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April Herb of the Month
herb for Apr-Violet
Also known as
Heartsease, Viola tricolor, Wild Violet, Wild Pansy, European Violet, Johnny-Jump-Up, Violeta

Medicinal Uses: * Spring Tonics

Properties: * * Anodyne * Antiscrofulous * Antitussive * Cathartic * Depurative * Diaphoretic/sudorific * Diuretic * emetic * Emollient * Laxative * Nervine * Refrigerant

The European or sweet violet is cultivated for its beautiful and fragrant flowers that are also used in perfumes, flavorings, and herbal medicines. Violets have been used in traditional folk medicine for thousands of years. The Greeks considered the violet a symbol of fertility and love, and were known to add it to any love potion that they made. The young leaves and flower buds can be eaten raw or cooked. They make a very good salad, and a tea made from the flower or leaves is equally as tasty.

Alpha-ionone, beta-ionone, beta-sitosterol, eugenol, ferulic acid, kaempferol, malic acid, methyl salicylate, palmitic acid, quercetin, rutin, scopoletin, vanillin.

Parts Used
Leaf and flowers

Typical Preparations
The dried leaf is traditionally used as a tea, and the fresh leaf and flower is traditionally used in salads, soups, jellies and jams, as well as other food preparations. May also be taken as a liquid herbal extract.

Taking excessive amounts may cause nausea and vomiting
For educational purposes only This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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appy Easter!  Here we are into the fourth month of 2018, Wow!  This year is flying by, I believe faster then last year. 

We have many plans for our 2018.  For Starters we now have coming in a new Bottle of CBD.  For all you dog lovers, this is K-9 CBD oil, it will sell for $32.00  we are expecting it any day now.  We know it will do for your pets as well as our human CBD has for the folks here in Roswell.

We have vegetable paint for your eggs this year.  it is so nice to use
natural products for your family, we also have brought in some natural dark chocolate bars, that you can melt and pour into molds for natural easter candy, or just enjoy eating it by itself.

always new teas, and just good energy in the store.
Selenite is the stone for this month, we have it in hearts and healing

We look forward to seeing you this month.  Thank you for your patronage.
Love and Light,
The Editor

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The Virtues of Violets * Health Benefits of Violets
Posted ByHerbal Academy

A few weeks ago, I looked around our 5 acres to see what may be sprouting after a long, cold winter. Soon I saw that my first little escaped and self-sown flowering plant had emerged. Guess which one. Violet! Perhaps cultivated for hardiness as well as beauty, the little johnny jump-up violets (Viola tricolor) had popped up after self-sowing the year before. They beat the dandelions! Now that*s pretty tough for a little violet. The many violets in eastern North America love to cross breed, making their identification difficult (Erichsen-Brown, 1979) with over 40-50 species depending on how you count. Phew! "That's a relief," I say. Why? When it comes to their medicinal properties, they are, for the most part, interchangeable. So, let's pick just a few, and we*ll explore the health benefits of violets.

Getting to Know the Violets

The best known violets for medicinal purposes are the European varieties. The most popular is the sweet violet or Viola odorata. It is one of the violets native to Europe and it has been widely cultivated into many forms over the years (Gleason, and Cronquist, 1963). The petals are deep violet and vary to white. The flowers are quite fragrant. V. odorata is best known as a cough remedy especially for bronchitis (Hoffman, 2003).
Sweet violet's sister is Viola tricolor which is better known by her common name: pansy. She is also a native of the Old world and has been widely cultivated and still is. Like her relatives, V. tricolor has been used as an expectorant, diuretic, and anti-inflammatory. Used both internally and topically, this violet is helpful for cystitis, rheumatic complaints, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and topically for babies with cradle cap (Hoffman, 2003).

Violet Blossoms Are to Eat. Violet Leaves Are to Drink.
On the lighter side, violet flowers have been long used as "seat meats," by dipping whole flowers in a mixture of melted cane sugar, lemon juice, and egg-white and then dropping them into cold water to "set hard" the sugar coating (Grieve, 1996).

Seasonally-minded local food restaurants tat I have visited use violet blossoms to garnish a fresh spring greens salad or a fresh French Sorrel soup. Their petite deep purple blooms draw our attention to look at them mindfully.

Better still, Juliette writes that violet (blossoms and leaves) have been known to have a relaxing effect by "calming deranged nerves, improving weak memory and soothing restlessness" (De Bairacli Levy, 1973). See below for suggestions for herbal combinations for tea.

Violets are virtuous, vivacious, and valuable! Violets are unassuming but oh, so powerful! They herald our early spring blooms in the wild and garden. Their long history of medicinal use begs that we give them more crucial attention and recognition.

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Elderberry tea service
How to Use Violets

You can start with making tea! Fresh herbs or dried may be used. A little can go a long way. I usually use 1 teaspoon of dried herbs for a cup of tea or 1 tablespoon per pint or 16 ounces of water. The easiest but less elegant way to brew tea is to put your loose tea into a canning jar, add boiling water and allow it to steep to your desired strength, then strain the herbs. Usually 5-10 minutes of steeping is enough.

Violet Leaf Tea
1 tablespoon of loose tea steeped in 16 ounces of boiling water for about 10 minutes. Strained loose leaves from the jar.

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A Spring Tonic Tea with Violet

Try combining equal amounts of the dried leaves of dandelion, nettle, red clover, violet and mint (peppermint or spearmint). This is a highly nutritious tea.

A Calming Tea with Violet

Combine violet leaves with blue vervain, linden leaf and flower and elderflower. (Garland, 1979) This won*t be sedating but instead will give you an *ahhh* feeling.

Mineral Rich Tea with Violet

Combine violet leaves with alfalfa, horsetail, oatstraw, red clover, hawthorn leaf and flower, chamomile, and raspberry leaves (Soule, 1998). This tea is packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, and calcium.

No side effects or drug interactions have been reported for violets. There are no reported risks for pregnancy or lactation that are noted (Brinker, 2010). Enjoy your violet tea!

Violets are best used as decorative garnishes when it comes to cooking as mentioned above. You may collect a few wild plant blossoms to decorate a salad or garnish a soup. Their blossoms are a beautiful bit of spring to find on your plate or in your bowl.

In the garden, you may want to plant a patch of perennial violets near your entry or add to a perennial border with other plants. Use pansies to circle a small tree in your yard. Or, keep your violets in pots on your sill or deck to admire. They'll need some shade in the full heat of summer. Keep them watered, and you'll be able to enjoy them for a good part of the season!

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Consciousness is affected by experience but not harmed. It is the nature of aware consciousness to be affected by everything it experiences. Every color and sound, every event and experience, and every passing thought or feeling affects your consciousness. That is why we call it consciousness. A rock isn't as affected by these things, so we consider a rock less conscious than a person.

And yet, consciousness is not harmed by anything. That is its nature, that it can't be harmed. The form of anything can be harmed or permanently changed. Your body can be harmed, but the consciousness that contains your body cannot be harmed. This is good news. It's like a "Get out of Jail" card in Monopoly. No matter what happens, you, as consciousness, are completely unharmed. What a relief! There is nothing that can harm you. No one and nothing has ever harmed you.

You Cannot Be Harmed

This is not to say that consciousness isn't affected deeply by both the good and bad things that happen to us. Every hurtful and unkind act leaves an impression in the consciousness of those involved. It*s just that the impression doesn't permanently limit or damage the awareness of those involved. If something permanently affects us, it could be said to have harmed us. But if the effect is temporary, then what is the ultimate harm? Everything that profoundly affects our awareness, from the beautiful to the tragic, eventually passes. It is the miracle of our consciousness that it can heal from any wound, even if our body cannot.

What you are is eternal, aware space, or consciousness. You have a body, but you are not that body. So while your body can be permanently harmed, just like your car or camera can be, you as consciousness eventually heal or recover from every experience that has affected you. Even if the effect lasts for lifetimes, eventually it is diminished and disappears. From the perspective of something eternal, even many lifetimes isn't that long.

When you realize that your true nature as consciousness can't be harmed, that puts all of life's difficulties in perspective. Similarly, when someone's car is totaled in an accident but he or she isn't hurt, we consider that person lucky. This is because we have a perspective on the relative importance of damage to a car. It's not such a big deal relative to a serious physical injury or death. If you realize that you are aware space, then everything else is like the totaled car-no big deal.

Some things are still more important than others. Physical harm is still a bigger difficulty than harm to a car or other physical object. But by knowing that your true nature is space, which cannot be harmed, the bigger difficulties and even tragedies in life can be seen in perspective.

A simple question to ask is, "What effect does this experience have on my eternal soul?" And while everything leaves an impression on your awareness and your soul, nothing can ever permanently harm your soul, your true nature as empty awareness. In fact, every experience enriches your soul. Every moment adds to the depth and richness of your deepest knowing. We sense this in people who have faced a lot of difficulty in life and who have accepted their fate. There is a depth and wisdom that only comes from a wide range of experience, including painful and unwelcome experiences.

The willingness to meet and have any experience comes from the recognition that what you are is open, spacious awareness. Your body, mind, personality, emotions, and desires all appear within that awareness, but they are not you. And the real you cannot be harmed.
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