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This is where we put items that don't seem to have a category but are still important to those who may be looking for them.  Enjoy browsing, we hope to extend this page with more items soon


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 12 Pk Parchment Paper  $5.99
Parchment Paper

This parchment-style paper is perfect for your written magick, particularly when you wish to bend, fold, or otherwise manipulate the paper within your magic

Banishing Kit $12.99
Banishing Kit
The Banishing Ritual kit has been created to aid you in banishing negativity and negative influences from your life, home and self.  
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Prosperity Dust $4.99
Prosperity dust
A pinch of this prosperity magic dust can help empower your rituals and blessings, helping you to attract wealth and prosperity in their many forms.
Faerie Dust $4.99
Faerie Dust
Add just a pinch and a sprinkle of Faerie Magic dust to your magic crafts to help bring the wonder and magic of the Faerie Folk into your life.
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Angel Magic $4.99
Angel Magic
Just a pinch of this magickal dust can aid you in attracting the blessings, guidance, and joy of an angel's influence in your life.