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With great sadness I have received notification that Zell Bodine passed away December 8,2016, surrounded by her family.  Here is what her husband had to say:

Dear Family and Friends,
It is with a very heavy heart that today the love of my life, best friend and confidant, Zell has passed today at 2:02pm EST peacefully with me holding her hand and several hospice workers at her bedside at downtown ORMC. Zell suffered a massive stoke at 8:30am Tuesday morning and I rushed her to the hospital to save her life. After doctors and staff worked on her at Dr. Phillips ORMC they realized they could not treat her with the care required and moved her to the Neurosurgery ICU at downtown Orlando ORMC. Once the second CAT scan was ordered, it revealed massive bleeding on the top of her brain. I was surrounded by several doctors and Neurosurgery team members around early afternoon that delivered the devastating news that there was no hope for Zell to recover. The doctors said there was nothing they could do at this point to bring her back to a full recovery. If she recovered by a miracle, she would be paralyzed and non-respondent. ZELL always told me that if she required life support for any reason to never keep her on it and if she was on it and taken off, do not resuscitate her. I respected her wishes against my selfishness to hold on to her. I was still holding out for a miracle that never came. I moved her to hospice care at around 7pm yesterday.

Since then I prepared myself for today's event which was to take her off life support. As many people say, nothing in life can prepare you for the death of your spouse. And watching them die is even more upsetting. This sudden loss of my partner, buddy, friend, lover, and chief counselor of all things (she was a walking encyclopedia) has devastated me.

RIP Zell... You are missed


With the way things are going these days one must wonder what is going on.  We have decided here at Caer and Dee's

Place to give you the latest Astro Weather Forecast to help you understand a little bit  what's happening.  Zell  basis

her forecasts on Astrological Transits of the planets. 

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November 10, 2016


For two years, people have been asking me to predict the winner of the 2016 US presidential election. Now they are asking me what I think of the outcome, based on the astrology of the candidates' charts ... and why so many astrologers were wrong in their predictions about who would win.

So here are my answers. Please DO NOT read any bias into this post, regarding who I might have supported, or if I even voted. Please make comments ONLY about the astrology of this topic. Any political rants or cheering will be removed from this chain.

I have studied candidate charts and election predictions since the 1980s -- many by very respected mundane astrologers who are often correct in their other predictions about world affairs, even detailing very specific economic events which then DO happen. But I have yet to see a paradigm (formula) for a chart or its transits that reliably, consistently predicts the winner of an election.

Some examples and background:

I have noticed that American astrologers see what they want to see in the candidates' natal charts when attempting to predict elections. Unfortunately, they show very little objectivity. Since most American astrologers are Democrats, they almost all, always predict the Democrat will win ... 99% of them, 99% of the time. And so they are only right when a Dem wins, about 50% of the time.

This was even true in the wild California Governor's race when everyone and his brother were running, including Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some of my favorite astrologers of all time got it wrong -- they predicted the Democrat would win, of course, the previous Lieutenant Governor. We all know Arnold won.

In the 2004 US Presidential Election, the only American astrologer I saw predicting George W. Bush would win (over John Kerry) said he based that prediction on a SATURN AFFLICTION transit to Bush's chart! He explained that his theory was: Bush is DONE with playing president. He'd love to quit and go home to his ranch and clear brush. But the Republican party wouldn't let him out yet -- he's stuck, thus the Saturn transit. In the meantime, John Kerry was having Jupiter transit traveling his 10th house. WINNER! Right? Wrong. Jupiter transiting a house can also mean "Freedom." Kerry "lost" and got out of a lousy job, cleaning up the messes overseas. He "won" an easier, freer life.

THIS ILLUSTRATES WHY SO MANY ASTROLOGERS' PREDICTIONS ARE WRONG! They see a transit (or some other signature), but they don't know how to interpret what it would REALLY mean to that native, the candidate who owns the chart.

Just because someone is running for an office, that doesn't mean they will be happy, or even comfortable, with it when they get it. (In fact, if I were inclined to make election predictions, I might have predicted Trump would win -- solely based on the Saturn afflictions he's about to have. He's been an autocratic businessman and an entertainer all his life. I seriously doubt he's going to actually enjoy his new job. But I didn't see anything that convinced me Hillary would win either, and they were the only two likely choices.)

The 2000 election drove astrologers nuts. Al Gore and George W. Bush have almost identical chart wheels and even some similar planets. They had pretty much the same planetary transits to their houses at the time of the election – one of the closest in history and definitely the most hotly contested (The results went all the way to the Supreme Court). As I have noted in my Solar Eclipse posts before, Al Gore’s chart took some hard angular hits from Solar Eclipses, the most intense of which was the August 2000 Solar Eclipse in his 1st house, conjunct his natal Mars, ruler of his MC. Being declared the election “loser” by the Supreme Court crushed everything about Al Gore, particularly his self-concept (1st house) and drive (Mars – his lifelong goal to become president). Since Mars rules his MC, world opinion of him also transformed, but it did so according to his own reinvention. Not satisfied settling down with the label of “former Vice President,” Al Gore reinvented himself in an image much more aligned with his long-time concern – the environment. He began calling himself a “recovering politician” while the world began to see him ( MC, reputation) as a passionate crusader for the environment, an author, a filmmaker, and a Nobel Prize winner.

Gore’s election opponent, George W. Bush also had that Solar Eclipse land in his 1st house. But Bush does not have his Mars there and so the ruler of his MC (also Mars but in Virgo) was not affected by the eclipse. He still had the Breakthrough effect in his 1st, and could now redefine his self image as ‘Mr. President’.

That illustrates WHY the recent Solar Eclipse in Trump’s 1st did not convince me that Trump would win. I knew it would alter his self-image, but I wasn’t sure in what way it would transform him -- as a SE transformed Gore or more like Bush?

I could go on and on …. but I will just say that I have not discovered ANY indicator that works consistently to predict the winner of any election. And THAT’S why I don’t try. I prefer to make predictions I feel more confident of, and not to look like an idiot.

ALL THAT SAID -- I do see SOME validity in the assertion by some astrologers that candidates with planets in Cancer (conjunct one of the U.S natal planets in Cancer) or in late Aquarius (conjunct the U.S. natal Moon) tend to resonate with the American people. But I haven't seen enough of this correlation to conclude that we can base election result predictions on it. Trump does have three planets in Cancer ... Mercury, Venus, and Saturn -- the softer side of him that only people who know him personally seem to see. He has no planets in Aquarius. Hillary has no planets in either sign.

TRANSITS AFTER TAKING OFFICE. Yes, some of Trump's coming transits are hard. He's not likely to enjoy Saturn conjuncting his Moon while opposing his Sun (in January and again next summer, for an extended time), nor Uranus squaring his Saturn and Venus (MC ruler), but Uranus and Saturn will also form a Grand Trine to his very prominent Mars. I'm sure he will manage.

If you look at the transits of past presidents just after they take office, you will see that they usually suck. It's a nasty, hard job and everyone kisses your ass yet hates you at the same time. Reagan was shot and almost killed just a month after taking office! Yet he's considered one of the most successful presidents ever. He wasn't a favorite of mine, but he truly did end the cold war and got us talking nicely to the Russians again.

Trump's used to people loving and admiring him, as people love and admire entertainment celebrities. Campaigning was undoubtedly much more fun for him that being President will be. More fallout from that Solar Eclipse in his 1st (effects can last a year or more).

I've been surprised to see so many astrologers online "taking sides" during and after this election. I tend to suspect anyone's predictions if they show an obvious bias. I would never even mention who I plan to vote for, or even conform that I voted at all. (I do truly believe that "they're all crooks.")

But as both Hillary and President Obama said today, to wish Trump ill now, is to wish America ill. If he fails, so do we. So we had better wish him well ...

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Record Supermoon and 9 More Can't-Miss Sky Events in November

Super Moon November 2016
November 01, 2016

The coming month brings the roaring lion of meteor displays, dazzling planets, and plenty more reasons to look up at the night sky. You’ll even have the chance to catch the most impressive supermoon in nearly seven decades.

So dust off those binoculars and mark your November calendar!

Moon and Saturn—November 2
About an hour after local sunset, catch the razor-thin crescent moon hanging over Saturn. The cosmic pair will appear less than three degrees apart, or less than the width of your three middle fingers held at arm’s length. Adding to the sky spectacle, super bright Venus will join the pair to the left.

Moon and Mars—November 5

After sunset this day and the next, look for the crescent moon to park itself next to the red planet. Earth’s lone natural satellite will start off to the right of Mars, and it will rise above the planet the following day.

Taurid Meteor Shower—November 11

Late night and the following morning, the Taurid meteor shower will peak. The individual meteors appear to radiate from the shower's namesake constellation, Taurus, the bull, which will be riding high in the south during the overnight hours for mid-northern latitude regions. Sky-watchers away from city lights may see as many as 10 to 15 shooting stars an hour, peaking at around 5 a.m. local time on November 11.

Super-Duper Moon—November 14

The second in a triad of supermoons—when the full moon makes a close approach to Earth—will rise in the east after sunset. While the last three months of 2016 each boast a supermoon, this month’s full moon will be the largest and closest to Earth since 1948, making it a truly beautiful sight to behold. Stay tuned for a full viewer’s guide, and get ready to submit your best supermoon pictures to National Geographic Your Shot.

Bull’s-Eye—November 15

Late night on November 15 and 16, look for the moon to be stationed near the eye of the constellation Taurus, the bull. That eye is really the red giant star Aldebaran, which sits 67 light-years from Earth. Meanwhile, lucky sky-watchers in the Middle East and across central Asia to Japan will be in the best positions to see the moon occult, or eclipse, Aldebaran during the night of the 15th.

Leonid Meteor Shower—November 16

Look up late at night and into the early morning hours of the 17th for a flurry of shooting stars during the peak of the annual Leonid meteor shower. With the waning gibbous moon ducking under the local horizon after local midnight, the best views will be in the early morning hours of the 16th, with as many as 10 to 20 shooting stars an hour visible from the dark countryside. Individual meteors will appear to originate from the shower’s namesake constellation, Leo, which rises in the east in the predawn hours this time of the year.

Buzzing the Beehive—November 18

Look east late at night for the waning gibbous moon to make a close pass of the famous Beehive open star cluster, also known as Messier 44. Using binoculars, you can scan the sky to the upper right of the moon for the thousand-star strong cluster, located 610 light-years from Earth. The next night, the moon will slip underneath the Beehive.

Lion’s Heart—November 21

Look toward the southeastern sky in the early morning hours for the crescent moon snuggling up next to the constellation Leo’s heart: the bright star Regulus. The cosmic pair will be quite stunning to the unaided eyes, with the two objects separated by just over a degree, equal to the width of your thumb held at arm’s length.

Mercury Meets Saturn—November 23

As a great observing challenge, use binoculars to try and spot faint, star-like Saturn next to Mercury. Both planets will be tricky to find in the glare of the sunset and will need a viewing location that has an absolutely clear line of sight to the southwest horizon.

Moon and Jupiter—November 25

About an hour before local sunrise, look southeast for the thin crescent moon hanging below the king of all planets, Jupiter. The pair will be particularly striking, since they will appear less than two degrees apart, equal to the span of just four lunar disks in the sky.


With the permission of the Astrologer, Zell Bodine, we are happy to keep you posted with her forecasts. 

We hope you will find her forecast helpful in your lives.

Astrological Transit

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Astrological transits are one of the main means used in horoscopic astrology to forecast future trends and developments (the other means used is astrological progression, which progresses the horoscope forward in time according to set methods). As its name implies, astrological transits involve a method of interpreting the ongoing movement of the planets as they transit the horoscope. This is most often done for the birth or Natal Chart of a particular individual. Particular attention is paid to changes of sign, or house, and to the aspects or angles the transiting planets make with the natal chart.

A particularly important transit is the planetary return. This occurs when a transiting planet returns to the same point in the sky that it occupied at the moment of a person's birth. What this means is that the planet has completed a whole circuit of the sky, and signifies that a new cycle in the person's life is beginning. The most significant returns are those of the outer planets Jupiter and Saturn. The Jupiter return occurs approximately every 12 years and heralds a new phase of growth and development. The  Saturn return occurs approximately every 30 years, and heralds a new phase in the aging process when new realities and responsibilities must be faced.  For more information you may find it here: