Also known as- Stellaria media, and Stellaria spp, Mouse-ear, Adder's Mouth, Tongue Grass, Alsine, Chick Wittles, Satinflower, Winter Weed, and Star Weed.


Chickweed is an English herb easily recognized by its straggling, succulent stems bearing paired leaves and white flowerlets. Chickweed is in the same plant family as cloves, and the fresh plant makes an interesting addition to a spring or summer salad.


Coumarins, rutin, B vitamins, iron, saponins.

Parts Used

Entire aerial part of plant.

Typical Preparations

Most often used as a tincture or ointment. Can be encapsulated or taken as a tea.


Chickweed is a "drawing herb," once thought to remove toxins from the skin, now more typically explained as a microcirculatory stimulant for the skin. Chickweed may be employed to treat acne, abscesses of the skin, and eczema, as well as duodenal and peptic ulcers.



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