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Herbs are the gifts to us from the earth, Put here for us to remain healthy.  

We call it alternative medicine because it's not manufactured by Humans :-)

Welcome to our Herb Area! 

We hope you can find what you are looking for.

Blessings to you.

What to do before starting an herbal remedy

Many visitors to this site are researching a specific herb that they believe will help them with a specific condition. While numerous herbs have clinically proven benefits, we encourage you to do a few things before you purchase and start taking one.

1) Make sure you research the health condition.

2) Make sure you are taking care of your overall health. It will do little good to take an herb for a specific condition if you are not taking care of your total body. Everyone should be taking a high quality multi-vitamin and Omega 3 (a fish oil product).

3) Rather than focusing on one herb, consider a formula. Formulas combine several herbs that are used to help with a specific health condition together. Generally, formulas work better than specific herbs.

4) Make sure that the herb does what you think it does. If you search for an herb in an herb database, as all our herbs are part of our product information pages, so you will see what conditions they are expected to help.

We have a link to each herb profile page.

Due to the inability to receive herbs and products in a timely manner, We apologize now, if your product isn't available. 
We are doing the best we can to get our products in as quickly as possible.
We are now giving you a link to the form we have for you to print off and write down the herbs you are interested in. 
Herbs weigh differently, some are light, and some are heavy.  It's very hard to charge shipping on them before they are

weighed out.

We feel it is better to have you choose your herbs, then call us,  we will weigh them and then call you with your total to

ship to you.

Below you will find a list of the herbs we carry. 

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Prices may very due to cost's going up
  • (O) = Organic
  • CK= Certified Kosher
  • C/S= Cut and Sifted
  • P= Powdered
  • W=Whole
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$2.90 oz

C/S (O)

Agrimony C/S


.80 oz

C/S  (O)

Alfalfa C/S

Angelica Root

$2.51 oz

C/S  (O)

Angelica Root C/S  (O)

Arnica Flower

$00.00 oz

(O) Whole

Out of stock

Arnica Flower

Anise Seed

$4.47 oz


Anise Seed


$2.74 oz

Root C/S (O) 

Astragalus Root C/S


$3.00 oz

Root (W)

Astragalus Root whole
whispy vine div
$2.50 oz

Barley Grass

$1.15 oz

(P)  (O)

Out of Stock

wheat grass


$2.63 oz

Root Bark (O)

Barberry Root Bark


$6.37 oz

whole  (O)

Billberries whole organic
Black Cohosh

$3.90 oz

 C/S  (O)
Black Cohosh

Black Walnut

$3.37 oz

(P) (O

Black Walnut  Powdered  (O)


$3.02 oz

(P) (O)

Bladderwrack powdered
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Blessed Thistle

$2.93 oz

C/S  (O)   

Blessed Thistle C/S
Blue Poppy Seed

Blue Violet

$3.29 oz

C/S (CK)

Blue Violet

Borage Leaf

$2.50 oz

 C/S  (CK)

Out of Stock

Borage Leaf  C/S  (CK)



$2.19 oz

C/S  (O)

Buckthorn leaf   C/S

Burdock Root

$2.83 oz

  C/S (O) 

Burdock Root,  C/S

Butchers Broom 

$2.29 oz

C/S  (CK)  

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Cardamon Seeds
Caraway seeds

Cascara Segrada
$2.23 oz


Cascara Segrada

Calumus Root

$2.30 oz

C/S  ()

Calumus Root C/S

Calendula Flowers .

$2.96 oz

W (O)   

Calendula Flowers


1.61 oz


Out of Stock

Carob (Powdered)

Cats Claw

$2.94 oz

C/S  (CK) 

Cats Claw C/S  (CK)


$4.00 oz

C/S  (O)

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$4.84 oz


Chamomile  Roman (O)
$2.06 oz

German Chamomile

Chaparral Leaf

$2.33 oz

C/S  (CK)    

Chaparral Leaf

Chaste Tree Berries

$1.98 oz


Chaste Tree Berries

Chia Seeds

$2.00 oz


Chia Seeds


$1.00 oz

C/S  (O) 

Chickweed C/S


$1.38 oz

C/S  (O)    

Chickory C/S
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2.56 oz

C/S (O)

$2.67 oz

C/S (CK)

Cinquefoil C/S


$1.50 oz

C/S (O)

Cleavers C/S
$1.18 oz

C/S (O)

Coltsfoot C/S
Comfrey  Leaf
$1.37 oz
C/S   (O)
Comfrey  Leaf C/S
Comfrey Root C/S

Corn Silk  

3.99 bag


Corn Silk

Cramp Bark (O)

$4.20 oz

whispy vine div

   Damiana     (CK)

$2.30 oz



Dandelion Root C/S  (O)

$1.85 oz

Dandelion Root C/S

Devils Claw Root C/S (O)

$1.92 oz

Devils Claw Root
Dong Quai  (P)  (O)
$1.92 oz
Dong Quai

$3.60 oz
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Echinacea Augustifolia C/S    (O) $2.02 oz 

Echinacea Augustifolia
Echinacea Purpurea C/S    (O)
$2.83 oz  
Echinacea Purpurea
$2.49 oz
Elder Berries Whole
Elecampane  C/S  (CK)
$1.30 oz 
C/S  (0)
$1.00 oz
Eluthero Root
Epedium (CK) C/S
$1.10 oz


C/S  (O) 
$2.39 oz
Eucalyptus C/S  (O) 
$2.33 oz
(O) C/S
$3.99 OZ

whispy vine div
$1.10 oz    
Fennel Seed
Feverfew C/S  (O)
$2.10 oz
.70 oz
Flax Seed Whole
whispy vine div
Ginkgo Root
$1.79 oz

Ginkgo Root
Ginger Root Powder
$1.48 oz

Ginger Powder

$1.40 oz

Ginger C/S
Ginger Slices
Goji Berries
$3.00 oz

Organic Goji Berries
Goldenseal Leaf
$10.67 oz

Gotu Kola
$2.34 oz
Gotu Kola

$2.00 oz
Guana Powder
$ 1.49 oz
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C/S (O)
Hibiscus Flower
2.00 oz 
Henna Red
Holy Basil C/S (O)
$2.00 oz
Holy Basil
$1.27 oz   
Hawthorn Berries
Hops Flower Whole (O)
$1.87 oz
Hops Flower
Horehound C/S  (CK) 1.76 oz
Hyssop  C/S (CK)  1.20 oz
C/S (O)
4.79 Oz
Irish Moss
whispy vine div
Juniper Berries Whole  (O) 3.20 oz
Juniper Berries
Kelp Granules  (O)   
1.00 oz
Kelp Granules
Kava Kava  C/S (CK)   2.96  oz 
Kava Kava
 Kava Kava  Powdered  3.10 oz  
Kava Kava powdered
whispy vine div
C/S   (O)
     1.30 oz      
Ladys Mantle
Lavender Flowers C/S  (O) 3.59 oz
Lavender Flowers  organic
French lavender (CK)     2.25 z
french Lavender
(O) Melissa
$1.99 oz 
Lemon Balm Organic
C/S (O) 2.10  oz
Lemon Verbena
Lemongrass  C/S  (O) 1.30 oz
Lemongrass organic
Licorice Root C/S  (WC)       1.67 oz     
Licorice Root  organic
Life Everlasting Flowers (O) 2.15 oz
Life Everlasting  organic
whispy vine div
Lobelia leaf C/S (CK)   3.00 oz
Lobelia leaf
Lobelia leaf Powdered  3.50 oz
Lobelia leaf powdered
whispy vine div
  (O)       3.82  oz 
Maca Root organic
Marshmallow Leaf C/S (O) 2.00 oz
Marshmallow Lea
Meadowsweet C/S (CK)    1.00  oz
 Meadowsweet organic
Mistletoe C/S (CK),     1.50 oz
Motherwort C/S  (CK)   1.80 oz
Mortherwort organic
Mugwort C/S (CK)   1.99 oz 
Mugwort  organic
Mullein C/S  (O)   1.84 oz
Supply limited
Muria Pauma
whispy vine div

Nettle Leaf  C/S  (CK) $2.10 oz

Nettle Leaf organic
Noni Fruit (P)(O) 
1.00 oz
Noni Fruit organic
whispy vine div
Oatstraw  C/S (O) $1.83 oz
Olive Leaf C/S (O)
$1.29 oz
olive leaf organic
oregon grape root

$7.00 oz
Ocha Root
whispy vine div
C/S (CK)
$1.49 oz  
Out of Stock
Passion Flower organic
Patchouli Leaf
C/S (O)
1.99 oz
Patchouli Leaf
Pau D'Arco C/S (CK)    1.29 oz
Out of Stock
Pau D'Arco
C/S (O) 1.25  oz
Penny Royal  organic
Peppermint C/S (O)   $1.68 oz
Peppermint organic
Pipsissewa C/S (CK)   $1.60 oz
C/S (O)
$1.40 oz 
Plantain leaf  organic
Prickly Pear (P) (O) $1.10 oz
Prickly Pear  organic
Queen of the Meadow C/S (CK) $1.63 oz
Queen of the Meadow organic
whispy vine div
Red Clover Blossoms C?S (O)   $2.09 oz
Red Clover Blossoms organic
C/S (O)
$1.15 oz
Red Raspberry Leaf Organic
Red Root   C/S (O)    $2.10 oz
Red Root
Reishi Mushrooms organic
C/S (O)
$1.76 oz 
Rhubarb Root
Rhubarb Root Powdered
(O)   .89 oz 
Rhubarb Root  Powdered Organic
    2.00 oz    
Rose Bud Petals
Rose Hips  C/S (O)     $1.49 oz  
whispy vine div
Rose Hips
Whole (O)
$1.65 oz
Rosehips  whole organic
Rue Herb  C/S (O)
4.20 oz

Rue organic
1.68 oz
Rehmanniae Root Organic
whispy vine div
 Sage Leaf C/S (CK)
    $2.00 oz    
Broken Desert Sage
C/S (CK) 
$2.31 oz 
Sarsaparilla Root
Sassafras Root Bark  C/S (CK)      $2.39 oz
Sassafras Root Bark
Saw Palmetto  C/S (O)  $1.89 oz 
Sassafras Root Bark
Scullcap  C/S (CK)    $3.60 oz     
Schinsandra Berries Whole (W)  $2.20 oz  
Schinsandra Berries  organic
Senna Leaf  C/S (O) $1.00 oz
Senna Leaf organic

Shatavari  powdered  (O

$1.10 oz
whispy vine div
Shavegrass  C/S (CK)  $1.48oz
Shavegrass organic
Slippery Elm  Powdered (O) 
$3.11 oz
Slippery Elm organic
 Spearmint   C/S (O) $1.83 oz
 Spearmint organic
C/S (CK)  
$1.42 oz 
St.Johns Wort
Stone Root C/S (CK)  $1.90 oz 
Stone Root
Squawvine  C/S Wild $4.39 oz
whispy vine div
$1.19 oz
Thyme  organic
C/S (O)
$1.00 oz
Tribulus Fruit
Tumeric (O/S )
$1.15 oz
Tumeric organic
Uva Ursa   C/S  (O)    $1.30 oz  
Uva Ursa  organic
C/S (O)
$2.00 oz
Out of Stock
Valerian Root
Vervain  C/S (O)    $1.32 oz   
Vervain organic
whispy vine div
Wheat Grass  Powdered (O)   
$1.89 oz
Wheat Grass powdered organic
C/S  (CK)
$1.29 oz
White Willow Bark  organic
White Willow Bark
$1.09 oz
White Willow Bark powdered organic
C/S  (O)
$1.59 oz
Wild Cherry Bark Organic
C/S (O)
$3.50 oz  
Wild Lettuce organic
Wild Yam Root Powdered (O) $2.38 oz  
Wild Yam Root powdered organic
C/S  (O)  
$1.03 oz 
Witch Hazel organic
C/S (CK)    $1.57 oz   
Wood Betony organic
Wormwood Powdered (CK)
$1.80 oz
C/S (CK)
$1.49 oz
Yarrow organic
Yellowdock C/S (O)   $1.49 oz     
Yellowdock organic
Yellowdock  (O)
powdered   1.20    
Yellowdock powdered organic
(W (P)
$1.38 oz
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