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Our Newsletter is a monthly endeavor to keep our customers abreast of the changes we are making in our store, and to educate you on the different herbs available, how to use them, and what they are for.  Each month we put a new newsletter out, offering information that not only informs you but also alerts you to the new items we have in the store and sales that are being offered each month. 

Sometimes we offer new information about what is happening in our Universe, and why you maybe feeling the way you do, other times we offer information about what is going on in the community. 

Please check back often to keep abreast of these changes, activities and information.  Thank you, The Editor 201

Now you can see the Monthly Newsletter you may have missed, or check back to review something.  Just click on this link and you will find the newsletter Archive, Beginning with July 2015
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April editor Letter

Before I begin, I would like to say to all the Mothers out there, living and crossed over,


This is the month that we celebrate the mothers, I shall try hard to gear this newsletter to that celebration, in hopes we may find some way to make you all feel a special as you are.

May is the month that sits between Spring and Summer. 
We enjoy all the beautiful flowers and tree green and blooms, yet enjoy the weather of spring,  It truly is a time of renewal, and freshness, and a time of planting.

This is a time of celebration, and a time of letting go of the winter months of being dormant. 

As I put this newsletter together I am reminded that a mother represents a time of renewal and birth, I wish you the best spring and summer  May you have a wonderful crop of joy and happiness..

In this issue we will be looking and more in the survival segment, ways  to enjoy and use the herb of the month, and what we might have on sale for Mothers Day.
Blessings to you and yours this coming month.

God Bless.

The Editor



Herb of the month Cramp Bark
cramp bark
Common Name 

Standardized: cramp bark  Other: guelder rose, high-bush cranberry
Botanical Name   Viburnum opulus L.Plant Family: Caprifoliaceae

Overview Introduction
Cramp bark is a large deciduous shrub growing as much as 15 feet (5 m) tall and 15 feet wide. It is native to the moist lowland forests of England and Scotland and naturalized to moist forests of the northern United States and southern Canada. The bark is stripped before the leaves change color in the fall, or before the buds open in the spring. A member of the honeysuckle family, cramp bark bears large white flowers, up to 5 inches (12 cm) across that yield red berries in the fall. The berries are eaten like cranberries, although moderation is recommended. Historically, the berries, once dried, have been used for making ink.

Constituents  Coumarins, scopoletin, tannin.

Parts Used

Dried bark, harvested in the autumn before leaves change color, or in the spring before leaves open. The leaves and fruit are used in laxatives.

Typical Preparations
Teas or tinctures. In rare instances, used as a ground herb administered in capsules. Often combined with corydalis and/or valerian for pain.

Specific: No known precautions.

General: We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

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Recipe Corner april title
crampbark ginger   banner
As the name strongly suggests, cramp bark is fabulous for stopping cramps. It works well for muscle cramps, like when you throw out your back, menstrual cramps or even restless legs.

After reading this article I'll bet there will be a few of you out there thinking,  Why go to all the trouble? Why not simply pop some ibuprofen? Most people tend to think of over-the-counter medicines as being safe. However, According to the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA), each year the side effects of NSAIDs hospitalize over 100,000 people and kill 16,500 people in the U.S. alone.

I don*t know about you, but that doesn't feel very safe to me! Cramp bark (Viburnum opulus) can be a reliable and safe alternative to NSAIDs.

One of the herbs for back pain, it specifically helps relax tissues and relieve tension. In fact, cramp bark is used for the following issues: menstrual cramps, muscle cramps, early labor, miscarriage, pain, difficulty urinating, bowel cramps (IBS), diarrhea, child enuresis (bedwetting), spasmodic coughing, asthma, arthritis, muscle strain, seizures, high blood pressure, and lockjaw (interesting historic use). I often reach for cramp bark when I*ve got back pain. Have you ever "thrown out your back"?  I have, countless times. One minute you're doing a seemingly innocent thing like picking something off the floor (or you're totally overdoing it gardening) and bam! something slips out of place and the pain increases steadily until lifting your pinky finger creates excruciating pain.

After a while the muscles around the area seize up, which immobilizes you even more. This forced immobility is not necessarily a bad thing! Those seized muscles are protecting this vulnerable area. The holistic approach here is rest! Popping some pills or herbs and then heading back out to the garden is not a good idea and it can injure you further. I often use cramp bark as a fomentation over cramped muscles when I've thrown out my back and I rest and stay mostly immobilized. The cramp bark fomentation significantly decreases the discomfort, but I am also not going to push myself too much and increase the risk of further injury.

Fomen-what? A fomentation is basically a strained herbal decoction, that is then applied to the area using a cloth. This fomentation works well for major pain but can also help with more common muscle spasms as well. For example, it can be used when you sleep wrong and have a "crick"* in your neck (usually a muscle spasm). Or it can be used over the abdomen for menstrual cramps. Besides cramp bark I also add ginger and cayenne to this mix. Both of these herbs stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation. This combination has helped me through many painful situations!

To make this recipe you*ll need:

  • 1/4 cup dried ginger
  • 1/4 cup cramp bark
  • 1 tablespoon of cayenne powder
  • 2 cups of water

 Need herbs? Caer and Dee's Apothecary or


First, add the ginger
The cramp bark
And cayenne......

  1. to a pan filled with two cups of water.
  2. Simmer the herbs in water for at least twenty minutes.
  3. Keep the pan covered while simmering Strain.
  4. Let cool until you can touch the tea comfortably, but it is still warm.
  5. Soak a washcloth in the mixture.
  6. Wring out the cloth so that it is no longer dripping but not absolutely dry.
  7. Cover the affected area with the cloth.
  8. You may want to put another towel or cloth over this smaller cloth to protect the skin from the hot water bottle.
  9. Place a hot water bottle over the cloth.
  10. Cover with a towel.
Let this fomentation sit for at least 20 minutes. Sometimes I leave mine on for up to an hour. It feels so good!

Ginger and Crampbark formation
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Yarrow * This pretty little herb is a styptic, which means it has properties that promote clotting to stop bleeding. I keep yarrow flower in a small bottle and shake it onto cuts, then apply pressure with a bandage of some kind. The bleeding stops very quickly. I also infuse yarrow into ointment for the same effect.

Antibiotic ointment - Many herbs offer powerful antibiotic properties (many are antiviral and anti-fungal as well). I keep a healing balm on hand that also acts as an antibiotic ointment. You*ll find the recipe below.

Homeopathic arnica -This is a great remedy to use in many first aid scenarios, including sprains, strains and exhaustion. Homeopathic arnica can even be used to help treat shock, which can happen with uncontrolled bleeding. It*s recommended to take some with any first aid incident.


Aloe vera - This plant is great for soothing sunburns and other minor burns. I like to snip off a piece of my plant for burns but store-bought aloe vera gel is also very soothing and will keep longer in your first aid kit.

Lavender essential oil - I first read about this remedy a few years ago and unfortunately have been able to test it many times since then. It works. After I get a burn, typically on my fingers while cooking, I quickly apply lavender essential oil, which helps relieve the pain. I then apply some of my healing balm, which has arnica, for pain relief.

Frankincense essential oil -I love this essential oil for bites and stings! I*m allergic to mosquito bites and frankincense helps control the itching and swelling. It also quickly relieves the pain of a bee sting.

Plantain weed- Plantain, one of the most wide-spread "weeds"in the world, is an herb that is used to soothe the skin and sore throats. It also provides great relief for bug bites and stings because its astringency creates a cooling effect. You might not always be able to find fresh plantain nearby, so I recommend keeping dried plantain leaves in your first aid kit.  All instances I've read about using plantain leaf involve chewing on the leaf and applying it to the affected area. If you don-t want to chew it, I imagine you could squish it up a bit with your fingers and get it wet before applying it.

Allergic Reaction

Apis 12c - This homeopathic remedy is recommended as an anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine. It is useful for many symptoms brought on by allergies, including:
  •     Cough
  •     Swelling of tongue, lips and eyelids
  •     Sore throat
  •     Hypersensitive and anaphylactic shock from allergens including chemicals,  antibiotics and certain nuts
  •     Adverse reactions to insect bites and stings
  • Pain/Bruising

Arnica balm - I have a confession. I like bruises. I think they're cool. I even wanted a black eye as a kid. (Ok, obviously I didn't think about how I would have to get that). But when I accidentally pulled over several sheets of RV 
paneling onto my leg, I figured I needed to do something about the bruises or they'd be there for a long, long time. Enter arnica balm. Arnica montana is great for relieving pain and helps bruises heal very quickly.
Activated Charcoal: For acute use in  intestinal illness, vomiting, diarrhea, ingestion of toxins, etc. Also keep the local poison control number on hand in case a child ingests a toxic substance and immediately take a child to the hospital if he/she has swallowed a battery or magnet!
Arnica* Topical creme used for muscle pain or injury, bruises or any type of trauma. We*ve found that it greatly reduced healing time or bruises and sore muscles when used topically right after injury. Not for internal use or use on open cuts.

Cayenne Powder- Though this is a good addition to many foods, it is even better to have in a medicine cabinet. I keep a few cayenne capsules in my purse as well. Topically, cayenne powder helps stop bleeding rapidly. I*ve read cases of it being taken internally during heart attacks to increase blood flow and help clear blockage, though thankfully, I*ve never had to test this one. It is also a useful remedy to take internally during illness as it increases blood flow and speeds recovery.

Chamomile-  Helps calm kids if they are ill or just have trouble sleeping. The tincture also works wonders on teething gums. The dried flowers can also be made into a poultice with some gauze and placed on an eye for 15 minutes every hour to reverse pinkeye rapidly (usually works in a couple of hours). Brewed as a tea, chamomile is a relaxing drink at night and the tea can be cooled and rubbed on the stomach of colicky infants to help sooth them. I sometimes add some brewed chamomile tea to the kid*s bath as it is great for the skin and promotes relaxation. I keep the tincture in my purse at all times.

Comfrey- An external herb that promotes healing from injuries and broken bones. A poultice made with plantain and comfrey that is placed on a wound can greatly reduce the healing time and help prevent and reverse infection. I make a homemade "Neosporin" with this and other herbs and use it on bug bites, cuts, bruises and poison ivy. It is available here and it is best to keep the dried herb on hand for poultices and homemade salves.

Eucalyptus Herb and Essential Oil- I keep on hand for respiratory type problems. We use eucalyptus herb in a face steam for congestion or sinus troubles..  The essential oil can be diluted with coconut oil or olive oil and be applied externally to the feet and chest to help open nasal passageways.

Ginger Capsules- Ginger is great for nausea, reflux, stomach trouble and morning sickness. I also keep some in the car for motion sickness. It helps sooth the stomach after a digestive illness or food poisoning.

Echinacea- I keep a homemade echinacea tincture on hand for severe illnesses. I don't use it as a first resort, but it is helpful in prolonged illnesses

Peppermint Herb and Essential Oi
l- Another great digestive herb. For upset stomach or digestive illness, the herb is made into a tea. The tincture can be used internally or externally for headache or digestive troubles and when combine with a few other digestive herbs, it makes a highly effective digestive aid and nausea remedy. The essential oil applied behind the ears and on the feet helps alleviate headache or nausea and a weak tea made from the herb and rubbed on the skin can help sooth a colicky baby.

25 Must-Have Foods For An Emergency Stockpile

Most preppers start out by building a stockpile of food and other supplies to use in case of emergency. That makes sense, as without the right supplies it*s hard to make it through any crisis situation. Of course, that raises the question of what to stockpile. While that may seem like an easy question to answer, it's really not. Several books have been written about the subject, none of which offer exactly the same advice.

The biggest problem in deciding what to stockpile is that there is no way of knowing for sure what type of disaster is likely to strike; so there is no clear way of determining what to buy. Because of that, most preppers base their purchases on the assumption that nothing will be available, so they*d better have it on hand. If you think about it for a minute, that*s the only way to do it, which really makes sense.
This stockpile is based on you bugging-in, rather than bugging-out. Most people will end up bugging in during a crisis, so it makes sense to have the appropriate food stockpile in your home. If you have a secure, private bug-out location, you*ll want to duplicate your home stockpile at that location as well
When selecting food for a survival situation, there are several things that need to be taken into consideration. This isn*t buying your regular week*s groceries multiplied by 10, but rather buying food that you will use instead of your regular groceries. That may require eating things that your family isn*t used to eating. Nevertheless, eating strange food is better than not eating anything at all.

As you are selecting foods for your emergency stockpile, you need to consider the following:
  1.     You may not have electrical power, so your refrigerator and freezer may not work.
  2.     Most foods aren*t packed for long-term storage, with the exception of canned foods.
  3.     You want foods that will give you the maximum nutrition for the minimum bulk.
  4.     Avoid all types of *snack foods* as there is no way to store them for long periods of time.
Most food you buy in the grocery is packaged with the idea of you buying it and using it within a relatively short period of time, let*s say a couple of months. Therefore, you*ll have to repackage most of what you buy, in order to prevent spoilage. However, even with repackaging, not all foods will keep well for long periods of time. Generally speaking, the more a food is processed, the worse it is for long-term storage.
What you really need to store are staple foods. You can make a fairly nutritious diet out of grains, beans and canned goods. Properly packaged for storage, these foods will keep for years, and still be as tasty and nutritious when you take them out; as they were the day you bought them.

Here is my list of foods that you should stockpile to get your family through a crisis:
  1.     Pasta -High carbohydrates and stores extremely well. You can make a lot of different dishes with pasta, from Italian food to casseroles.
  2.     Whole grains- Flour doesn't store well, but whole grains do. If you have a grain mill and whole grains, you can make your own bread, pancakes, cakes, cookies and other baked goods.
  3.     Rice - Rice is a great source of carbohydrates, which will store well. Buy the whole grain rice, not the quick rice. Quick rice has a very limited shelf life. Like pasta, there are a lot of things you can do with rice.
  4.     Breakfast cereal - This falls into the category of comfort food, especially for kids. Don*t buy the sugary children*s cereals, but the more basic ones, like Cheerios. Properly packaged, this will keep well for a long time.
  5.     Beans - Dried beans of all types store incredibly well for long periods of time, are easy to cook, nutritious and one of the few non-meat sources of protein around.
  6.    Canned meat -You can buy chicken, tuna, salmon and other meat products which are canned. Spam, while being something that many people make fun of, is a nutritious meat product. Meat will be the hardest type of food to find during a crisis, so stock up well.
  7.     Beef (or turkey) jerky - Dried meat, whether jerky or dehydrated meat, is great for long-term storage. If you make your own jerky, be sure to trim off all fat and salt it heavily for preservation. When it*s time to use it, you can reconstitute the jerky in soups. It will absorb the water, flavoring it at the same time.
  8.     Summer sausage - Summer sausage, like many "cured meat products" (what we call lunchmeat) is created to keep for a long time. Typically it is vacuum packed as well, making it ideal for long-term storage. During survival time, it can be eaten plain, or cut up to be put in soups and casseroles.
  9.     Cheese - Another great source of protein. To store cheese, it needs to be triple dipped in wax, making an airtight seal around the cheese. In this form, it can be kept, without refrigeration, for years. Even if cheese forms mold, it will only be on the surface. Simply cut that part off and the rest of the cheese is still good.
  10.     Canned vegetables and fruit - Provides essential vitamins and keeps for a long time. Don't throw the packing water away, as it will contain vitamins as well. Instead, use it for making soup stock.
  11.     Powdered milk - While most people don't particularly like the flavor of powdered milk, when you don't have any access to other milk, it's wonderful. It*s also necessary for baking and provides needed calcium for proper bone growth.
  12.     Spaghetti sauce - With pasta and spaghetti sauce, you've got the start of a meal. Add what you want to finish it out.
  13.     Soups - The nice thing about making soup in a survival situation is that you can make soup out of almost anything. I'm not talking about stocking up on Chicken Noodle soup here, but rather soups like cream of mushroom, which can be used for making casseroles.
  14.     Bullion - This is another necessity for making soups. Dry bullion powder stores well, takes minimal space and can add a lot to your homemade soups.
  15.     Sugar - While most mothers try and keep their kids from eating too much sugar, it is an essential ingredient in making jams and jellies, and preserving fruit. You will also need it for baking. Sugar will keep pretty much indefinitely if stored properly.
  16.     Honey - Whereas sugar will keep pretty much indefinitely, honey will really keep forever. You can*t beat nature's methods for making things that are both good and good for you.
  17.     Salt - Salt is an essential for survival. It's also the main needed ingredient for many types of food preservation, especially for preserving meats. With a good stockpile of salt, you can make cured meats, salt fish and smoke meats as well.
  18.     Spices - Your family may have to get used to eating different things than what they are used to. Spices allow you to mask flavors or add flavor to things that are too bland. Be sure to stock up on the types of spices that your family likes, so that you can make food that they'll like.
  19.     Baking essentials - Since you won't be able to run down to the corner for a loaf of bread, you*ll probably be baking your own. Make sure you have a stock of baking powder, baking soda and yeast on hand.   
  20.     Peanut butter - Okay, this is pure comfort food. However, it is also quite nutritious.
  21.     Dried fruit - A great way to keep fruit on hand. Properly dried and packaged, it can store for several years.
  22.     Nuts -* Another good source of protein, as well as fats. Nuts store amazingly well and add a lot to baked goods, vegetables and even meat dishes.
  23.     Cooking oil and vegetable shortening - Necessary ingredients for cooking and baking.
  24.     Coffee and Tea - Once again, comfort food, but this time for the adults. Many of us don*t function well before our second cup of coffee in the morning.
  25. Hard candies - Great as a reward for kids and also for energy when you need it. Hard candies keep for years as long as they are protected from moisture
I realize that this list seems rather extensive, but I'm assuming that you're going to be stockpiling enough food to last you several months, if not a year. While you can get by for short periods of time with much less, for a prolonged period of time you*ll need to have a well-balanced diet. You*ll also need variety in your family*s diet, as that is important to keep everyone*s morale up.Before buying anything, take the time to figure out about how much of each food type you*ll need. In other words, if your family uses a loaf of bread every two days, and your survival plan includes that much bread, then how much of each of the ingredients do you need to make that much bread?One system that works out very well for determining how much to buy is to develop a two-week menu for your family. With that in hand, you can easily total up how much of each type of food you*ll need to prepare everything for two weeks. Multiplying that out will give you an idea of how much food you need to last your family for any period of time.Whatever you do, don*t try to run out and buy a year's worth of food in one week. Take your time. Start by building a two-week stockpile; then increase it to a month. Keep adding, a month at a time, until you reach the point that you feel you need. Keep your eye open for sales as well, as that will provide you with needed opportunities to save money.

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Celestial Mist's Natural Perfumes, 100% natural and made with essential and fragrance oils.  These perfumes will provide an incomparable aromatic experience. We've developed these natural perfumes using extracts of rare flowers, sweet fruits, clean citrus and natural refined woods. They are carried in a base of jojoba.

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Mothers Day Tulips
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Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy: Take charge of your life, understand your purpose, why you: are here. Eliminate your Addictions and Emotional distress. 

Reiki- Great to relieve Stress, Anger, Grief, and many other things.  

Cell Memory Release:  Find the cause of pain you can't get rid of.

Call for Appointment- 575-562-0186

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These Blends of herbs are designed to help those who have many physical issues, such as Pain, Anxiety, Sexual Dysfunction. Smoking, lung distress etc.  They are 100% legal Herbs

Here is a list of our Smoke Blends:

Vision Quest: A combination of herbs to mellow the spirit and body*     
Rachel's Divine Smoke Blend: Helps with Pain and relaxing.
4 Winds Herbal Smoke: A Visionary Blend. Makes you mello*      
Smokers Aide: Designed to help one stop smoking.   

European Smoke Blend: An earthy blend of herbs for relaxation.
British Smoke Blend: Helps with coughing and relaxation

Relief Herbal Blends: Helps with lung discomfort.   

All  Blends may have 1 Tbl. of  other herbs added for $1.00

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For every woman that held together

 the pieces when she was broken,

smiled when she felt like crying,

staying strong in moments of

weakness: You are my hero!

Happy Mothers Day
Pain Cream Banner
Our pain creams are in 2 oz jars

Acute Pain Relief: 
Used for Arthritis, muscle strain, sprain , back pain

Neuralgia Comfort:
Nerve Damage

Neuropathy Assistance: 
Nerve Damage with numbness

Fibromyalgia Ease:

For relief of Fibromyalgoa pain

MS Comfort: 
For pain cause by neurological disorders

Chronic Pain Relief: 
For the person that is in chronic and severe pain.
It is a combination of  2 creams Comfort I and Comfort II
All creams are available in 4 oz jar size.  
Please order this size 2 days before pick up.
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Meet the Everyday Naturopath

Sandra (Sandi) Graff is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and practices traditional naturopathy. She is NOT a medical doctor (and doesn't want to be) so she cannot perform surgery, prescribe drugs, or diagnose and treat illness.

 Sandi CAN:

  • Perform non-invasive procedures (energy medicine, Reiki, etc.)
  • Provide education on herbs, foods, and other natural therapies
  • Teach benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • Consult on holistic nutrition, historical remedies, and lifestyle modifications

Sandi also holds a diploma in practical nursing, has a BS degree in holistic childcare, and is a certified Montessori early elementary teacher. Other training and certifications include:

  • Certified Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Certified Meditation Facilitator
  • Certified Chakra Therapist
  • Certified Iridologist
  • Certified Ethical Intuitive Counselor
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Roswell's best choice for Self Defense Items

Stun Gun, Pepper Spray, Sling Shots, Knives, Swords, Air Soft, Batons, Throwing Stars, Stun Gun Flashlights, Magnetic Gun Mounts and Friendly Service.

Stun Gun and Pepper Spray
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Pumpkyn & Pye's Artisan Soap's & Beauty Products 

Pumkyn & Pye

This is a brand new business, and it completely all natural,  A Mother/Daughter endeavor making soaps and the most awesome whipped cream body butters that are to "die" for!

Pumpkyn & Pye's Artisan Soap's & Beauty Products   

Doreen Virtuer Readings

Doreen Virtue

dEnnnerG Therapeutics

I am a graduate of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I invite you to check out the school's link for a complete list of modalities, but among my studies were Swedish Massage, Polarity Therapy, Cranial Sacral, Shiatsu, and Reflexology. Additionally, I provide Reiki treatments.

I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist, nationally certified by the NCBTMB. I am a licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and New Mexico.

My treatments integrate the modalities listed above as well as others, providing you with a customized treatment, tailored to meet your needs as presented during your intake process in the privacy of my home office. Please contact me with any questions or to schedule your first visit.

Living Reiki 

An Eclectic source of candles and  Matrix Necklaces, and candles charged and ready to use, for your source of enchantment, or ritual.  Enjoy browsing this Etsy Store.

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This website contains ongoing Communiques

from the members of the Intergalactic Board of

Council. It is a growing body of crucial

information that takes you into knowledge and

insights regarding extraterrestrials,

disclosure and contact, ascension and your

return back Home.

These topics are discussed in-depth for the

purpose of clarifying that which has caused

confusion thus uncertainty. The Greater

Objective within this information is to bring

you to a place in your understanding that

allows you to recognize your Path of Return to

True Self and thus find yourself back Home.

Texas Gem Tree Metaphysical, Healing, 

Bead & Rock Shop

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Eileen Grimes Astrologer

Happy 2016 everyone! Its hard to believe that 2015 is over - frankly, I couldn’t wait until it was over.  There was difficulty, elation, fun and a lot of growth this last year.  There was, as most of you know, a health scare that could have made a huge impact on my life - but everything turned out for the best!  Because of the positive outcome of that situation, I have been going ahead with some fabulous plans for the future!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to continue my business into the 26th year; its been the best of all possible worlds, and I truly love what I do! 

jupiter rising show
The website -  www.jupiterrisingshow.comis still be up for the time being.  Any new announcements will be announced there too, and the archives of the show will remain, so that you can re-listen to any of the shows you choose!
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