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APRIL 2017

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Horoscope April 2017: What is April Bringing For Each Zodiac Sign

Horoscope April 2017: What is April Bringing For Each Zodiac Sign
This is what the month of  April is expected to bring for each zodiac sign:

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ARIES: It’s the month of confirmations.

A month during which, because of the effect of the mercury retrograde in Taurus, which later will return for a few days  in your sign too, you will want to review and address some hanging issues. The area in which you will play your own personal battle, is that of the relationships; I think therefore it is in this area where  the main issues will manifest.

You will ask for greater security from your partners, more responsibilities and physical presence if you are female; if you are men, however, you feel the need to show your value in a stable form, strong and determined, free from limiting conditioning.


TAURUS: It’s time to rebuild.

During this month  you can decide to fix something inside your house, to renovate a part or change the decor, if not the house. The costs for the house, new contracts, new knowledge, everything lives a beginning, everything is rebuilt where you have previously destroyed.

A time to be monitored will certainly be between 21 and 30 April, during which you might get carried away by expenditure without sufficient coverage. This is also part of the rehabilitation you face.


GEMINI: It’s time for conclusions.

Before embarking on a long journey, it is a good practice to check if you have closed the gas, if the water valve is closed, if the lights are off in different rooms, if the windows are tightly sealed to prevent penetration of foreign indoors.

The month of April allows you to do this, to take all important outstanding issues, and to close them permanently so they do not negatively impact the new things that are about to begin. Whether it is relationships, or professional situations and lifestyles, the sky allows you to accommodate all the suspending because it is about to begin a new journey.


CANCER: Find stability.

You and only you know the truth and there is no need to explain to anyone. Trust what you feel is best for you and believe that you can get it. The Universe will find a way to get you what you asked for.

The important thing is to stay centered on your personal ideals and principles that will  inspire your new life. The relationships are experiencing a moment of verification: just who really counts. Leave all the rest go to their own destiny.


LEO: Have faith.

There are always moments when doubts arise, when the mind plants fear in the heart; it is important that this is done because otherwise you would not be able to make the best decisions. In this month, thanks to the Quadrature of Mars in Taurus, the need to have chosen well enough not to have any regrets, is something to consider.

Then you will begin to ask yourselves important questions that will give one clear answer: yes! I’m on the right way. Your year mission is to find and live the freedom, always remember that.


VIRGO: Be master of yourself.

In this month you will regain responsibility for your life, changing mental attitudes that restrict you instead of helping  the expansion. It’s not that you haven’t been so far, but you have closed your heart for so long, that you transformed into too rational and thus limited people.

Sometimes it is enough to change the point of perspective to transform our lives. Just put a filter or change a simple habit, and in just a few days, it will change all the daily reality.


LIBRA: The awakening of inner power.

The new vision of life that you now possess, will accompany the change allowing the discovery of a new “faith”, which takes into account the personal aspects that are in tune with the divine part that you ca

rry inside.

Reconnecting with your divine though, makes wider your vision, thus allowing, to take the road that will lead to harmony within. I remind you that you are the more tense and anxious sign of all the zodiac! Looking for a way to unload the excess energy.


SCORPIO: The transformation.

With spring, it comes the regeneration, the metamorphosis, the change you’ve been waiting for and which projects you straight into another dimension, which allows you to structure your life according to new parameters. Destroy so, all the schemes that do not allow you to live life fully, creating new rules to improve it.

Who will follow you, will have to accept your conditions, otherwise they’ll get nothing. You are no longer willing to undergo limiting external conditions.


SAGITTARIUS: Here comes the passion.

News especially in relational context: someone might fall in love and even decide for a coexistence project. It will awaken the passion and you will have a great desire to live and start again, this time looking for things, people and situations that really will reciprocate with love your are looking for.

Great creativity, even organic, that someone will discover the role of father or mother. It’s a period, that makes you aware of your immense inner power. You want to feel good? Do things that produce this effect and you will get well-being.


CAPRICORN: Inner change.

The main innovation of this period, affecting the business sector. Possible professional layoffs, fewer hours of work, or it could be yourself deciding to limit the time to work, dedicating more to your passions.

For this reason,  April could present as a restless period just because you feel the need to get away, but making it difficult to let go of “old habits”.


AQUARIUS: The awakening.

At last the winter ice that isolates your heart is melting due to the heat of passion and love. Both in the report but also in the actions that are performed on a daily basis, this emotional transport will now be the driving engine, the main source of your future success.

For singles promises a strong passion and falling in love, while for couples already formed, could reach the decision to have children. All others will find the passion of their lives, which is merely a hobby or activity.


PISCES: It is important to lay roots.

A renewed energy will take you to seek radicalization, understanding the value of family roots, the importance of your origins. Without roots you cannot fly stated Bert Hellinger, without anchors you get lost in the wandering worlds, risking to stop in a middle ground.

If you do not have roots, in life you are likely to get lost, which is sometimes also good for charity, but often it is likely to become dangerous to ourselfves and others. The source of this realization is not in ambition, but is in its stability.


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Full Pink Moon in Libra, 11 April 2017 – The Universe is Going to Offer You a Gift

by GOSTICA · April 6, 2017 via @gosticaa

Pink Full Moon
Can you believe it is April already? Universal energies have definitely been moving fast these last few months, but after the April Full Moon, things are going to start slowing down.
The April Full Moon falls on the 11th in the air sign of Libra. Libra is all about partnerships and balance, Libra is all about learning how to see both sides of the coin.

When the Moon is in Libra, it is the perfect time to put yourself in the shoes of someone else. How can you be more compassionate? How can you be of service to the world?

The last few months have all been about setting goals and dreaming big. The Universe has been asking you to get clear about what you want, and about what you want the rest of the year to look and feel like.

Now however, the time has come to turn your attention onto others and onto your greater global mission. How can you serve the world? How can you benefit others?

There is no right or wrong answer here. In fact, the best way that you can serve others and the world is by being true to your authentic self.

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In order to be true to your authentic self, you first have to love yourself. It is only when you love and accept yourself wholeheartedly, that you know who you really are. And when you know who you really are, that is when you can be of the greatest service to the world.

The April Full Moon is definitely going to be guiding us to get to know ourselves a little better
. We will all be asked to slow down and reflect on the bigger picture mission behind our goals, dreams and wishes.

We have made big plans and planted our dreams, but now it is time to step back, slow down and be patient. Now it is time to let things marinate for a bit before moving forward again.

This is especially true seeing that this Libra Full Moon has some wildcard energy. This wildcard energy is nothing to fear, instead it is important to embrace it.

Slow down around the days leading into and after the Full Moon, and take the time to plan before forging ahead.

Be patient and gentle with yourself and allow yourself time to process and release any lingering emotions. In fact, emotional energy will be high around the time of this Full Moon, so just be kind and loving with yourself.

Perhaps make time to do something relaxing and pampering and try your best to be patient, supportive and loving towards others.

With Venus and Mercury also in retrograde, you may have to be extra cautious about what you choose to share and how you choose to present things to others.

The energy of change has been in the air, but change is simply necessary for growth and this April Full Moon will be helping all of us to grow and embrace the changes that have arrived.

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Trust and know that any changes you have been dealing with are simply there to push you out of your comfort zone into something bigger and better.

While the April Full Moon does bring its challenges and will be triggering us to grow, it also brings many rewards.

Around the time of the Full Moon, the Universe is going to be offering you a gift. Almost like reward for all of your hard work for the years gone by.

Your hard work and the growth that you have already achieved has not been ignored or forgotten by the Universe, and in April it is going to be celebrated.

If something has changed or come to an end recently, whether it is a job, relationship, or the end of a journey, really make time to reflect and celebrate. Really make the time to congratulate yourself and to honor yourself for all of your hard work.

If health issues have arisen for you this year, also make the time to celebrate your body and to pay gratitude for the healing process.

In many ways, the April Full Moon is going to remind you that you have a lot to celebrate. As long as you can open your heart to this idea, the flood gates of celebratory energy will flow.

To navigate this wildcard Full Moon, gratitude is key. Use the energy of gratitude as your driving force for the month ahead – be thankful for all that was and for all that will be.

There is also a lot of protective energy surrounding this Full Moon, so no matter what comes your way, know that you are protected.

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Mother Moon will be bathing you in a cloak of light and loving energy,

so visualise her light beams wrapping around your body and protecting you during this period of release and renewal.

2017 is a year to build foundations and dream big, and the energy of the April Full Moon is simply reminding us to slow down, pause, reflect and be grateful for all that we have achieved.

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Mercury Goes Retrograde April 9th Until May 3d – Pay Attention to the Messages You Will Be Receiving

by · April 7, 2017

Mercury Retrograde

Since the start of the astrological year on March 25th, we have all been encouraged to forge ahead and to lay down the path for the year to come.

The Sun in Aries has also been supporting this, providing all of us with the motivation and inspiration we need to take action.

Aries is a sign of leadership and perhaps we have all been guided to step up and become leaders of our own lives in some way.

As we approach April 9 however, the Universe will be cautioning us to slow down. While we will still be supported to move ahead, the Universe will want to make sure that we are heading in the highest and best possible direction.

To help us determine this, Mercury will go retrograde on April 9th until May 3rd.

During this time period, Mercury will travel from earthy Taurus back into fiery Aries. It will take until May 20th for Mercury to return to his original spot in Taurus and resume full potential.

Many people fear Mercury Retrograde, believing that this little planet is responsible for communication breakdowns, delays and technical difficulties. While Mercury influences all of these things, if he causes delays or issues, he often has a very good reason.

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Mercury is the messenger of the Gods, and if he causes any delays or issues in your life, it could be because he has a message for you.

It is very important to pay attention while Mercury is retrograde, as you don’t want to miss the helpful messages that the Gods may be trying to deliver to you.

If you do notice typical Mercurial issues, take a moment to pause, reflect and see if perhaps it could be a sign that you need to change directions or look at things differently.

With the energy of the new year still in full bloom, this April 2017 retrograde will be mainly focused on grounding and creating a secure foundation so you can move forward with ease and confidence.

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When Mercury slows down in April, we are all going to be guided to go within and work out what is really important to us and why we want to take the path that we have chosen.

This Mercury retrograde is also heavily focused around career and money.
If either of these things have been an issue for you, Mercury will allow you to finally bring the truth to the surface.

Mercury will allow you to see clearly what is blocking your way and how you can get your career or financial situation into better shape.

While in retrograde, Mercury will be guiding you to take ownership of what you really want in regards to your career. This energy will help you to rework your goals, dreams and wishes so you are more aligned with your highest truth.

If money has been an issue, Mercury is going to be supporting you to get things in order. Perhaps you will be encouraged to think about your finances and to take more responsibility in regards to your relationship with money.

The Universe is always providing for us and there is enough abundance for all, the trick is to learn how to create space to welcome in this abundance.

If you view money as an energy exchange, it may help you to think about ways you can create more space for money to flow in and money to flow out.

While Mercury is in retrograde, it is not a good time to make long-term decisions.

However it is a good time to think about long-term decisions, especially regarding finances and your career.

The Universe is simply calling on us to go slow and to consider things a bit more cautiously before ploughing ahead.

Along with Mercury retrograde, we also have Venus in retrograde. This is definitely an interesting combination of energy and may make communicating in relationships and with others more challenging than it needs to be.

Be mindful of this when connecting with others, but also don’t hold back if you feel compelled to talk or share.

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Venus retrograde energy is helping to awaken the heart chakra, whereas Mercury retrograde energy is helping to awaken the throat chakra. Speak your truth but ensure that it comes from the place of the heart.

The April-May 2017 Mercury retrograde is nothing to fear, it is simply a time of reflection and a time to pull up the weeds that are blocking you from seeing and communicating your truth.


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Saturn Is Going Retrograde – Time To Ride The Karmic Roller Coaster!

Saturn Is Going Retrograde – Time To Ride The Karmic Roller Coaster!

Saturn Retrograde 2017 starts on April 6 at 27° Sagittarius and stations direct on August 25 at 21° Sagittarius.

Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Retrograde motion is a time when karma is sorted out. Therefore, Saturn retrograde is a double dose of karma. Karma is a form of energy that is very real. Like Saturn, it is very closely bound to time.

Past, present, and future blur into one. If you have been bad in the past, then at a certain predestined time, an event will occur to teach you a lesson. If you been good in the past, then at a predestined time, an event will occur to reward you for your good deeds. With Saturn in retrograde motion, the karma will relate to how responsible you have been in the past.

Saturn retrograde 2017 takes you on a journey from deep despair to euphoric highs. This karmic rollercoaster ride starts in a very bad place with Venus square Saturn. I consider this depressing aspect among the most challenging of all planetary aspects. To make matters worse, this sadness and loss is make more painful by having both planets in retrograde motion and both with unfortunate fixed stars.

However, even before Saturn stations direct, two of the very best aspects provide light at the end of the tunnel in the Saturn retrograde chart. Satun direct heals the pain and sets up an optimistic future. Karmic balance is found as debts are repaid. Everyone can move on toward emotional happiness and successful relationships.

Before I go into more detail about Saturn retrograde 2017, I will talk about Saturn retrograde in the natal chart and then the general meaning of Saturn retrograde in transit.

Saturn Retrograde Meaning

Saturn retrograde in your natal chart means there was a problem with self-discipline or avoiding responsibility in a former life. Due to illness, immaturity or disrespect, you may have neglected looking after your loved ones. Perhaps you failed to earn a living to support your parents, or ran out on your partner and children. There will be some lessons or extra effort required this life in order to pay back this karmic debt. You must learn the lessons so you don’t have to go through this difficult cycle again.

Saturn retrograde by position and aspect shows the areas of life, or the personality traits and behaviors, which specifically require extra development. The optimum Saturn nature is disciplined, responsible, stable, respectful and reliable. A healthy Saturn is hard-working and dedicated. The aim is to be physically and emotionally strong enough to endure the hardships of life, to take responsibility for yourself and your family.


Saturn retrograde in your chart could show as sadness, depression, loneliness, tiredness or lack of motivation. Disrespect of parents and authority figures may be holding you back. Whatever is stunting your productiveness is what Saturn retrograde focuses on. This could well have been an ongoing problem hindering success over many incarnations. Events or relationships will keep reinforcing the problem area this life, especially during Saturn retrograde phases, until you master it.

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Saturn retrograde in transit is a regular cycle occurring just over every twelve months, lasting about 4½ months, and spanning 6 or 7 degrees of the zodiac. Transiting Saturn retrograde is a time of limitation, restriction, anxiety and fear. During the previous months since Saturn entered the retrograde zone, you will have been dealing with particular issues involving your duties and responsibilities as they relate to your dependents and career.

Saturn retrograde means that whatever area of responsibility you have been developing is so important, that extra time is needed to take stock and make sure everything in order before you continue. You may be tested to make sure you are ready to take on the extra responsibility. The lessons you learn might be hard but they will be valuable.

On the other hand, it could be that a negative Saturn behaviors such as sadness or shyness have been getting out of control. In this case, the Saturn retrograde months will offer a chance to recognize and admit the problem. Things may get so out of control that an intervention or some drastic event must occur in order to shake you out of your depression or isolation.

By the time Saturn stations direct, you should have come to terms with the relevant issues and be prepared for the next phase. In the third and final Saturn retrograde phase, from the direct station until Saturn leaves the retrograde zone, focus and motivation leads to productiveness, achievement and recognition.


Saturn Retrograde 2017

Saturn entered the retrograde zone on 30 December 2016 at 21°10′ Sagittarius. This first shadow phase lasts until Saturn retrograde on April 6. In these months you start to learn what areas of your life are holding you back and need some hard work to fix (see chart).

Saturn stations retrograde on 6 April 2017 at 27°47′ Sagittarius. From now until Saturn direct on August 25 is the phase where you learn your lessons. These are going to be very hard lessons because Venus square Saturn is one of the most challenging of all aspects in astrology. Saturn obviously retrograde makes this hard aspect even harder. Venus also retrograde points to seriously heavy karma being sorted out during Saturn retrograde 2017.

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Venus square Saturn means the lessons of Saturn retrograde 2017 relate to love and money. This cold aspect adds stress to intimate relationships due to negative feelings, distance or other relationship problems. To maintain harmony in relationships try to spend some time alone, but don’t ignore the affections and love of others either. Putting in the extra effort will reduce the risk of relationship dramas.

It is common under this influence to feel lonely and depressed. Money can also be tight so avoid a tendency toward wasting money and other resources. Hard work is needed to maintain your present relationship, career or other valued part of life. This is no time to be ignoring your responsibilities, especially for loved ones.

Saturn Retrograde 2017

Venus retrograde means you can still find love but some hardship or delay is to be expected. Shared burdens would be the price to pay for such a fated love. Self love, patience and good timing will increase your chance of a loving and lasting relationship. Choose your options carefully. Hasty decisions based more on lust than love will only end in sorrow, once Venus turns direct on April 15.

As mentioned already, Venus retrograde square Saturn retrograde is as tough as things get in astrology. Incredibly, each retrograde planet aligns with a notorious fixed star. Very serious past life events are going to be revisited by many people during Saturn retrograde 2017.

Some will be burdened by guilt, while victims will feel the pain of very old wounds. Victims will far outweigh perpitrators due to previous extreme weather events or cataclysms that separated or killed partners. Then there are the countless victims of war, crusades, inquisitions and insane dictators.

Saturn with fixed star Etamin at 28°12′ Sagittarius gives a morbid outlook on life and liking for solitude. Overcoming such anxiety gives the power to heal others, mental concentration, philosophical and esoteric studies. If the negativity cannot be overcome then dishonor, downfall and loss of prestige may follow. [1]


Venus with fixed star Scheat at 29°36′ Pisces gives extreme misfortune, murder, suicide, and drowning.  The “evil environment” mentioned by Robson [2] relates now to drugs, crime or prostitution. Suffering through own acts, and danger of imprisonment or restraint become even more likely given the retrogrades and square aspect.

Remember, however, that such negative conditions may describe previous or past life relationships. On the other hand, current suffering and misfortune from the fixed stars, the square aspect or retrograde motion, could be the karmic repercussions of those previous conditions.

Saturn retrograde 2017 may expose some of the worst sides of human nature. Having your heart broken is one thing but being kicked when you are down is a whole other story. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

At the other end of the scale you may also experience the very best of human nature. The aspects within the Saturn retrograde chart go from one extreme to the other. Two of the very best planetary aspects can turn your life around very quickly.


Sun trine Moon is the best aspect of all in my opinion. Although not directly aspecting Saturn retrograde, it will go some way to alleviating the depressing effects of Venus square Saturn. Sun trine Moon will smooth things out and make life flow more easily. It brings much-needed emotional balance and relationship harmony.

Mars trine Pluto at 0°02′ orb is extremely powerful. While Sun trine Moon evens things out in a passive manner, Mars trine Pluto provides motivation and sustained determination to succeed. You can be assertive and direct in achieving your desires while still maintaining harmony.

Saturn stations direct on 25 August 2017 at 21°10′ Sagittarius. This is the final phase where you put into practice what you have learned.

Only after feeling very very bad can you feel very very good. In the chart below you will find a total of four harmonious blue aspects to Saturn direct. This indicates the final healing of the wounds from Saturn retrograde.

Initial healing of the extreme sadness and misfortune should have begun during Saturn retrograde. Sun trine Moon together with Mars trine Pluto would have started the healing process.

Saturn direct trine Mars with North Node is one side of an aspect pattern called the minor grand trine. The focal point or end result in the happy emotions of Moon Jupiter.


Mars trine Saturn gives you the strength, ambition and perseverance to take on the hardest of tasks. You will find the most efficient way to get the job done. You patience and self-discipline will keep you plodding along without being distracted or discouraged.

Saturn trine North Node makes it even easier to complete your healing journey. Your destiny or karmic path is to complete this difficult task. Your will be assisted by your spirit guides. Encouragement will also come from your elders, especially wise old men.

Moon sextile Saturn makes you feel protective of you family and partner. You will show how much you care for them in practical ways, not through public displays of emotion. Your will also feel the support of your family. You can count on their nourishment and comfort through food, shelter and a shoulder to cry on.

Jupiter sextile Saturn is a time of cautious expansion. You can rely on sound judgement skills to chose only those opportunities that are right for you. This is also an aspect of social justice. Karmic balance is found as debts are repaid. Everyone can now move one.

Moon conjunct Jupiter is the end result of the Saturn direct story. In fact this is the happy ending of the whole Saturn retrograde 2017 cycle. This warm and generous aspect makes you feel happy and content. You will want to share you good mood, making this the ideal time for socializing.

This is a time of optimism, generosity and good fortune. One particular significant woman may have a positive effect on your personal or spiritual development. A range of diverse relationships and cultural experiences can enrich you life in personal and material ways.

Saturn leaves the retrograde zone on 1 December 2016 at 27°47 Sagittarius. This is the end of Saturn retrograde 2017 (chart).


Saturn Retrograde Dates

25 March to 13 August 2016 – 16 to 9 Sagittarius
6 April to 25 August 2017 – 27 to 21 Sagittarius
17 April to 6 September 2018 – 9 to 2 Capricorn

4 Planets Retrogrades This Month – This Is How It Affects You, According to Your Zodiac Sign


When April started, the Astrotwins made one thing perfectly clear: We are in for a world of retrogrades, stargazers. To be exact, there are four in the pipeline this month (Venus, Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto). That may sound overwhelming, but it is possible to parse them out, starting with what it means in general when these planets enter retrograde.

Okay, take a deep breath. Now let’s break down these retrogrades.

To begin, we are already in the midst of a Venus retrograde. The love planet will turn direct on April 15, but until then, beware of old flames coming out of the woodwork and guard your heart.

The next planet to turn retrograde will be Saturn this Thursday, April 6, and even your best-laid plans might be thrown into peril. The key here will be to proceed with care at about half the speed you normally would. You can still chase your ambitions under this retrograde, but you might save the biggest risks for after August 25, when Saturn goes direct once more.

And Mercury won’t be far behind, as it enters retrograde on April 9. No matter how you approach a Mercury backspin, it’s always a safe bet to choose your words wisely during this period of miscommunication and faux pas. Luckily, we’ll give this retrograde the slip next month when Mercury goes direct on May 3.

Last but not least, Pluto, the most mysterious of our celestial bodies, will enter retrograde on April 20. Although your everyday routine won’t be thrown off due to this retrograde, you may find yourself in a pensive mood because of it. Pluto retrogrades encourage us to reflect on sources of control in our lives. This can actually be an opportunity for empowerment if you’ve felt asleep at the wheel lately.


We know — that was a lot to process. Perhaps it would be easier if you could pick just one retrograde to focus on during the mad month of April? Ahead, with the help of the Astrotwins, we suggest which retrograde each sign should pay the closest attention to this month. That doesn’t mean you won’t feel the effects of the other three, but amidst all of this activity, we can use all the guidance we can get.


AriesWatch out for Venus.

Venus was camped out in your sign for all of March and only left this past Sunday. To say you felt the effects of its retrograde last month is an understatement — and though Venus won’t return to Aries until April 28, you still have reason to be wary of the love planet’s backspin.

You hate thinking something is off-limits to you, Aries, but think twice about that office flirtation or ex-lover before making any moves you may regret after April 15.


Watch out for Saturn.

When Taurus season kicks off on April 19, you’ll feel supercharged with ambition. New projects, relationships, and hobbies will appear particularly enticing to you while the sun lights up your sign. Don’t temper that energy, but do read any contracts twice before committing to anything binding.

Saturn retrograde puts any new plans under the microscope, so keep an eye out for any fine print.

Watch out for Mercury.

When Mercury, the planet of communication, goes into retrograde, you may feel like your gift of gab has been muzzled, Gemini. Sure, the instant chemistry you usually feel with new people might be duller than usual, but there are ways around this retrograde’s effects.

Rather than relying on conversation and instinct, hash things out in writing, whether that means writing your S.O. letters, outlining agendas at work, or simply journaling.

Watch out for Mercury.

Sensitive Crabs would be wise to remember Mercury retrograde’s capacity for scrambling well-meaning messages this month. Don’t react too drastically to anything you hear secondhand and be clear when communicating your own feelings.

Opinions can easily be misconstrued as fighting words under this retrograde and, as we’re sure you know, Cancers rarely enjoy confrontation.


Watch out for Venus.

Normally bold and confident Leos, consider this your official heads-up: The last stretch of this Venus retrograde will be a challenge for you. Like it or not, your sign can have a jealous streak. As Venus is wont to dredge up old loves (and lusts), that possessive side of yours might just rear its head.

Resist the urge to call up an ex (even if you learn from Instagram that they’re in a new relationship). The best thing you can do until the 15th is to leave the past where it is.


Watch out for Pluto.

As we said earlier, the effects of a Pluto retrograde are quite subtle compared to those of, say, a Mercury retrograde, so don’t take this as your cue to head for the hills. That said, this is an opportune time to reflect on your signature take-charge approach to life, Virgo.

Are you being too rigid with someone? Would delegating some of your responsibilities actually help you get more done?


Watch out for Venus.

Normally bold and confident Leos, consider this your official heads-up: The last stretch of this Venus retrograde will be a challenge for you. Like it or not, your sign can have a jealous streak. As Venus is wont to dredge up old loves (and lusts), that possessive side of yours might just rear its head.

Resist the urge to call up an ex (even if you learn from Instagram that they’re in a new relationship). The best thing you can do until the 15th is to leave the past where it is.

Watch out for Pluto.

As we said earlier, the effects of a Pluto retrograde are quite subtle compared to those of, say, a Mercury retrograde, so don’t take this as your cue to head for the hills. That said, this is an opportune time to reflect on your signature take-charge approach to life, Virgo.

Are you being too rigid with someone? Would delegating some of your responsibilities actually help you get more done?


Watch out for Venus.

Your master-collaborator tendencies will be at risk until Venus goes direct on April 15, Libra. You may find yourself getting distracted easily or, even worse, comparing your current partner to a past love.

Check yourself before you start demanding

treatment you were perfectly fine without before Venus started its backspin on March 4.

Watch out for Pluto.

This month’s Pluto retrograde just might usher in the start of a new partnership — as long you don’t miss it, Scorp. You don’t mind sharing the power, as long as it’s with someone you know very well.

This can make you a little, shall we say, selective about who you choose to work closely with, but this retrograde may send you someone unexpected who deserves your trust.

Watch out for Saturn.

According to the Astrotwins, Sags are nearing the end of a three-year cycle with Saturn, but you aren’t out of the woods yet. This year’s retrograde will call for self-discipline from even the most impulsive Archers.

Practice patience and careful decision-making, no matter how tedious it may feel, Sag. This isn’t a lesson in perfection — it’s an exercise in consciousness. And yes, it will pay off.

Watch out for Saturn.

As the list-maker of the Zodiac, you may feel Saturn’s retrograde most intensely, Cap. Quiet your nose-to-the-grindstone urges for now — there’s no shame in pulling back to see the big picture from time to time.

Even the hardest working Goat needs to recharge sometimes, and this is your invitation to do just that. Catch up on old assignments, grab coffee with a past collaborator, or even download that meditation app.

Watch out for Mercury.

Listen up, Water Bearers: The messenger planet will have a thing or two to say about that impromptu vacation you planned, whether you like it or not. Don’t let this retrograde squelch your wanderlust.

Double-check your flights and hotel bookings well in advance — Mercury likes to garble up those key details. Making those annoying confirmation calls will save you days’ worth of stress in the end.

Watch out for Venus.

As much as you like tuning into other people’s feelings, Pisces, avoid playing caretaker until Venus goes direct. Your usually spot-on emotional intuition will have blinders on during this retrograde, so take this time to focus on yourself.

Broaden your own horizons, and let your creative side come out to play. By the time Venus exits retrograde, you’ll be back to reading people clearly (and have a handle on your own feelings, too).


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