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This is one part of my regular postings for each Eclipse Season. You might not have seen it before or might want to read it again (I have revised it a bit.) :-)

A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon during which the Sun and Moon conjunct each other, not only by longitude (degree of a sign), but also by declination, or celestial latitude. That’s why they line up perfectly enough for the Moon to (at least partially) obscure the disk of the Sun.

Some people see this as a metaphor for emotions (Moon) obscuring reason (Sun).

That lunar dominance (lunacy) usually shows up in crazy news stories around eclipse times and we’ve certainly seen that happening recently.

But there’s another form of lunacy that takes place around Solar Eclipses, the kind that happens in personal lives, families, and communities. It seems crazy because it seems to come out of nowhere – it's …


When you go to college with a full course of study for four years, you expect to get your diploma and then get a job in a good career. That’s a typical linear progression of changes during a certain phase of life.

But what if, after two years of study, the college suddenly offered you a full degree and diploma and sent you to work for a company, making more money and doing different and more enjoyable work than you ever expected? THAT would be a non-linear change ... shocking and unexpected but (in this example) welcome! Of course, there might be unpleasant non-linear changes, too, but I won’t invent any of those.

Like any New Moon, a Solar Eclipse begins a new lunar cycle. And as at any New Moon, you can see where a Solar Eclipse lands in your natal chart to discover where something new might develop in your life, according to the house, sign, and any conjunctions to natal planets involved.

If a Solar Eclipse conjuncts a planet that rules a house cusp, the new developments might involve that house’s affairs, as well.

A series of New Moons make a linear progression through the signs and through the houses of your chart. The progress of our affairs touched by them usually seem linear. The changes make sense.

But when we have a Solar Eclipse New Moon, something unusual takes place. The energies of the Moon’s North and South Nodes, conjunct and opposing the Sun, move our earthly affairs suddenly, joltingly forward. Things we couldn’t have anticipated happen in ways that seem "out of order."


Wherever a Solar Eclipse lands in your chart – especially if it touches an angle or conjuncts an important planet – we often see more than just important new developments ...


Whatever new patterns start under the influence of a Solar Eclipse New Moon won’t just be felt for the lunation cycle, as is often the case with a regular New Moon. Solar Eclipse changes will likely go on for at least a year or for many years – even the rest of your life. You’re just sitting around, playing a nice game of Monopoly, then suddenly an unseen force moves your game piece. You "skip go and collect $200 – or $200,000!!" Or you “go to jail,” depending.


If you think of the times when your life changed in such a way, look back on the Solar Eclipses that occurred within a year before and a year after.

I did that study years ago when I wanted to begin learning about eclipses. What I found floored me – how consistently the big changes I had experienced coincided with the affairs of the houses which had recently hosted, or would soon host, a Solar Eclipse.


Brief examples of my findings in my own chart:

- Two Solar Eclipses, one in 1964 and another in 1965, both landed in my 1st house. (1st House rules Appearance and Self-Perception). I transformed from the one of the fattest, most unpopular kids in school to a beautiful, super-popular pre-teen and teen, who every guy wanted to date and every girl wanted as her bff. I had to completely rethink who I was and how to relate to other people. I was used to kids taunting me and throwing things at me. Suddenly they were all nice to me. I had to learn how to interact all over again. Beauty changes everything!

- Later in my teens, a SE (Solar Eclipse) landed in my 5th (rules love affairs), two months before the start of a love affair that changed my whole life and transformed who I was as a person, forever. My lover/first husband was murdered – with me present – a few months into the relationship, resulting in permanent Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder—PTSD – from which I still suffer to this day.

- An SE landed in my 7th (rules marriage) ... a few months before my divorce – and also when I moved in with the man who would become my third husband (to whom I am still married today, 30+ years later).

- SE landed in my 10th (rules career) before I made the most sudden and unlikely career change ever, on the verge on not being believable ... I went from farming chickens to writing and directing short films that were translated into dozens of languages and distributed in 60+ countries around the world ... from seeing famous actors on TV to meeting them and directing them on film.

- SE landed in my 9th house (rules faraway places) a few months before I let my husband talk me into suddenly moving 3300 miles away, sight unseen, to a place neither of us had ever visited, knew nothing about, and where I had never wanted to live. (But it was on both our Venus Dsc lines and now I still live here and LOVE it!)

I have many, many more examples in my own chart, my family, friends, clients, and celebrities … not just in natal charts but also using composites. I have also seen it work in the charts for incorporated governments and organizations.

NOTE: I have also searched for correlations of such changes with Lunar Eclipses. Although Lunar Eclipses do seem to have an emotional, unsettling effect for a month to three months, my study did not find the kind of huge, permanent Breakdown or Breakthrough effects I found with Solar Eclipses.

In fact, in my work with eclipses and where they fall in natal charts, I have found Lunar Eclipses to have about 1% of the power of Solar Eclipses to bring significant changes to the native's life.

People have argued with me about this but I am convinced of my findings because of the way I've conducted my research. If someone sees activity in the issues of a house where a Lunar Eclipse falls, they point to that as proof of the Lunar Eclipse's power. But they forget that a Solar Eclipse has already occurred in that house 6 months ago and/or will occur in the house 6 months later. Solar Eclipse effects are super-powerful and can last from a year before to a year after the eclipse.

I can often tell which eclipse (the lunar or the solar) is responsible for changes in the native's life because they will happen at different degrees and often only one will conjunct a planet that rules another house. The additional activation of the affairs of that ruled house provides the test of WHICH eclipse actually sparked the changes.


And you can USE IT to anticipate where the big changes in your life will likely come from … and INTERVENE with a plan to INTENTIONALLY AND POSITIVELY MANIFEST the energies the way you WANT them to manifest!


It's a fun exercise to go back and look at where Solar Eclipses have fallen in your chart and can be quite enlightening. But I have this one caveat ... some people feel fear about what they will find and what will happen after a current eclipse. Others feel eager anticipation and get disappointed if they don't experience a life-changing breakthrough.


We have two or more solar eclipses every year, which, means we either get two in one house or they cover two houses or more each year,

Obviously, some houses have issues that are more "ripe" for huge changes than others. What happened to Tiger Woods, his Big Breakdown (see my other eclipse article containing real-life examples), hasn't happened to him twice each year since then. His profound deception of his wife and the public amounted to nothing less than living a double life, with his acts of betrayal relating to both houses that particular eclipse affected, his 10th (career) and 5th (lovers, sex life).

So something new will always emerge from the natal house where an eclipse falls in your chart. But a huge build up of your energy, your effort, your pain, your need, or your deception will not always be there, ready to pop like a giant balloon, when a Solar Eclipse sticks it like a pin.

However, you can always create enough “ripeness,” in any house, for you to exploit the Solar Eclipse energy into something you'd like to manifest in your life.

You can find the date of every Solar Eclipse that has occurred in your lifetime here:

Find the date and you can find the sign, degree, and where each Solar Eclipse of your lifetime landed in your natal chart.

Then determine the house(s) where the next two or three Solar Eclipses will land for you. Proactively plan to pre-empt those Solar Eclipse actions to your liking.

Another resource:

Clean up the issues of the house(s) in which they will occur. Make positive efforts in the areas of life ruled by those houses. Then watch the upcoming Solar Eclipses pop those balloons and make the good consequences rain down upon your life like a good karma piñata. :-)


Zell Bodine Astrologer



People who know of the work I do with eclipses in personal charts often ask me that question.

The answer lies in the metaphors presented by a New Moon and a Full Moon – what Solar and Lunar Eclipses are at their core.

EVERY NEW MOON is a conjunction of the Sun and the Moon at the same longitude (degrees of a sign). It begins a new Sun-Moon cycle in the sky, and a new Lunar cycle in our lives.

THE SIGN in which the New Moon occurs says something about humanity's focus in the new Lunar Cycle.

THE HOUSE in which a New Moon lands in your natal chart will show the focus of some new project or endeavor about to begin in your own life … which might last only through that lunar month, or might last beyond it.

But since every New Moon is both the BEGINNING AND THE END of a lunar cycle, its placement in your chart may also show the ending or resolution of some matter in your life.


A SOLAR ECLIPSE NEW MOON adds profoundly powerful creative forces to the ending/beginning energies of the New Moon. It often ends and begins things in much "bigger" or even shocking ways. A Solar Eclipse can have a punch as great as a Pluto or Uranus transit through a House, but in all the "good" ways as well as the "bad" … exciting change, transformation, etc.

Solar Eclipses can bring in events from up to a year before to a year after the eclipse date.

(For more information on using Solar Eclipses in your chart, see my upcoming post titled, "MAGICAL TRANSFORMATIONS – HOW SOLAR ECLIPSES BRING NON-LINEAR AND SOMETIMES DRAMATIC CHANGE TO YOUR LIFE)

EVERY FULL MOON is an opposition of the Sun and Moon (they occupy the same degree of opposite signs).

The Full Moon’s bright light brings the energies of the previous New Moon "to light," now manifesting and fully revealing what began as mere potential in this Lunar Cycle. By the Full Moon's illumination, we can see what we're working with, based upon the House where the Full Moon lands in our natal chart. We can participate in bringing some issue(s) to its apex, then to resolution or close.

EVERY LUNAR ECLIPSE is also a FULL MOON, and like all Full Moons, it is the culmination of the current Sun-Moon cycle in the sky.

A LUNAR ECLIPSE FULL MOON sheds light in a bigger, sometimes more shocking way than the average Full Moon. I like to call it THE BIG REVEAL, because secrets are often leaked or uncovered about important personal or worldly matters around the time of a Lunar Eclipse.


To see where this Big Reveal might occur in your life, look at the house where the lunar eclipse falls and pay attention to the issues ruled by that house. For instance, this week's Lunar Eclipse occurs at 25-52 Aquarius. If that degree falls into your 3rd House, you might learn something important you didn't know about a neighbor or a sibling, or you might receive surprising correspondence, letters, or messages (all things ruled by the 3rd House).

Lunar Eclipses can bring revealing events from up to a few months before to a few months after the eclipse, but are more likely to do so within a month before or after.


I find that Solar Eclipses are much more likely to bring “Breakdown or Breakthrough” level changes to the affairs of a natal House than Lunar Eclipses. Again, my upcoming thread titled MAGICAL TRANSFORMATIONS will explain this further.


Watching the world news during eclipse season always yields exciting, amazing, stunning, and even scary stories. Cultural icons die, scandals rage, impossible treaties are made, and mega-disasters strike.

Mundane astrologers cast eclipse charts for various locations around the world to gauge where the action might occur.

I don't consider myself a mundane astrologer but I do sometimes look at an eclipse chart and venture a thought about what events we might see around it.

The August 18, 2016 Lunar Eclipse chart (below, set for Washington DC) tells us something about how the United States might be affected by this eclipse. The eclipse Sun-Moon opposition falls into the horizon houses, the 1st and 7th, with the eclipsed Moon in the 7th. So something will be revealed about a US partner or open enemy. This might be what we’ve already seen in the news today, about Russia’s sudden military activity in Iran and Syria, or there might be something we’ve yet to learn. The 1st/7th polarity also indicates a crisis of priority, some decision of choosing self interest versus the interest of others. Heavy, stressful negotiations will certainly go on between the US and its partners and open enemies right now.

Another way to look at effects in the US is to see where the Lunar Eclipse falls in the US natal chart. (I use the Sibley Chart.) This Lunar Eclipse conjuncts the US natal Moon, in the 3rd house. This indicates that something previously unclear about the mood and state of the US people (national natal Moon) will be revealed and prominently communicated in the nation’s news media (3rd house).

Eclipses always “amp up” the energies of the other planetary events in the sky. This Lunar Eclipse chart has some of the hardest aspects we’ve experienced all year, so we can expect to see events accelerate throughout this eclipse season. Mars (still in its powerful Max phase) joins Saturn in t-squaring Neptune, Venus, and the Nodes, meaning we will likely hear about more society-shaking (Nodes) events this month, probably related to world-wide terror (Saturn/Mars/Neptune in the Sag-Pisces axis). Mars has also just gone Out-of-Bounds (OOB) so don’t expect violent events in the news to calm down just yet.

Mercury and Jupiter quincunx the Lunar Eclipse, so don’t be surprised if it already feels like Mercury is retrograde this week!

The long-afflicted Neptune in Pisces goes on steroids, now, in this eclipse chart. Deadly floods in the US and around the world continue to hit the news.


To get the most out of this Lunar Eclipse energy, focus on creative projects that help others or lead to a deeper understanding of yourself … the Sun-Uranus and Pluto-Venus trines will support those efforts in spades.

When we flow with the instability of Eclipse Season, we have a better chance of finding Opportunity in the Chaos.

full Moon Eclipse 8-16
I have opted to ad another Astrologers Input here, since she has defined so well the aspects we are living.  Zell has also given a very good opinion regarding the things that are happening in our world.  Blessings to you

Meg Benedicte July 16 at 2:26pm

This Tuesday, July 19th is the Full Moon at 27º Capricorn - the earth-bound sign of institutions, structures, government and the father archetype. The Moon represents the feminine qualities of mother, nurturing, security and emotional well-being. Due to the overwhelming domination for centuries of the patriarchal system, there developed a grand imbalance and disconnection between the masculine and feminine energies. This week we have the opportunity to unite both into more harmony and union within ourselves and our global family.

The Moon also aspects Pluto in Capricorn, highlighting the planet of the ‘underworld’. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, triggering the global economic melt-down in the financial/housing markets. This is not an easy transit, as established power structures collapse and lose control. Our journey into the subconscious realm reveals the Matrix programs of victim mentality, co-dependency, addictions, external stimulation, sexual obsession/perversion, patriarchal control and domination.

This transit is creating a vast chasm between those who have awakened and ‘know’ about the Matrix program and those still asleep in the simulation. More and more hidden corruption is being revealed thru whistleblowers, video cameras, and social media. Every day there seems like more ‘false realities’ are dissolving with continued disclosure. Violence is escalating as the fallen souls fight to regain power and control. The Pluto spotlight exposes the dark underbelly of our society.

The Capricorn Full Moon also squares the Uranus/Eris conjunction in Aries – triggering volatile chaos around the world. Revolutionary Uranus is known as the Great Awakener! Everything on this planet is being cleansed, refined and transformed into its truest essence. We see political leaders stepping down, more government coups, global instability, race wars, religious persecution, gender inequality, elite privilege and rampant greed. It can feel very depressing.

The key is to observe the massive transformation occurring in the physical world, but not get sucked into the 3D Matrix battle. Our role is to enhance the birthing of a new paradigm, and not suffer the breakdown of a corrupted society. Support the change! The Uranus/Eris transit is rattling the cage, pulling us out of our complacency. Step into the void created by the collapse and install a new harmonious lifestyle.

The younger generation will not stand by and support the dying Matrix program. They are not invested in its survival. They demand freedom and equality for all. Do you choose inclusivity or exclusivity? When you elevate up into the 5D realm, you ‘see’ thru the lens of unity consciousness. Everything is inter-connected and affecting the entire whole! We must rise up and protest for change to occur. We cannot tolerate any kind of abuse anymore. We demand world peace! And so it is…

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte

Disolving Man
Vol. 1 Issue 5                                                                                                                                                     July 18, 2016


As every cable news anchor has proclaimed today, the horrific attack on the Nice Bastille Day celebration is the third major terrorist attack in France in the past 18 months.

While pundits hypothesize about the political and geographical reasons “why” terrorists have placed France so often in their crosshairs, we can look at the French national horoscope to see the astrological reasons – or indicators, if you prefer (as I do) to see astrology as a Universal Guidebook, rather than a causative factor.

This natal chart for France (with a birth time and date for the inception of their Fifth Republic) comes from Liz Greene of astro. com. It shows that France has a significant number of natal planets and angles under intense stress right now, from heavyweights Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, and more.

In a national natal chart, the 1st and 4th houses represent the national identity and the homeland. Both houses connect with the physical land and environs of the nation but also to its people and collective awareness.

The natal Moon in a national chart more personally represents the citizens by state of being and mood. Transits to the natal Moon can tell us if The People are under threat of danger.

So T-Uranus in France’s 1st house, squaring the natal Moon in the 4th, is one of the most shocking and upsetting configurations one could imagine in a national chart. Add to that, T-Pluto also transiting an Angular (tangible issues) house – the 10th – while squaring the natal Sun and Mercury, and we have all the shock, destruction, and anguish we’ve seen over the past 15 months from France.

Unfortunately, the heavy energies bearing down on France’s natal chart are far from over. Uranus will keep shock and awe in the national consciousness for quite a while, traveling the 1st house for the next 10 years. Pluto will travel the 10th house (what the world sees) even longer, and has not yet even opposed the natal Moon at 21 Cancer, or t-squared the Asc/Dsc and Nodes at 20 and 21 Aries/Libra.

And I haven’t even gotten into France’s upcoming Saturn return in the 9th.

After the dust of all this shock and transformation has cleared, France is likely to have become a very different country … one forged by Pluto’s volcanic pressures into a more cautious and less open society. A diamond that's learned well how to protect its luster.

With Cardinal planets still to be touched by Pluto and Uranus in the United States' natal chart, I believe we are the next to be transformed.



With the permission of the Astrologer, Zell Bodine, we are happy to keep you posted with her forecasts. 

We hope you will find her forecast helpful in your lives.

Astrological Transit

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Astrological transits are one of the main means used in horoscopic astrology to forecast future trends and developments (the other means used is astrological progression, which progresses the horoscope forward in time according to set methods). As its name implies, astrological transits involve a method of interpreting the ongoing movement of the planets as they transit the horoscope. This is most often done for the birth or Natal Chart of a particular individual. Particular attention is paid to changes of sign, or house, and to the aspects or angles the transiting planets make with the natal chart.

A particularly important transit is the planetary return. This occurs when a transiting planet returns to the same point in the sky that it occupied at the moment of a person's birth. What this means is that the planet has completed a whole circuit of the sky, and signifies that a new cycle in the person's life is beginning. The most significant returns are those of the outer planets Jupiter and Saturn. The Jupiter return occurs approximately every 12 years and heralds a new phase of growth and development. The  Saturn return occurs approximately every 30 years, and heralds a new phase in the aging process when new realities and responsibilities must be faced.  For more information you may find it here: