Astrology title
Astrology is an area that is, most of the time, misunderstood.  It is however, an
area that can give you information about who you are, and what your make up is, and why you are who you are.

We have decided to add this area into our website to offer you a wonderful opportunity.  One that will not only give you your natal chart, but also give you the health guide you may need in your life, to give you the balance not only in your nature but also aide you back into a healthy state.

There are many different diets out there in the world, each of which offer you many different ways to be healthy, each may have their own way of offering good things in life some are just a way to take your money and give you nothing.

We are offering you a way to be in balance and healthy by your own traits, based on your own body, spirit and mindfulness, it is your own unique self!  No one else would be like your diet.

By drawing up your Astro Chart, based on the time and day you were born and where you were born makes your diet unique only unto you.

Each sign has it's own foods, and with you Sun Sign, (day you were born) and with your moon and ascending sign each makeup who you are, and each have their own foods that are unique to your signs.  When you apply that into your life, it allows your body, spirit and mind to be in balance, and find the right nutrients that were meant for you to have.

Your life will find more energy, better focus, and have less stress.

We are offering the basic consultation for $ 109.00 for you astrological chart, and consultation either by phone or by email, or if your in our area and wish to have a consult in person.

Each Basic Package Includes:


 Astrological Chart

Signs Nutrient Description
  1. Astrology Chart
  2. Sun, Moon, &Ascending Signs
  3. Consult on the type of food you should be eating
  4. Consult on areas needing help


Complete Astro Health Profile: $182.00
complete description



Astro Chart
complete Astrp Chart
6 months Transits  $56.00  ( Only able to create after Natal Chart is complete)