5 Ways To Clear Your Energetic Field And Balance Your Chakras


An aura is like your shield and it’s powered by the 7 chakras, like little aura power plants.

Your shield gets dents and dings and holes in it, requiring repair.

Your aura also absorbs much of the energy around you too. How do we keep it clear?


1.Eat well and exercise.

It’s not just for your hot summer beach bod anymore.

Fueling your body with good food and getting plenty of exercise keeps your mind, body, AND your aura in peak condition.

2.Speak positively.

Speaking positive affirmations all day every day is important to your aura and chakras.

Imagine, if you were a jerk to yourself all the time, you’d probably feel small, sad, and silly, right?

Your aura feels the same way when you self-talk in a negative way.

So keep it positive. Think good thoughts. Say good things.

3.Spend time in nature.

Nature is the ultimate cleanser of our energy.

A sandy beach or a dank forest can do the trick. Spend some time walking barefooted if you can. Let your body absorb earth’s energy.

4.Stay well rested.

A good night’s sleep is crucial to the aura’s overall health. If you’re tired, your chakras close up and your aura shrinks.

You don’t want a small shield, do you?


Meditation allows our chakras the opportunity to open up and flood the aura with tons of fresh, pure energy.

This flooding of energy can purify the aura, pushing out old, toxic, negative energy that may be lingering.


Source: higherperspectives