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June 2017

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Taurus: The Sign Of The Determined Soul

Taurus: The Sign Of The Determined Soul

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…?!

No, it’s definitely a Taurus. 

I am in a relationship with the most Taurus-y Taurus out there.

As a Pisces/Aquarius cusp, we are on either sides of the spectrum. My emotional waters spill over his stability; my air dances with his Earth as we learn to understand each other.

The Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac.


Latin for bull, Taurus is represented by the Cretan Bull in Greek mythology. The symbol of the bull is determined, strong willed and persistent in it’s nature.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, pleasure and emotional attachments; Taurus becomes a balance of the male and female aspects within us.

As I look deeper into this sign, I’m seeing different sources explain how most Taurean’s are known for being so stable and dependable because they dislike change.

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From my experience, I have seen exactly the opposite. Those seem to be the two extreme aspects of the bull; the stubborn, slow and resistant side, and then the free, quick and adaptable side. 


The energy of the bull is known to be intensely determined, they are great at finishing what they start and acting as that motivational push in your life.

That push and pull is something many Taurean’s are learning to balance. When to be the ebb, and when to be the flow of life. 

As an Earth element, Taurean’s work well with their hands, they are practical and all about bringing down those floating ideas to fruition.

They are the pusher, they want to see growth, transformation and change.

Depending on who you are and how you grew up, as a Taurus you either need to have constant growth in your life, or it’s something you dread.

The stable symbolism of the bull suggests many Taurean’s dislike change in their life; is this true for you? 


One of the biggest challenges I have when working with a Taurus is finding a balance between the ethereal and the physical. I’m all mental, and my partner is all physical, doing and creating. I’m the air that swirls around the bull as it charges.

When in a relationship with a Taurus, it’s all about knowing when to switch roles; when to be soft and when to be the stability.

When he takes the role of the running bull, I shift to become the support structure underneath him and vice versa.

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Finding that beautiful balance within the bull comes from combining soft mental energies with practical, physical energies.

Combining the gentle energies of Venus with the boldness of the bull creates a beautiful harmony of two opposite forces.

Many Taurean’s are committed, they are in it to win it and if you can’t take their heat – that bull will definitely kick you out the kitchen.  


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Full Moon in Sagittarius 9 June 2017 – Bringing Intensity, Transformation and Optimism

Full Moon in Sagittarius 9 June 2017 – Bringing Intensity, Transformation and Optimism
The June Full Moon falls on the 9th in the fire sign of Sagittarius, bringing intensity, transformation and optimism.

Sagittarius energy is wise and expansive. Whenever the Full Moon is in Sagittarius it amplifies our thoughts and feelings and brings more information to the surface.

It’s almost like this Full Moon is going to give us a magnifying glass so we can see in greater detail what is working and not working in our lives.

After this Full Moon, there is going to be a lot more clarity about what changes or adjustments need to be made and consequently there will be a peace that will follow.


The June Full Moon has an intense energy due to the presence of the planet Saturn, which is also currently touring the sign of Sagittarius.

Saturn is like the stern teacher of the cosmos and is always ensuring that we have done our homework and understood the karmic lessons that we have been sent to learn.

The Moon and Saturn will be working together to deliver any karmic messages and healing that we need in order to walk our highest path.

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There is a transition or a shift that we all need to make in 2017 in order to align with our highest path and these two cosmic forces will be helping us all to achieve this.


2017 is a year of new beginnings and as we reach the midway point of the year, things are going to be speeding up to help us get started on this new chapter of our lives.


June’s Full Moon also falls between two Super New Moons, which means that endings are also likely to occur.

Full Moons often signify a time of completion and there may be something you are wrapping up or completing in your own life so you can start fresh.

The power of the upcoming Super New Moon later in the month will help you to know the right directin moving forward, but in the meantime it is important to focus on completion.


We have all worked so hard to achieve our goals over the last few months and this Full Moon is also a cause to celebrate and to honor all that we have been through.

Because Saturn is involved in this Full Moon, there is also going to be a need for us to really understand the karmic lessons at play so we can move on and move forward.

Whatever stirs for you around this Full Moon, know that it is part of your karmic journey and part of what your soul has come here to learn.

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We are all here on a temporary journey of joy and growth, and it is important for all of us to keep finding the joy as we grow and evolve.


This Full Moon has a mixed energy, on one hand it is guiding us to go through some intense karmic lessons so we can heal and keep evolving on a spiritual level, but on the other hand it is also very optimistic and healing.

The June Full Moon is not just about delivering karmic lessons, but rather it is about delivering us peace and understanding so we can see the higher benefit of the lesson.

While the June Full Moon will be guiding us to shift and transform so we can start a new beginning, it will also be filling our lives with positive, expansive and optimistic energy.

The June Full Moon is potent, yet loving and will be there to guide you through the next few weeks so you can clear the past and welcome in a bright new future.

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The trick with navigating this Full Moon is to focus on finding the joy and keeping and open mind. The more you can view things from an optimistic and open point of view, the easier it is going to be to understand what you have come to learn.

While life is about learning and evolving it is also about finding the joy, as the poet Hafiz says- “stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive.”

Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius on June 9th – This is How it Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius on June 9th - This is How it Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius.  This full moon which is called the Strawberry Full Moon lands on June 9th.  

Astrologically speaking though, the full moon phase is a challenging aspect that triggers strong inner conflicts making us more edgy and full of energy, but on the other hand, a full moon can also set us free from our physical, mental and emotional blockages or self-imposed limitations.  

Be clear with your intentions during this phase of the moon before sending them out.

The full moon in June is called the Strawberry full moon because, the Amerindian Algonquin tribes that believed it was the time to gather the ripped fruits of strawberry, while in Europe it is often referred to as the Full Rose Moon or the Honey Moon. ( I know personally that we just went strawberry picking , they are perfectly ripped =) )

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This full moon lighted by the Sun in Gemini brings with it the full germination of the seeds that we planted on the new moon in Taurus.

At the same time, the Strawberry full moon marks the beginning of the astrological summer when the Sun enters Cancer.


This is how the delicious Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius will affect the zodiac signs!

This is how the delicious Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius will affect the zodiac signs!


This full moon will push to the maximum the conflict and tension in your relationships, especially with teachers, examiners or institutions.

Communication will hit a new height in confusion and nervousness, so pay greater attention to your words.



On June 9th, your financial limitations will intensify due to blockages or helplessness coming from outside.

You will discover new context in what regards communication, ideas exchange and new professional development stages that will force you to cope with some indispositions.



These natives will encounter greater difficulties in what regards negotiations or contracts signing, and overall experience this full moon as a demanding, intense and tiring stage on a personal level.

It’s time to save money or spend less.



Against the backdrop of this full moon and the summer solstice, your health state will be challenged. And this is due to the stress caused by released energies that will ransack older affections or accentuate some present ones.

Preserve your energies and find time to rest.



It’s communication that will be challenging for Leos on the upcoming full moon, so they should pay attention to communication slippages and mood alterations.

Although they may seem justified, their gestures will be interpreted as vanity crises or caprice.



It’s safe to say without any exaggeration that the majority of Virgos will live important, life-changing times on this full moon.

Pay attention to your inner feelings and reactions because they will form the base of the decisions that may change your life.



Libra natives are challenged by communication in all its forms, either personal or official and they may feel the need to justify or prove their point.

Rely on self-control, calm and patience so that you eliminate the risks that may relate to trips of any sorts or due exams.



Financial issues or material benefits will cause concern for these natives due to contradictory information. Their inner unrest will be enhance by this full moon.

You won’t feel like communication or confessing because you are so focused on your personal issues, so people may perceive you as close or unapproachable.



We have good news for Sagittarius natives, which are offered the change to fulfill a life premise on this full moon.

It’s your time to recharge your batteries, access your might and power to overcome your physical or mental obstacles.



Some smoldering angers, suppressed riots and unfulfilled wishes will resurface on this occasion, making you resentful.

Pay attention, because the things that you’ve tried to swipe under the rug may come out tenfold and affect your health condition directly.



You will be challenged in regards with relations with friend due to some exaggerated reactions, rigidness marked by subjectivity and arbitrariness.

Pay greater attention to yourself and try to discover what the real cause for your mood changes and feeling low is.



The main events that will trigger you, relate to your job, position, career, notoriety and success on a general note of blockages, delays, being late, conditionings and limitations.

It’s an intense period, which will require a good dose of maturity from their part, mostly in what regards work and family issues.


The bottom line of moon in Sagittarius is to communicate with understanding, compassion and joy because every word that comes out has a meaning, a vibration and we are fully responsible if we add wits to our words or use them as fire arrows at each other.

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It’s is important that we use the qualities of the Sagittarius, namely invite optimism and enthusiast to be our companions through the turbulence times ahead, and have faith that everything happens for a reason, no matter how painful or hard it may sometimes be.

Stay strong, stay well.


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Neptune Goes Retrograde June 16!!! Get Ready For A Reality Check

Neptune Goes Retrograde June 16!!! Get Ready For A Reality Check

Get ready for a reality check as Neptune goes retrograde

Don’t tense up! Yes, Neptune is retrograde from June 16 – November 22, 2017, but it’s nothing to worry about. Certainly, this 5-month event will take its toll in some way — but instead of requiring our patience, it will simply require us to get real.

When most planets turn “retrograde” (or appear to move backward), it’s as though they’re flipping a switch to shake up everything they stand for.

Neptune is the dreamy planet that, at its best, makes us see beyond the tangible world and explore spirituality, faith and fantasy. The dark side of Neptune is that its love of illusion can inspire us to escape to alternate realities we’ve created for ourselves — a.k.a. delusions.

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Yes, Neptune can encourage us to live in denial.

We all have specific fears and hangups we don’t want to deal with — perhaps you ignore nagging financial issues or tell yourself that your less-than-satisfying romantic relationship is exactly what you need.

Chances are, Neptune is behind any excuses you invent to support these ideas.

But when Neptune goes backward, it can feel like we’ve had a bucket of cold water splashed on our faces. Because Neptune’s dreamy edge usually allows us to gloss over unpleasant truths (like credit card balances or red flags in our relationships), its move backward gives us the opposite: A harsh wake-up call.


Another way to think about this catalyzing cosmic event? Neptune Direct allows us to keep external factors at arm’s length and escape into our own inner worlds, while Neptune Retrograde makes the focus internal, forcing us to question any new dreams we’ve been entertaining so we can separate what’s realistic from what’s overly romantic.

For example, let’s say you’ve been in a committed relationship for many years, and it’s grown stale and feels less like passion, more like habit.

Neptune Retrograde will force you to prove why you and your partner should still be together, and if you can’t re-ignite that original spark, you’ll feel the need to make a change.

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Alternately, let’s say you recently fell head over heels for someone you’ve known only a few months but who you’re convinced is your soul mate … and the two of you have decided to move in together.

When dreamy Neptune throws the lights on, you’ll have to ask practical questions, like, “How well do I really know this person? Am I truly prepared to merge my daily routine with theirs? What’s my back-up plan if this doesn’t work out?”

Of course, only you can truly answer these questions for yourself, and the beauty of Neptune Retrograde is that it puts the pressure on to re-evaluate. Once you think long and hard, you’ll either realize you were fooling yourself — or that you’re onto something that feels right. Neptune Retrograde gives you pause for thought.

5 Reasons You Might Not Identify With Your Zodiac Sign

5 Reasons You Might Not Identify With Your Zodiac Sign

We’re constantly talking about astrology and asking random people what their signs are (we can’t help ourselves!), and one thing we hear all the time is “I don’t feel like a typical [insert sign here].”

Obviously astrology is just one part of the personality puzzle, and tons of factors–upbringing, birth order, culture, life experiences, etc.–affect us.

It’s pretty rare to identify 100% with every description of your zodiac sign, but we thought it might be helpful to break down some of the most common reasons people don’t feel like they match up with their sign. Read on to get the scoop!


1. You are an introvert/extrovert and your sign is typically the opposite.

Certain signs have traits that are very outgoing or socially oriented. For example, Leos tend to be quite gregarious, and Geminis are known for being super chatty, but if you are an introverted person born under one of these signs, you may feel like these descriptions don’t apply to you.

Alternately, as an extrovert, you might not fit the bill of “secretive Scorpio” or “quiet Cancer.” Take a second, third, or hundredth look at the traits associated with your sign, and try to disregard some of the social descriptors–you might find that the rest of the deeper qualities do resonate with you, even if you don’t show them to the world.


2. You have another powerful influence in your chart, likely your moon or rising sign.

Astrology is more complex than just what your sun sign is. You have an entire birth chart that shows the location of all the planets at the exact time of your birth; looking at this chart can give a more complete, in-depth understanding of your astrological profile.

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Two things that tend to have a huge effect on your personality are your moon sign and rising sign. In astrology, our rising sign signifies how we present ourselves to the world, and to a certain extent, the lens through which we view the world.

Where the moon is in your chart (AKA your moon sign) is extremely important as well. In fact, some astrologers believe its influence on personality is as strong as the sun’s.

We believe it’s up to you to decide what combination you are. Really though, get the info on your rising and moon sign, and once you blend those with your sun sign, you might find that your unique combination of signs makes perfect sense.

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3. You were born close to the end or start of another sign.

If you were born within a few days–even up to a week–of the shift of signs, you are what we affectionately call a “cusper,” meaning you were born on the cusp of your sign. It is really important for cuspers to read about the other sign you were born close to.

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Sometimes you will find that you are a perfect blend of the traits of each, or way more one or the other. Check it out and see what you find.


4. You are oversimplifying your sign.

Most people we talk to that know a little bit about astrology tend to have a very simple view of each sign. And let’s get real, we tend to typecast signs in our Astrology 101 columns too. It’s fun to boil down each sign into a list of adjectives, but the reality is astrology is complex, and your sun sign is complex.

Astrology provides us with a general idea of personality traits; how those traits manifest themselves can be hugely different in different people.

As a Scorpio, Katelyn has met many “typical” Scorpios who are intensely angry and manipulative. She is not an angry person, but she is super intense, and that level of intensity is what she has in common with other Scorpios–what each person chooses to do with that intensity depends on a million different factors.

If you want to really grasp the complexities and depth of your sun sign, you’ve got read about your sign in a variety of different sources, be open to new interpretations, and talk to other people who are interested in astrology. You’ll get a more comprehensive view of your sign in no time!


5. You are at a different point in your self-growth journey.

When you read about your sun sign, you’ll often find lists of positive and negative traits that are typically associated with it. This makes sense because all of us have our amazing characteristics, and our not-so-amazing ones.

As we go through life, we try to grow and emphasize our positive traits, and we (hopefully) work on letting go of those negative patterns. You may not relate to a list of traits associated with your zodiac sign because the negative (or positive) traits don’t match up with where you are in your path of self-growth.

For example, perhaps you’re an Aries who has worked hard to curb your impulsiveness, or a Taurus who’s learned to let go of resentment.

Remember that astrology does not dictate your world view, political leanings, or how pessimistic or optimistic you are. What it can do is act as a tool for self-growth: look at your sign’s positive traits as something to aspire to, and work on letting go of the negative ones.


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