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August 2017

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Astrology by GOSTICA

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New Moon In Leo: Fiery New Beginnings Intensified By Solar Eclipse Energy

New Moon In Leo: Fiery New Beginnings Intensified By Solar Eclipse Energy

The most anticipated and debated astrological event of the Summer is upon us.

The upcoming New Moon in Leo, the second of two Leo New Moons in a row, marks both the grand finale to this tumultuous Eclipse season, and a fiery new beginning on a collective and personal level.

Arriving on August 21, at 6:30 PM UTC, at 28 degrees of the most radiant and theatrical of the signs, this New Moon is a supercharged, blazing sequel to July 23’s previous Leo New Moon, with the added power of bright blue star Regulus, of the transiting North Node, and, most importantly, of a Total Solar Eclipse.

A solar eclipse, as viewed from Earth, occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, fully or partially occulting the Sun. 

This typically only happens at a New Moon, when the Sun and the Moon are in conjunction.

In partial and annular eclipses, only part of the Sun is obscured; during a total eclipse, the disk of the Sun is fully obscured by the Moon.

Whether or not the shadow touches our corner of the world, the evolutionary gateway represented by this Eclipse welcomes all of us with no discrimination.

New Moon In Leo

While the audacious, Mars-flavoured Leo New Moon we experienced in July was akin to the initial thrust that set things in motion, the prelude, the foreword to the turn of the tides, August’s New Moon exudes an energy that feels more resolute, uncompromising, peremptory – no hesitation, doubt or reticence will be allowed.

Last month, we might have seeded our intentions for an empowering, satisfying, confident new course.

We might have envisioned ourselves building a life that finally proves and showcases our talents, skills and uniqueness to the world; we might have expressed our desire to shine, love and be loved, to the Universe.

But it’s not enough.

This time around, our voices need to be louder, our desires stronger, our wishes bolder.

Most importantly, we have to feel the commitment to this future vision of self-fulfillment right into every fiber of our being.

New Moon In Leo

We have to be willing to believe before we see.

To act as though it’s already happening, to stay centered in the knowing that everything is falling into place, and act accordingly.

Our determination must be unwavering, our effort sustained.

Our heart must become the generator of this alternate dimension where joy and gratification reign supreme.

It’s now or never.

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Regulus, the “Heart of the Lion”, demands nothing less than loyalty and integrity, and a burning ardor that can match her warmth and brilliance.

After all, the point of Eclipses is to accelerate our growth and push us past our comfort zone, a process that comes easier if we move with the energy and give up resistance.

Triggering this evolutionary potential is entirely up to us, especially with the New Moon / Eclipse falling in Leo, the sign of the Self.

We have to show up for ourselves, to believe in ourselves, to be willing to stand up for ourselves, with as much passion and sense of purpose as we can muster – the right amount that allows us to think this alluring alternate universe of plenitude and bliss into existence.

With the Eclipse landing on the North Node of the Moon, we’re being propelled through a space-time funnel directly into the many possible futures that await us, and asked to choose carefully, and live as if the future we strive to manifest is already happening before our eyes.


Decisions made in the here and now have the energy and the potential to extend their consequences over a long amount of time.

The effects of an Eclipse are typically said to wash over the six months that follow the event itself.

We might sense a connection with the themes that surfaced at the time of the Full Moon: liberation, revolution, finding our “tribe” and cutting ties with a toxic, oppressive, restrictive past.

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Yet, this New Moon also ties into Mercury’s current Retrograde cycle in Virgo/Leo, with the direct station of the cosmic messenger occurring on September 5, right on the degree of this Eclipse.

The writing is on the wall: we are unlearning, de-conditioning, de-programming our minds, in order to learn how to choose joy over despair, enthusiasm over apathy, resourcefulness over inertia, (healthy) pride over conformism and fear – in spite of everything we’ve been taught. It all starts with us.


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Intuitive Astrology: 5 Planets in Retrograde

August 2017

Intuitive Astrology: 5 Planets in Retrograde August 2017

August is a busy month with two Eclipses, Lionsgate and a total of 5 planets in retrograde from the 12th to the 25th. Phew!

The planets in retrograde include everyone’s favorite, Mercury, as well as Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. This combination of retrograde energy is definitely going to slow things down, so patience is definitely key over the coming weeks.

When the outer planets go retrograde like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, their effects are not felt as strongly. This is because these planets move pretty slowly and they exert their influence gradually on a deeper, more subconscious level.

When inner planets like Mercury and Saturn go retrograde however, we feel them a lot more as they move at a much quicker pace and tend to exert their influences on a more conscious level.

Saturn has also been dancing over the Galactic Center, delivering all sorts of messages, lessons and opportunities. You can read more about what Saturn is up to here, but it is likely when this planet goes direct on the 25th, you are going to feel it.

In fact, Saturn moving direct will help to get things moving again, so if your life has felt sluggish and slow; if you have felt unmotivated or lethargic, know that some relief is on the way.

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Mercury goes retrograde at least four times a year, but what makes this retrograde cycle significant is that it occurs right between the two Eclipses.

Having Mercury retrograde during Eclipse season is definitely a cautionary tale to slow down and not be in a hurry to act. It also means that more information is likely to be revealed when Mercury goes direct again.

Mercury goes retrograde from the 12th to the 5th of September through the sign of Virgo and Leo. During this period, it is likely that communication in your relationships are going to be a theme, particularly your relationships with a romantic partner, your children and authority figures.

Mercury rules over communication, so issues in this area are always going to be a theme when it goes retrograde, but with the added energy from the Eclipses, it seems that endings or even new beginnings with relationships are likely to be possible.

Tensions may also be on the rise, so if there is something you have wanted to communicate to a friend or partner, you may find that during this retrograde period you can no longer keep it to yourself.

Mercury retrograde can definitely make communication difficult, however this would actually be a good time to get everything out on the table. Speak kindly, truthfully and thoughtfully and you will have nothing to worry about.

While it would be nice if we could all think about what we are going to say before we say it, this is not always possible in the heat of the moment, especially when Mercury is retrograde.

If you do encounter a heated argument, try to honor the other person’s feelings but also keep in mind that you may not be getting the full story just yet. There may be more information that needs to be revealed for you to make a decision moving forward.

The thing with Mercury Retrograde is that it often brings subconscious thought patterns to the surface. While this can be very  liberating, it can be hard to manage or express them at first, which is why communication can be that extra bit tricky.

Sometimes it also takes until Mercury goes direct again for the subconscious thoughts to turn into conscious thoughts, which is why being patient is so important.

In fact, it is wise to not make any concrete decisions till later in September when the retrograde energy of the cosmos has settled and the path ahead looks a little clearer.

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Whenever we have a lot of retrograding planets, it really is the Universe’s way of reminding us to slow down and reflect. It is the Universe’s way of reminding us to not rush forward and to look before we leap.

We are all in the process of receiving energy updates and upgrades, and perhaps we need to be a little patient with ourselves and allow the Universe to do its job before we rush ahead.

While August is definitely going to bring some critical turning points for many, it is important to take it slow, be gentle with yourself and to focus on connecting with your inner truth.

Here are the dates for the retrograding planets:

Mercury- August 12 to September 5, 2017

Saturn-April 6 to August 25, 2017

Uranus- August 3, 2017 to January 2, 2018

Neptune- June 16 to November 22, 2017

Pluto- April 20 to September 28, 2017

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Open

 Your Heart, Rebel.

It Is Time to Embrace Freedom & Rebirth


The Full Moon is occurring on August 7 at 2:10 pm Eastern Time in the sign of Aquarius at 15 degrees, which is also a partial lunar eclipse.

This is an extremely powerful Eclipse cycle that we are experiencing this Summer. Eclipses always bring great change to our world, and can shift the energy moving forward for months to come. Eclipses are powerful times for beginnings and endings, whether we can see the eclipses or not.

The Aquarius Full Moon is reminding us to set our focus on our dreams even amidst the issues that rise. This is one of those tests we find so often in life where we need to stay steady even though the world surrounding us is in chaos.

We have been juggling and blending the new and old life threads that overlap as we expand forward. This is a place of putting our attention on the new that we are creating while closing up the doors of the past.

This is a call to look at seeing the bigger picture instead of stressing about the details. We need to have faith. Where we put our focus, we see growth and manifestation.

Rebellious Aquarius can help us in areas where we feel trapped, and can aid us in becoming unstuck and moving forward in big ways. This can lead us to face where we are struggling with freedom in our lives, which is being awakened in a big way.

We are seeing with fresh eyes where we have been too long tied to old situations, to old ways of thinking, feeling and living.

The time has come to end the patterns that we repeat that don’t serve our growth forward. Let go of patterns of thought, speech and action that are being endlessly repeated and not getting you anywhere.

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Once we let go of the patterns, there are a myriad paths that are waiting to open. Release what exists in stress, you don’t need it where you are going.

The time has come to drop what sucks the life from your veins.

Despite feeling like some of these things have been in a holding pattern forever, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There are changes occurring, even if it seems to be taking a long time.

Everything flowing in and around you whispers of the changes that are ongoing and upcoming. Keep the faith and believe. There are miracles flowing in the unseen. Open to the mystery and trust.

The Moon is opposed Mars during this Full Moon, and that adds extra intensity to the skies and to the shifts that can come quickly. It can also bring surges of emotion rising to the surface, which we need to see.

The Full Moon tells us that we need to end the battle we have within ourselves, especially where we are fighting being vulnerable and open. The time has come to honor our feelings and to let our guard down when it comes to letting in those we love.

This can be a call to deepen trust and open in our intimate relationships, or to let our friends or family into our inner world.

The purpose of life is not to go it alone. Being strong means reaching out and opening when you need. It also means realizing that we are worthy of receiving love.

This is a huge time of illumination when it comes to our feelings being revealed, especially where we have been suppressing or hiding them. Pluto and Neptune are still retrograde, and they are helping much to be brought into the light from unexpressed emotions to secrets.

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This can be a time of big revelations, so be ready for information that can come out, it can be game-changing.

The Full Moon and the lunar eclipse drop us deep into our emotions. They remind us to not become detached. Feel. Express. Don’t pinch yourself off, build walls, or be aloof. If you want authentic love, the time for holding yourself back from intimacy is over.

This can be a place of looking at our fear of involvement and where we are scared to open ourselves.

There is powerful medicine here if we are present with what we need to work through and see fully. We have the power during this eclipse cycle to make big changes, especially in our relationships, both with others and ourselves. Use this energy.

This is an amazing time for problem-solving. Ideas and solutions flow easily during this Moon, and new understanding of ongoing situations is very possible. This new insight can bring unconventional approaches and solutions that are good for all parties involved to the table.

As this is a potent time to seek knowledge, it is also a very powerful time for divination.

This Moon tells us to expect the unexpected, as surprises can show up out of the blue, causing shifts to plans or changes to be set into motion. This can cause stress in our relationships.

Pay attention to the lessons that are being revealed to you, to the synchronicity that is being shown by the Universe, and to the messages that are coming. This insight can be valuable for the future.

This Moon is showing us ways that we can explore unknown territory and push the limits of our world. This is a good time to be ambitious and set your sights on your own success.

The asteroid goddess Vesta is in Virgo, which mirrors this self-focused energy. This can also highlight how we want to be seen by others and be recognized for the talent that we are bringing into the world.

We need to get clear on how we see ourselves first, and make sure that we are appreciating our own medicine and seeing our value. Everyone else will follow, I promise.

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Be aware that you are not taken advantage of when partnering with others. Make sure that who you are getting into projects or business with have the same focus as you, otherwise you could wind up doing all the work or being swindled.

Watch whom you trust. This Full Moon eclipse is reminding us to not make any rash decisions until we are sure that the information we are receiving is true and not false.

No matter what you are working on or where you find yourself during this Moon, follow your heart’s desire. This is a big theme during this eclipse season, and this Aquarius Full Moon is sandwiched by two Leo New Moons, which are all about following your heart.

You have to follow your heart because no one is going to follow it for you.


By: rebellesociety

According to Astrology, August Will Finally

Rejuvenate Our Inspiration and

Bring Warmth & Relief

According to Astrology, August Will Finally Rejuvenate Our Inspiration and Bring Warmth & Relief

As predicted before it happened, the month of July so far has been volatile and emotionally explosive. At least this is my personal experience, maybe you don’t think the prediction was accurate.

But next month in August, I think people’s inspiration collectively will finally resurface again after the devastating energy of 2016 (which I believe to be caused by Saturn square Neptune and certain astrology aspects that haven’t occurred since 1989).

In August, when the eclipses in Leo and Aquarius occur, they will make positive aspects to the planet of thinking, sparks of inspiration, ideas, activism, ect: Uranus.

Not only will they positively aspect the planet of thinking and learning, but Leo and Aquarius are the signs of creation as is: Leo is about creation, skills, arts, the Sun, music, and life as a whole: Aquarius is the sign of Uranus, of thinking, learning, ect.

For once, we will have a month of better energy. First it will start off calm and uneventful: then the first eclipse a week and a half into August will intensify feelings of warmth and general good energy in the air.

Deep heart and empathy (Venus in Cancer), calm and reserved thinking (Mercury in Virgo), warmth and good spirit (Sun and Mars in Leo), and other factors are sure to make this month relieving.

In the early days of August, the air will be much more calm, quiet, and relaxed than it was during the month of July. Reserved, quiet Virgo energy will be flowing through people’s minds (Mercury).

Sunny, warm Leo energy will be flowing through the Sun and Mars, and Venus will lightly increase people’s empathy being in Cancer, culminating to a peak of spiritual, empathy-rich energy when Venus trines Neptune.


Leo energy is very pleasant to feel in the air every August, and Sun conjunct Mars in Leo is the epitome of warm, human, grounded sunny feeling.

Leo squares Scorpio, and is essentially the antithesis of dark, scary energy: so people who are disturbed with the darkness in the world or the dark side of truth are sure to be relieved during this time.

If the reality of the world has you disturbed right now, it will certainly be alleviated in August. However in the middle of the month, that dark-truth energy might briefly resurface when Jupiter square Pluto peaks, and when Venus opposes Pluto.

The moment of calm will culminate into a warm, human, once more kind of inspired and grounded energy on the eclipse August 9th. It will be a Full Moon eclipse in Leo and Aquarius. A full article about this eclipse is coming soon. People’s inspiration and warmth will noticeably increase after this eclipse.


Then, Mercury in Virgo will make a positive sextile to Venus in Cancer, and this health conscious, empathic, animal loving kind of calm energy will nicely compliment the sunny Leo energy.

The week after the first eclipse will be a particularly great week: the Sun and Mars will make one of the most positive aspects in astrology, sextiles to Jupiter. At the same time, people will get a surge of empathy, love, spiritual type feelings and things like that when Venus in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces.

This will probably be the nicest week people have collectively felt in a long time.


However, there’s one strange, Scorpio/Pluto-like, darkness filled aspect that will strike for the final recent time this month: Jupiter square Pluto. This is a brief moment of darkness (Pluto) coming to light (Jupiter).


Jupiter square Pluto is the aspect that peaked in November 2016, with all the planets in Scorpio, when “pizza-gate” started blowing up and all that type of stuff (whether or not you find truth in that, the aspect causes darkness to come to light and explode to the surface).

Unfortunately there might be some kind of flood of “darkness” to the collective consciousness in mid-August, either darkness being exposed or just being prominent in the air or something along those lines, when Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto and squares Jupiter, agitating the Jupiter square Pluto.

Then, the Mars sextile Jupiter will smooth things out with general good feelings, and Mercury will start retrograding in Virgo opposite Neptune, adding watery, spiritual Neptune energy to the air (not so negative retrograde).

Finally, on August 21st, the great New Moon eclipse will occur. This is a really special moment that could signal a return of many people’s inspiration, particularly thinkers, activists, ect. (all Uranus type people). The most important thing to understand about the eclipse is probably the fact that it exactly trines Uranus.

This is a blast of electricity, inspiration, the spark of idea, activists’ inspiration, thinker energy to everyone on Earth at once. The eclipse and Uranus are both at exactly 28 degrees Leo and Aries.

Also serendipitously, Mercury is conjunct the dwarf planet Orcus on the eclipse: we don’t really know what Orcus does, but astrologers believe when Mercury conjoins a dwarf planet, it brings some far out, usually untouched energy from deep in space out to the front of our minds.


The eclipse is exactly trine Uranus: positively flooding the air with electric thinker energy, the activists’ energy, the inspiration and spark that people have longed for the rejuvenation of.

To prolong the thinker’s energy and the spark of inspiration, but in a volatile way, Venus will leave Cancer squaring Uranus a few days after the eclipse.


By: Tryptamine Astrology Readings

Horoscope August 2017:

What is August Bringing

For Each Zodiac Sign


This is what the month of  August is expected to bring for each zodiac sign:

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ARIES – the month of creativity –

The creative aspect is felt all around, and by creativity, I mean the biological one. During this month there is a chance to plant the sowing and go to the status of new parents, if that’s what you are looking for. Or it may also mean, for those who are older with age, to become grandparents. Those who do not want to talk about children and grandchildren will perceive the need to express their own qualities, talents and personal talents in a creative way.

You will love what you will do, dedicating time to what you are passionate about and gives you joy, thereby increasing your energy and your good mood. It will be a month of easy falls, possible adventures, but also stories that could become important in the future.

TAURUS – the desire to love and be loved –

You will find good emotional stability in this period, though the squaring of the sun and the moon in the Leo’s mark forces that want you to make important “sentimental” decisions; Do you want to fall in love? Of course, it is not something that is controlled or commanded, but the predisposition of this one is, you can decide it yourself.

In both cases you are still right. Whether it’s “yes” to a relationship or a “no”, you will still experience deep emotions and become aware of being the creator of your happiness. You will feel an inner stimulation that will lead you to fall in love, to passionate yourself, if not to a person, surely towards life.

GEMINI – the awakening of strength –

An important month because it sees you increasingly determined in your new adventure. The good ability to know how to create the right boundaries, broaden and narrow them when necessary, to know what really matters to you; The presence and the attention you put in the things you do, also pays you back economically.

During this time you will have the strength to face every situation with the right attitude, even with the courage to assume the responsibilities that life requires you. You are becoming adults.

CANCER – honors to you –

It is the month that will recognize you for the value you possess and will crown you King or Queen of your new kingdom, making you feel stronger and more stable in dealing with situations that life puts you ahead.

Finally, you begin to see the results of so many sacrifices, so much suffering and so much effort that has been made in these months; Your health, both physical and psychological and emotional, will benefit you. Someone will start telling you: you were right, good job. What a nice satisfaction!

LEO – the month of recognition –

This is surely the most important period of the year for you. There is always a good energy during your month of birth, a great strength and determination to get everything you want.

You will understand that there are no limits to the realization of dreams, everything is possible and, thanks to the confidence you have found in these months and that will be your main weapon against those who fought you to the end, you will get what you want. Every once in a while some joy.


VIRGO – let it happen –

In this month you will be asked to give up control, a very strong element in your birth structure; You will let the mind become a tool, and not the master of your life.

There will finally be a trend reversal: the mind becomes the instrument of the heart; For you, this overrun of the parameters, could also make you experience a moment of personal crisis because you are no longer tuned in what you think and what you do. Let everything take shape and let it happen.


LIBRA – a re-established serenity –

You Libra, the sign always  seeking harmony everywhere, pursuing balance in all the forms that surround you, will finally find serenity and peace, as well as a good deal of detachment from those emotionally exhausting past experiences that have kept on conditioning your life.

You have been craving this because, as a balancing player, you are constantly looking for detachment from situations, pursuing the balance between one side and another, through an inner effort that makes you highly anxious! Now it will be better!


SCORPIO – the realization –

August will be a month of strong personal accomplishment. The decisions taken in these months are giving their fruits. Many dreams begin to come true, though until recently, you were convinced that this was not possible.

Instead, here they are, in their concrete beauty. Whether it is a love, a job or a particular situation, a dream come true. It is a good time to restructure your life, and you will realize that you are the only ruler of your kingdom.


SAGITTARIUS – change of direction –

It’s time to change the way and have a wider vision of life. New ideas to bring to project, dreams closed in the drawer to pull out, in short, many projects that, however, to be accomplished require a change of strategies and behavior.

You will decide on your future and make very important choices you will apply from September onwards. Sun and moon give you strength and determination, as well as clarity of mind. Follow your good intuitions and you won’t be disappointed!


CAPRICORN – the metamorphosis –

The wind of love is blowing hard, awakening from the winter torpedo that surrounds you and your life will resume again. Never as in this time have you felt the need to love and share with the person you love your emotions, trusting both the joys, the pains and the fears you have reserved within you.

You will finally tell many secrets that in these years have become weights weighing on the heart and preventing full enjoyment of life.


AQUARIUS – the relationship, this unknown –

The relationship is at the center of your thoughts. You will have stable links, also thanks to formal, official recognition. Someone, in fact, may even decide to marry, to get married or to live together: you feel the need to “officially” recognize union.

What matters, however, is the desire to embark on a journey of life together, based on a common project. For couples already formed, it is about stabilizing the union even more. For the sworn singles, this belief is counting its final hours! Do not resist.


PISCES – personal and professional recognition –

Great time for the business sector. Professional accolades, career advancements, responsibility roles, transformation of the entire business sector, putting you in a prominent position.

The consequence will be greater emotional stability, better self-esteem and eventually improved economic conditions. It is also a great time for your health: you will spend a lot more time on the well-being of your body as it is the instrument through which the soul shows itself.


Author: akash On:

Opening of the Lionsgate Portal August 2017

Opening of the Lionsgate Portal August 2017

Every year the Sun, Earth and Sirius move to specific points in the sky activating the Lionsgate Portal.

The Lionsgate Portal opens from July 26 to August 12, however it is at its most powerful on August 8. It is on this day that we can receive the full abundance of the magical and powerful energy that is on offer.

In order to understand what Lionsgate is all about, it is important to understand what the three cosmic players (Earth, Sun and Sirius) are all doing.

For the Lionsgate Portal to be activated, the Sun has to align with the star, Sirius which is bigger and brighter than our own Sun.

Sirius is known as the Spiritual Sun, and is believed to hold knowledge and wisdom from higher Divine realms.

When the Sun and Sirius meet during this period, their energies intensify and Earth is able to receive “light energy” from both of these celestial bodies.

Our Sun is already warm and nourishing enough and delivers the energy of life, but imagine what happens when it combines its powers with Sirius.

If we think of this symbolically, it is like planet Earth is being bathed with two of the most powerful lights in the sky.

This light energy can enhance spiritual awakenings, bring about new insights or a new awareness and it can also help to raise the consciousness of the planet.

It is this highly activated and spiritually advanced energy from these stars that help to activate the portal and send an influx of higher vibrational energy for us to use.

The Sun, being in the constellation of Leo which is symbolised by the Lion, is why this star portal is referred to as Lionsgate.

It is also interesting to note that this portal is at its peak on August 8 or 88. In numerology, 8 is also a powerful number that represents infinity, power, divine connection, rebirth and higher realms.

So, what does all of this mean for you? Here is the message for this year’s Lionsgate-

You must find enjoyment through simply being human.

When our souls came to this Earth we came for a human experience, and many of us are not living up to the fullest potential of our human capabilities.

As humans, we came to explore, to taste, to travel, to live and to experience the emotions and colours of Earth. But many of us get stuck and trapped in the monotony of day to day living and forget what we came here to truly experience.

While we all have a spiritual core, we need to find more gratitude for the human sides of life.

Being human often gets a bad wrap, but humans are incredible, passionate and compassionate beings that have so much to offer the world. We need to embrace our humanness and work out what makes us feel most alive.

What makes us feel happy or glad to be alive in our human form? What experiences do we want to have on Earth that make this life worth living?

These are the questions the Lionsgate of 2017 is asking us to explore- we have to get clear about what makes life worth living and then actually put actionable steps into making them happen.

The final message for the Lionsgate of August 2017, is to remove the energetic “pollution” from our bodies. This Lionsgate is going to be very healing and cleansing, as long as we allow this energy to filter in.

A partial lunar eclipse falls just one day before the Lionsgate portal on August 7th in the sign of Aquarius, and we are all going to be called on to let go, heal and release so we can receive the new.

In order to receive the highest energy upgrades from the August 2017 Lionsgate portal, be sure to remain a clear and open channel through releasing and letting go of all that no longer serves you.

Happy Lionsgate!