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Crystal Science

Science of the Aura
Nutrition for the Spirit

Have you ever noticed the common themes running through various religious and spiritual traditions, such as Goodwill, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Harmlessness? The framework that holds these common threads together is known as the Ageless Wisdom.

The goal of studying the Ageless Wisdom, or esoteric studies, is obtaining a practical understanding of the nature of the Cosmos, the Self or Soul.  The Soul’s relation to the little self or personality, and the process of integrating and fusing the Soul and the personality using well-defined and proven techniques.

This fusion enables us to acquire direct knowledge of the spiritual worldevolution of consciousness – both human and planetary s and how we can contribute to the - rather than functioning by faith alone. Esotericism is a practical science, useful not only in daily life, but also in world affairs, as it reveals the workings behind current events.

Esoteric Life consists of trying to live ethically, find yourself, and grow in self-knowledge. The stages on this path can be learned and made useful for yourself. For instance, all about general practical wisdom and occultism. Or find out all about chelas (or disciples) and Mahatmas (their gurus, masters or the adepts). 

I have decided to add this section into our website, to give everyone an opportunity to learn, or validate the knowledge they have.  I have found a wonderful source of information that is begging for it to be shared, and I have chosen to help raise the vibrations with the knowledge and share it here.  I hope you find our new area prudent to your liking.

What is Spiritual Growth?

There is no official and exact definition of spiritual growth. We - and many others - use personal spiritual growth as synonyms for other terms like e.g. personal spiritual development, to develop higher awareness or to develop higher consciousness.

With our understanding of spirituality , one can also define personal spiritual growth as way to integrate spirituality to a higher and higher degree in our daily live.

We have seen here that we can compare human development with the achievement of virtuosity in a particular activity (for example making music, sport, handcrafts etc.). The basic rights of existence (the equal right of all beings to be on the earth, to develop and to carry out their tasks) must be so strongly internalized that in every situation we automatically act according to these rights without having to think about it. We refer to this ability in the following as awareness or consciousness. Spiritual growth means developing this ability further.

We can use the model of a bright lamp to represent our level of awareness or level of consciousness : Our body represents the lamp which is lit ever more brightly as our awareness (consciousness) increases. The brightness of our awareness (consciousness) lights up our surroundings so that we can see and hence perceive additional aspects of ourselves and our surroundings.

The light fully illuminates a space around us which is approximately the shape of a sphere. In the following we will describe this space as the awareness sphere or consciousness sphere. It serves as model for our spiritual level or spiritual growth: We can clearly perceive everything within the sphere with our common sense or our intuition. Outside the awareness sphere (consciousness sphere) the brightness of our lamp is no longer sufficient. The further away something is from our sphere the less easy it is to perceive it.

We can now define personal spiritual growth as follows: Personal spiritual growth is the personal development to enlarge the diameter of the above mentioned sphere of consciousness. As such, personal spiritual growth is an integral part of our purpose of life.

Crystal Science

The natural processes of the universe achieve some amazing results, and nowhere is this more evident than in crystals. However, they are much more than beautiful decoration.

It can take millennia for a crystal to form inside the Earth, and as such they are containers holding the power of the universe within. Shamans and mystics the world over have long known about the seemingly magical quality of these minerals.

Each type of crystal holds different powers, so when going to purchase one there are many things to consider.

You might ask yourself if you will be wearing or if it will be decoration. Will the crystal be held in a sacred place? Will you be using it to manifest spiritual growth?

Science of the Aura

Aura represents the energy field that surrounds every material object. Anything that has atomic structure, possess aura. Each atom represents electrons and protons, which are in constant motion. These electrons and protons are electrical and magnetic energy vibrations. Atoms of living creatures are more active than the atoms of inanimate matter. For this reason, the energy fields of plants, animals and people are perceived more easily.

Aura is unique for each person. It is complex and changes at any time. When we perceive something through our senses, this information is processed in the brain and acquires significance. The brain continually transmits selected electrical and chemical signals down the spinal cord. Around these signals are formed energy fields that affect our aura and change it permanently. Even thoughts affect aura – no matter whether you see yellow or just think about it, there is no difference for the brain and it is carried out the same processes.

The aura contains very detailed information about us. By reading it, we can understand past events in our lives. Can be traced to physical problems we had and those yet to come.

Healthier you are, more resilient will be your energy and more far will your aura extends beyond the physical body. The more strongly your auric field is, the more energy you will have to do things that you need. A strong aura can hardly be influenced by external force.

Weak auric fields are those that allow external influences to influence them. The result of this could be the ability to be more easily manipulated, and more easily tired. Weakened auras give rise to a sense of failure, health problems and inefficiency in most or all situations.

In this area we will talk about the different ways the aura communicates to us, and how to fix the things it is telling us.
Nutrition for the Spirit

What is Spiritual Nutrition? 

Spiritual Nutrition is a form of both integrative and holistic nutrition. "Spirituality" is the awareness that everything is connected.  "Nutrition" is the provision of materials (food) necessary to support life. (Wikipedia)

Human nutrition, or nourishment, takes on a spiritual aspect when we become aware of our connection to the foods we eat.

With the exception of perhaps the last fifty years, humans have been intimately connected to the production, preparation, and sources of our food.  From hunter-gatherers, to farmers and ranchers, to the homemakers who went to the local farmers markets and butchers nearly every day - we knew where our food came from, who grew or butchered it, and that it was truly fresh and nutritious.

Today, gardeners who grow and harvest their own foods - especially if it organically grown without chemicals - know the difference in taste, quality, and nutritional value of food they have a personal relationship and connection with.  Foods that are purchased from grocery stores, even if they are organic and natural, cannot nourish us spiritually and physically the way homegrown foods can.  Buying locally grown organic foods is a step in the right direction.  Even then, it is best to buy at farmer's markets, where we get to meet and know the people growing our foods. © All Rights Reserved