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Our Newsletter is a monthly endeavor to keep our customers abreast of the changes we are making in our store, and to educate you on the different herbs available, how to use them, and what they are for.  Each month we put a new newsletter out, offering information that not only informs you but also alerts you to the new items we have in the store and sales that are being offered each month. 

Sometimes we offer new information about what is happening in our Universe, and why you maybe feeling the way you do, other times we offer information about what is going on in the community. 

Please check back often to keep abreast of these changes, activities and information.  Thank you, The Editor 201

Now you can see the Monthly Newsletter you may have missed, or check back to review something.  Just click on this link and you will find the newsletter Archive, Beginning with July 2015
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August editor Letter

This has been a year of many tragedies, this leaves many hearts heavy with grief, fear and unrest.

We have put together a group called "Collaborative Connection" on Facebook to bring about a Collective Consciousness toward standing together to bring about Unity in the world.  We are doing this by saying a prayer each day.

If you wish to join us please search and ask to join you are welcome to join us in our endeavor.

July has been a busy month ,and we are looking forward to spending August with you too. 

Please find our Website, or our store for your many needs in organic herbs of Self Empowerment needs.

Wishing a great back to school to all the young ones. 

May God Bless and Keep you.

The Editor

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Herb of the month Sweetgrass
Queen of the Meadow
Also known as- Cymbopogon citratum.

With its lemony scent and hint of rose aroma, lemon grass is an essential ingredient in Thai and Indonesian cooking. Lemon grass grows wild in Indonesia, Indochina, and tropical Australia, and it is cultivated in southeast Asia and Sri Lanka as a culinary herb and in India as a medicinal herb.


The essential oil of lemon grass (0.2 to 0.5%, "West Indian lemon grass oil") consists mainly of citral. The herb also contains myrcene, nerol, limonene, linalool and beta-caryophyllene; the compounds make the essential oil subject to "curdling" when exposed to the air.

Parts Used
The lower portion of the stalk.

Typical Preparations
Universally used within tea blends for its flavor and aroma. Rarely seen in encapsulations or extracts, but equally as effective.
Sliced fresh lemon grass, or ground powder (1 teaspoon of lemon grass powder equals one stalk of fresh lemongrass)

As a medicinal herb, lemon grass is mildly diuretic and a stimulant tonic. The herb promotes digestion of fats, and in Ayurvedic medicine a preparation of lemon grass with pepper has been used for relief of menstrual troubles and nausea. The herb stimulates perspiration, cooling the body in summer and lowering fevers any time of year. Lemon grass is well known a mild insect repellent (citronella) and the essential oil is used in perfumery.

Take care to store lemon grass away from other foods and spices, as they make pick up its aroma. Soak dried whole lemon grass for two hours in warm water before using in cooking.
It medicinal application in excessive doses should be avoided while pregnant.

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Summer Hours of Operation

 Thurs., Fri., Sun. 11-5


Mon.,Tues. 11-4


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Recipe Corner August title

Uses for Sweetgrass

Sweetgrass basket

Sweetgrass Hierochloe odorata gets its name from its sweet-aromic fragrance. Burned as an incense, sweetgrass is valued for its vanilla-like scent. Clippings of sweetgrass is commonly braided and and then dried prior to burning. When burned for healing or ritual purposes the smoke from the braided sweetgrass is intended to attract good spirits and positive energies. It is used as a smudging tool to purify peoples auras, cleanse objects, and clear ceremonial areas or healing spaces. Sweetgrass can also be carried or worn as a protective amulet. It is also sought for basket weaving.
Other names for sweetgrass are:

Seneca Grass
Vanilla Grass
Holy Grass
Buffalo Grass

Ritual Uses of Sweetgrass:

  1. Burned as a special offering during sacred prayers.
  2. Burned for personal and home blessings.
  3. Burned or smudged for purification purposes.
  4. Incorporated into sweat lodge ceremonies.
  5. Carried as a protective totem.
  6. Kept in the home to attract positive energies.
Suggested Ways to Use Sweet Grass for Healing from our readers

I use it to clear out bad vibes.  Or if I am worried about loved ones.  Some of my relatives lay one across the dashboard of the car (safe travels) My dad says a prayer in his language (Shoshone).  ~

One Brother to Another Brother!  -
With sage, copal, and tobacco make a sun tea. 
To make place one gallon of water in 3 days of sunshine. 

Put it on your roof those 3 days. 

Put it in a 5 gallon container and add 3 more gallons of pure water. 

Use those 4 gallons of prepared "tea" for use in sweat lodge to pour over hot volcanic rock!  Makes a good sweat!  ~Range Hawk

Homemade Grass Soap

Homemade Grass soap

We used a pound of glycerin soap to make four to five bars of soap

  1. Scissors
  2. Wheatgrass, health-food stores
  3. Blotter paper
  4. Flower press
  5. Melt-and-pour glycerin soap base, (regular soap base available at Pearl Paint)
  6. Sharp knife
  7. Glass measuring cup
  8. Grass fragrance oil,
  9. 4-inch mini loaf pan,
  10. Spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol
  11. Waxed paper
  12. Twine


  • Cut a 5-inch-square section from a flat of wheatgrass.
  • Pull out individual blades with roots attached, and lay in a single layer on a sheet of blotter paper. Top with another piece of blotter paper. Sandwich between pages of a flower press.
  • Let dry, two to three days.
  • Cut glycerin soap (we used clear and white) into small pieces with a sharp knife. Fill measuring cup. Microwave on medium heat until melted. If desired, add a few drops of grass fragrance.
  • For a bar with long blades: Trim the dried grass to desired length, removing roots.
  • Pour a thin layer of glycerin into a loaf pan. Lay five to seven blades on top, and let dry for 30 seconds.
  • Spray with alcohol to eliminate bubbles, cover with more glycerin, and spray again with alcohol.
  • For a bar with chopped grass: Mix cut dried grass into glycerin, and pour into pan; spray with alcohol.
  • Let harden, 2 hours. Freeze 20 minutes; release from pan.
  • For gifts, wrap stacked bars in waxed paper, and secure with twine..
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5 Signs Your  Starting to Live in the Fifth Dimension

"Dimensions are not places or locations, but levels of consciousness that vibrate at a certain rate. The higher we vibrate, the more dimensions we consciously experience" ~ Liara Covert

When we begin to rise in vibration and frequency, we are able to access wisdom stemming from the higher dimensions more easily and readily than those who are still vibrating at a lower speed. And while this has nothing to do with 'better' or 'worse', because each soul is on the perfect path for them, those who are on the front lines of the ascension process (ascending from third dimensional reality to fifth dimension reality) can often feel disheartened or lonely even to see a world reflecting back to them so much pain and suffering.

An important thing to realize here is that the ones leading the way in the consciousness revolution are going to experience fifth dimensional consciousness before most or many others in their life, so while our loved ones may still be stuck in cycles of suffering, it is our duty to maintain a sense of calm and lead the way silently and energetically for the beings who are going to begin their ascension process soon enough. If you have felt a strong spiritual impulse over the past several years or decades even, one that you can't deny or get away from even if you wanted to, you are most likely a way-shower into fifth dimensional consciousness.

You may have had an inner knowing for some time now that you are here for a reason, or on a mission of some sort.

Here are five signs you are beginning to vibrate into fifth dimensional consciousness: "Every moment we spend in higher consciousness helps uplift the consciousness of the whole world" ~ Unknown

1)You can tell something has changed, but can't quite put your finger on it Fifth dimension isn't an actual place to travel to but rather a state of consciousness, and it can be a little difficult to really pinpoint the exact difference at first. You may be able to tell something is off, colors may look brighter, you may feel calmer inside, or something just feels' strange. Since this dimension is quite new to our conscious mind and physical body there really isn*t anything to compare it to that we have ever experienced before, but nonetheless as energetic beings, we can 'feel' it.

The most important thing you may realize is that while your outer reality has not changed much, your feeling towards your outer reality feels completely different, metaphorically speaking it's almost as if someone has shifted the lens on your glasses to a better prescription. Things look clearer, life seems the same, yet you are looking at it from a different place and that place is more accepting of that what is.

 2) You get the feeling you have no choice anymore "We arrive into this world as energy, same as stars, wildlife, wind and ocean. Messy, raw and continuously perfect in our chaos. Release the need to control and instead surrender to your own natural rhythm, as expansive, accepting and open to new circumstances and situations as air itself. That is how you*ll thrive" ~ Victoria Erickson
Much of third dimensional consciousness is characterized by 'right' and 'wrong' decisions. We mull over life worrying that we will make a bad choice or try to determine the best choice, but these judgments soon begin to disappear as we come into fifth dimensional consciousness. You may have heard the term "surrendering of personal will", which just means that as we come into better alignment with higher wisdom we stop questioning ourselves or the universe and start to resonate with our destiny. There are some things we are destined to experience in our incarnation here and as our egoic attachments fall by the wayside and are replaced by faith and surrender it can begin to feel as though life is moving us on our exact right path in a more effortless manner.

3) The reasons you have for why things happen are more spiritual in nature- While those still vibrating at a lower frequency will use things like blame, victimization and bad/good luck as the reasons why things in their life happen, those residing in a 5d reality will begin to realize that nothing happens by accident or chance. All situations are here to help us heal something or to show us the path of our highest joy. The spiritual being begins to take precedence over the human character we are playing and because of this all things have a deeper meaning and the implications are more spiritual in nature.

People seem to be a lot nicer wherever you go- As we begin to vibrate in fifth dimensional consciousness a majority of the time we will begin to finally see the fruits of our labor being reflected back to us by the people we encounter in our day to day life. Our energetic vibration pulls out the fifth dimensional aspects of the characters we come across. The world seems to be a nicer place, people are opening doors, giving us compliments, just all around more pleasant and it*s noticeable.

Life has been relentless with your 'healing'  Perhaps the most difficult part of the ascension process is the shedding of the old to make way for the new. The universe needs us to be as empty as possible to enter 5d consciousness and it does this by giving us opportunities to heal and release all pent up emotional blocks and belief systems by way of one devastating experience after another.
It can feel as though we are the ones vibrating the highest yet having to go through the most tumultuous experiences, which can lead many of us to become disheartened and even angry at the universe for putting us through this. But rest assured that all is well and this stage will come to an end. As the love inside of our own being begins to awaken it becomes painfully obvious that each emotion arising within us is begging for our attention and unconditional love of it. We are the healers of our own hearts, and soon a beautiful emptiness will begin to emerge as our natural state rather than the chaotic waves of emotional healing process that we had to go through in order to get to 5d.

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Light Workers Meeting

Summer Changes:  Monthly

Every 2nd Saturday

Please Call for Location

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New and Sale item

Used for reducing pain and inflammation associated with sore muscles, strains, overexertion, inflamed joints, and congestion.   9.99
Starwest Tinctures:

       15% off                       
15% Off Organic Teas when you purchase 3 oz or more

Services Offered
Reflexology and Acupressure:
Appointments available with Dee-

Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy: Take charge of your life, understand your purpose, why you: are here. Eliminate your Addictions and Emotional distress. 

Reiki- Great to relieve Stress, Anger, Grief, and many other things.  

Cell Memory Release:  Find the cause of pain you can't get rid of.

Call for Appointment- 575-562-0186

House Clearings & Blessings

 Auric Cleanse

Wellness Therapy

 Private Life Advisory, 

20 minutes (at store)

30 Minutes

1 hour

 Connection to the other side

 Custom Weddings

 Basic Ceremony

If we supply witness's it will be  

per hour









Private Sessions available by Appointment

Call for More Information 575-562-0186
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smoke blend banner
These Blends of herbs are designed to help those who have many physical issues, such as Pain, Anxiety, Sexual Dysfunction. Smoking, lung distress etc.  They are 100% legal Herbs

Here is a list of our Smoke Blends:

Vision Quest: A combination of herbs to mellow the spirit and body*     
Rachel's Divine Smoke Blend: Helps with Pain and relaxing.
4 Winds Herbal Smoke: A Visionary Blend. Makes you mello*      
Smokers Aide: Designed to help one stop smoking.   

European Smoke Blend: An earthy blend of herbs for relaxation.
British Smoke Blend: Helps with coughing and relaxation

Relief Herbal Blends: Helps with lung discomfort.   

All  Blends may have 1 Tbl. of  other herbs added for $1.00

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School Thoughts

You should never write with a

broken pencil...its pointless

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Pain Cream Banner
Our pain creams are in 2 oz jars

Acute Pain Relief: 
Used for Arthritis, muscle strain, sprain , back pain

Neuralgia Comfort:
Nerve Damage

Neuropathy Assistance: 
Nerve Damage with numbness

Fibromyalgia Ease:

For relief of Fibromyalgoa pain

MS Comfort: 
For pain cause by neurological disorders

Chronic Pain Relief: 
For the person that is in chronic and severe pain.
It is a combination of  2 creams Comfort I and Comfort II
All creams are available in 4 oz jar size.  
Please order this size 2 days before pick up.
Happy Fathers Day
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  The Everyday Naturopath

Sandra NMD

Meet the Everyday Naturopath

Sandra (Sandi) Graff is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and practices traditional naturopathy. She is NOT a medical doctor (and doesn't want to be) so she cannot perform surgery, prescribe drugs, or diagnose and treat illness.

 Sandi CAN:

  • Perform non-invasive procedures (energy medicine, Reiki, etc.)
  • Provide education on herbs, foods, and other natural therapies
  • Teach benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • Consult on holistic nutrition, historical remedies, and lifestyle modifications

Sandi also holds a diploma in practical nursing, has a BS degree in holistic childcare, and is a certified Montessori early elementary teacher. Other training and certifications include:

  • Certified Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Certified Meditation Facilitator
  • Certified Chakra Therapist
  • Certified Iridologist
  • Certified Ethical Intuitive Counselor
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Dr Gillis Ad
Welcome Summer
Dharma Therapeutic Massage



dog grooming

1700 E Second St

Roswell, NM 88203


Open Tues-Fri.

By Appointment


groom dog


 906 W. McGaffy

Roswell, NM 88203

Open M-Sat 9-6



Other Places Title


Epi Gallegos 


Pumpkyn & Pye's Artisan Soap's & Beauty Products 

This is a brand new business, and it completely all natural,  A Mother/Daughter endeavor making soaps and the most awesome whipped cream body butters that are to "die" for!

Pumpkyn & Pye's Artisan Soap's & Beauty Products   

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Doreen Virtue

Weekly Card Readings

I am a graduate of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I invite you to check out the school's link for a complete list of modalities, but among my studies were Swedish Massage, Polarity Therapy, Cranial Sacral, Shiatsu, and Reflexology. Additionally, I provide Reiki treatments.

I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist, nationally certified by the NCBTMB. I am a licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and New Mexico.

My treatments integrate the modalities listed above as well as others, providing you with a customized treatment, tailored to meet your needs as presented during your intake process in the privacy of my home office. Please contact me with any questions or to schedule your first visit.

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Living Reiki 

An Eclectic source of candles and  Matrix Necklaces, and candles charged and ready to use, for your source of enchantment, or ritual.  Enjoy browsing this Etsy Store.

Jay Burrel

 Jay Burrel Owner

Texas Gem Tree Metaphysical,

Healing,  Bead & Rock Shop

Elizabeth Owner

Gift Shop-Jewelry Store-Arts & Crafts
Supply Store

225 N Thompson St, Conroe, Texas 77301

Hours open:
Monday - Saturday 10 am til 5:30 pm
Sunday 12 pm til 4 pm
Call for appointments if you want ME to be there to assist you.
My Number: 281-250-4176 (Beth) CCM store phone number 
936-756-1910 but they rarely answer the phone.

Thank you for understanding.

Eileen Grimes Astrologer

Happy 2016 everyone! Its hard to believe that 2015 is over - frankly, I couldn’t wait until it was over.  There was difficulty, elation, fun and a lot of growth this last year.  There was, as most of you know, a health scare that could have made a huge impact on my life - but everything turned out for the best!  Because of the positive outcome of that situation, I have been going ahead with some fabulous plans for the future!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to continue my business into the 26th year; its been the best of all possible worlds, and I truly love what I do! 

jupiter rising show
The website -  www.jupiterrisingshow.comis still be up for the time being.  Any new announcements will be announced there too, and the archives of the show will remain, so that you can re-listen to any of the shows you choose!
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