sweeteners, and enjoy!
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pot of burdock tea
pouring tea
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