Henna plant has scientific name Lawsonia inermis and originated from Asia region and this plant is among the essential list of Asian herbs and its benefits. The most common usage of henna is to dye hair, nails and body art well known as mehndi which is very popular in India and some parts of Asia region because when you mash the leaves into paste, it will produce dark brown/red color that could be used temporary on hair, skin and nails with no side effect.

Asides from that surprisingly henna plant, especially the leaves part contain impressive medical properties that has a lot of benefits for human health as below:

  1. Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Some studies have proven that henna oil made from henna leaves are effective solution to conditions caused by inflammation such as rheumatic, arthritic and joint pain. Henna oil contains some bioactive compound well known as lawsaritol and isoplumbagin have similar effect to phenylbutazone which is well known as anti-inflammation drug. Just applying the henna oil to the affected area may help in reducing the pain.

  1. Great for Hair and Skin Care

The reasons why traditional people are using henna leaves to dye their hair, nails and body parts are not only because it has great color but because henna leaves also contain some amazing properties for hair and skin care. Henna leaves could treat some hair conditions such as hair loss, dandruff and itchy scalp.

While for skin care, henna leaves could treat several skin conditions, including eczema due to its anti-fungal properties. You could combine the amazing health benefits of coconut oil for skin and henna leaves for more impressive result.

  1. Reduces the PMS Symptoms

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, henna leaves also could be used to reduce the pain during PMS. It has been used for over centuries in Ayurvedic medication practice and has been part of Indian herbs health benefits commonly used as part of home remedy.

  1. Has Anti-Bacterial Effects

Actually not only anti-bacterial, henna leaves also contain anti-fungi effect and anti-viral effects. So, henna leaves are effective home remedy solution to treat sore throat and light fever. As mentioned in the point number two, the anti-fungal properties found in henna leaves are also effective to treat several skin conditions.

  1. Excellent Source of Astringents Properties

When talking about anti-aging, anti-oxidants properties are the first thing that may cross your mind but the fact is astringents properties are also having similar effect to your skin.

Based on some research studies, there is significant amount of astringents properties found in henna leaves to help people maintaining their healthy skin.

  1. Natural Anti-Aging

As mentioned in the previous point, henna leaves are also great natural anti-aging. The astringents properties have been proven to improve skin elasticity to prevent premature wrinkles and reduce the signs of aging. Furthermore, with the combination of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, henna leaves are totally great for skin.

  1. Accelerate Wound Healing

The combinations of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal make henna leaves are also great for wound healing. Furthermore, henna leaves also have natural cooling effect to help calming the pain that may causes by the open wound.

Furthermore, henna leaves also contain the cooling effect that makes them excellent solution to treat sunburn. Just applying fresh leaves of henna to the affected area and in instant the leaves will suck the heat and relieve the sunburn effect to your skin. As for sunburn, the benefits are similar to the benefits of aloe vera for beauty.

  1. Home Remedy to Fever

The fact that henna leaves are effective home remedy to fever has been well known and proven for over century because it has been part of Ayurvedic practice since ancient time. It is because henna leaves have ability to suck up the heat and help reducing the high temperature caused by fever.

That temperature is actually normal symptoms because when body is infected by virus and bacteria that temperature is the sign that there is something wrong with the body but when it is too high could be really dangerous as well.

  1. Solutions to Headache and Migraine

Do you know the main cause of migraine or headache? They occur when blood cannot flow normally in the capillaries. During pregnancy, migraine and headache are common to be suffered by pregnant mothers but they should endure it by not consuming any pain relieve for the sake of the fetus. Henna leaves are natural solution recommended because just by applying the juice of the plant to the skin is already able to reduce the pain because its anti-inflammatory properties will relieve the tension and improve the blood flow.

  1. Natural Solution to Insomnia

Symptoms of insomnia could be suffered by anyone and the causes could be varies. The effects of sleep deprivation on teenage brain could be horrible. However, henna leaves have been proven to be effective natural solution to any kinds of sleeping disorders. The henna oil may help in this matter because it contains the soothing effect for deeper sleep.

Cautions of Henna Leaves

Asides from the amazing health benefits of henna leaves, there are some cautions you should aware of, though they are not going to be fatal. Since there are a lot of varieties of plants that similar to henna leaves, you should be really careful to choose the right variety because according to some studies, the black henna variety may have some allergen potential, especially for those with sensitive skin type.

Today, people prefer to choose cosmetic products with henna based for practical reason. However, you should be careful that not all products that claimed to be based on henna leaves are containing all the benefits you could get from henna leaves because those products have been mixed with some chemicals that probably harmful for you.

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