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Whether you're exploring the mystical art of candle magic or you simply enjoy the warm glow of candles in your home, we have a nice selection of candles of variety and color for you. Find within our selection our specialty charged jar candles, pillar and tea lights that will help you create the soft ambiance you love and otherwise help you work your ritual magic and prayer rituals.

From ancient times to the present, Candles have lit our way through every transition!  From celebrations and ceremonies to proclamations and processions! The candle's flame has always been a metaphor for the soul! It possesses a tranquil and almost hypnotic atmosphere to those who allow its power to take them to a very special place.

There are many ways to utilize the power of Candle Therapy. Complementary systems of color therapy, aromatherapy, music and sound therapy can and do overlap within the healing process to create a positive and powerful approach to finding the balanced system. These complementary systems with Candle Therapy, are all configured and intertwined within the practice of it's theory and application.

Candles are Magical!  

They can add warmth and atmosphere to a special meal or gently soothe us to sleep. They can invoke moments of quiet reflection, or help us to access the deep wisdom that lies beyond conscious thought.  They can be used in ritual as a focus for our most powerful dreams, hopes and desires. Each of us who wishes on a birthday candle shares in the mythological magic. Candles are not only light, but living fire. When a candle is spent or snuffed out, the light may be gone from our external vision, but that light is not lost; rather it is transformed into radiant beams that fuel the positive energies of the universe and fall as love and healing on those who gaze into a candle flame in sorrow, pain or fear.
Turn off the lights and spend a few silent minutes by candlelight, connecting with the older, slower and wiser rhythms that are not divided into months, years or even millennial, but flow in cycles and release us from the treadmill of time. As you light your candle, you automatically interact with people around the world who light candles or torches. Each candle is part of an interconnected cosmic web of millions of tiny beams, and as you look through the candle flame you may see on the other side someone smiling back at you through their light--a familiar face, someone you have yet to meet, or a stranger--across time and space, an hour, a day or perhaps thousands of years away. 

Keep your focus on the purpose for your candle, write it on a piece of paper and recite it as  your light the candle, then slip it under the candle to hold the energy of your desire and wishes.

Some of our specialty charged candles include: Frankincense and Myrrh, Spell breaker, Business Candle, John the conqueror, Against black magic,Triple Strength over double crossing, Reversing Candle, Cleansing Candle, protection candle, St. Valentine, Extra Strength Money Candle, Rue,  Chimes: red, blue, orange, yellow, purple, ivory, white, gold,  silver

Better Business 7 Day Jar Candle $16.99
Better Business 7 Day Candle
Better Business 7 Day Jar Candle is for those business people who honor sacred heart. By burning this specially blessed candle, shall have their names written in my heart, never to be blotted out. I shall listen to your wants and your request shall be granted. 

Already Anointed Candle Scented

 Rue 7 Day Jar Candle $16.99

Rue 7 day candle

Use this candle to generate prosperity, or good health. This candle comes in a clear jar 8 1/4" x 2 1/2" with a single wick; it is filled to allow for melted wax to gather at the top on the initial lighting. It will burn continuously for 5-7 day

 John the Conqueror (Juan el Conquistador)

7-day jar candle  $11.99

John the Conqueror 7 day candle
This 7-day jar candle is intended to be used in much the same way of herb High John the Conqueror, which it invokes with its burning. Use it to empower your spells and prayers of protection and otherwise bring good luck and prosperity to yourself and your household.

Peace and Protection Candle 7 Day Jar $11.99

White Protection St. Micheal

White: This has the highest consciousness to protect, purify, and heal. Represents truth, unity, protection, peace, purification, happiness, and spirituality. Some say it can be used to replace any colour candle in rituals. Used for concentration rituals and meditation work. Lunar energy.  Burn Candle for 7 days,  Place your intention into the candle when lighting.  St Micheal, the protector has been energized into this candle to give you the peace and protection you ask for.


 Saint Jude 7 Day Jar candle $11.99

 Saint Jude 7 Day Jar candle

This candle comes in a jar bearing the likeness of St. Jude measuring 8 1/4" x 2 1/2" with a single wick, it is filled to approximately 7" to allow for melted wax to gather at the top on the initial lighting. It will burn continuously for approximately 7 days.

Bayberry 7 Day Scented Candle $19.99

Bayberry 7 Day Scented Candle

Often used for good fortune for home and money drawing. Often used to create serenity any where it is lit. Fragrant bayberry in green wax is a relaxing scent for any room or altar.

Mr. Money/Don Dinero 7 Day Jar Candle $19.99

Mr. Money/Don Dinero 7 day Candle
Burn our 7 Day Scented Don Dinero candle to help draw money quickly.  This powderful gentleman Mr. Money is known to help out during difficult financial situations.

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